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Thanks Steve Morris

salty crag
8:43:51 PM
I was approached by a local woman recently who knew I climbed a bit and asked if her son could have a try. It turns out the young guy has had a bit of a tough time. Born with some severe physical disability's he's endured an incredible number of major operations over his 17 years of life. Open heart surgery in his first week of life, severe cleft pallet, severe leg problems that caused his feet to almost face backwards...

Years of work and ops at the royal children's has greatly improved his life. He lives just up the road from me and he and his dad travel to the RC every week, 9 hour return trip. He has some pretty serious cranial surgery coming up soon, stuff that had to wait until his skull stopped growing.

This young guy is a highly intelligent caring young person with a great sense of humour and accepts the challenges life has dealt him. What he can't accept is the bullying and shit dealt out to him by ignorant people around him. He looks a bit different, talks slowly and often has to stop, slow down and carefully form words to get his message out. He also has difficulty with fine motor skills.

He has joined in with the crew I climb and train with and wow what a difference a couple of months has made. We can't stop or undo the bullying he gets at school and in life but he has found something he can do as well as anyone and is building a lot more confidence and self esteem.

We decided to pitch in and get some kit for him. I looked around online and then gave Steve a call. I didn't mean to but ended up telling Steve all about the young guy. The next week a package turned up for young Liam with all gear donated by Rock Hardware. A small thing like his own new shoes has led him to jump a few grades in a couple of weeks. Steve has offered to join us at Araps so he can meet and climb with Liam.

Bullying (sometimes found in posts on chocky) is an evil insidious horrible thing and to get to know this young guy and spend some fun time with him is great. To hear him explain some of the stuff he endures really chokes me up. Little things like the acceptance and camaraderie shown by the crew we climb with and the support from Steve and John are priceless.

8:52:36 PM
What a great post, - there is a god !

9:20:06 PM
What a rad, positive thing to read. Thanks for sharing and caring enough to make a difference. . Bullying is horrible! I can't understand how people can say some of the things they say...

And thanks to Steve for being awesome!
6:29:31 AM
Good 1 SM, an good 1 too salty an crew.
Andy P
11:12:03 AM
On 10/04/2017 gnaguts wrote:
>Good 1 SM, an good 1 too salty an crew.

Absolutely! What an uplifting post.
If the young lad can read (or be read to) I'll happily donate a dedicated copy of 'Punk,,,' to hopefully help motivate and inspire him now he's embracing climbing.
Also happy to cover a big session at Northside Boulders or The Lactic Factory for him to make new friends.
3:12:02 PM
brought tears to the eyes, good work all round

9:23:24 PM
Thanks for sharing that with us salty crag. It's good to have an uplifting post like that on Chocky as it's been a while since we had the last one.
Kudos and karma points to Steve, yourself and the crew that you belong to, as well as best wishes for Liam and his future climbing endeavors.

11:16:41 AM
Great story Salty. Super work by both your crew and Steve.
The recent ABC shows on bullying hosted by Ian Thorpe were pretty eye opening for me. It's great to hear of a practical caring approach. Your acknowledgement about what limitiations you have is sensible, but I'm sure that he derives a lot of self esteem as well as enjoyment from climbing and from the interactions in the group.
Power to you!
6:44:49 PM
Great work Steve.

I am making a point of getting my next gear order from you!
ben wiessner
9:01:08 AM
Nice post Salty! Awesome stuff Steve, legend.
9:29:35 AM
Well done Salty and crew for supporting the lad and for Steve donating the gear!
Bob Saki
1:37:38 PM
After reading such horrible accounts of bullying in the papers of late that have really affected me, more so since being a Dad, this is just such a beautiful thing to read and know it's real.
Well done to all!

8:26:55 PM
The nurses and doctors at the RCH are my heroes.

Good work Salty & Steve.
9:21:51 PM
If you can throw the hat around for Steve, or simply direct your gear purchases more his way then it would be a good idea.

From what I understand Steve is almost too generous for his own good. (From a business perspective.)
8:36:21 PM
The standard of packing - the speed of sending- the ease of dealing and just chatting to Steve.

All round great experience!

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