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Climbing Books Reviewed
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Over the Edge
Climbers Kidnap and Escape into the Mountains of Central Asia

Format Book Category Narratives
Title Over the Edge  Pages 288 
Author Greg Child  RRP  
Publisher Villard Books  Reviews
Edition (April 2, 2002)  Ave Rating **** (4.00 of 5)


User Comments

Nick Kaz
"The climbers swept up in the events of August 2000 are people little different from the rest of us. Though their climbing skills taught them a thing or two about survival, it was their individual chracters and their compassion for one another that kept them alive. Like anyone who has witnessed warfare and death, they feel pain over the memories that they recount in this story" - From the introduction.

Over The Edge is more a book about the physical and psychological hardships endured by four young people caught up in a war they knew nothign about, rather than a climbing book, indeed there is hardly any mention of the climbing.

I felt the book was well writen and reserched, there was a solid itnroduction to the peolpe involved and the situation they were in. The events were told and analysed thouroughly so you didn't feel you were missing any points, and the story was told to its full conclusion, well after the ordeal was finished, rather than leaving you hanging at the point of rescue or having a breif summary after the event. The author came accross as an unbiased in his aprasal of the climbers and others in the book rather than being influenced by the popular opinion around the event at the time. For the price i paid for this book (around $5) it was well worth the read. The only complaint is I would have liked a few more pictures, and coulor ones at that, as i found it hard to imagine the setting from words alone. 
I picked up this book remaindered at my climbing gym for $1 - and its the
best $1 I've spent in a long time! The story is interesting, well researched,
presented in a balanced way, and best of all, well written. As a climber, I'm
particularly interested, and several of the central characters are very well
known in the climbing world. But there is plenty for the non-climber too, the
central story is gripping. 

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