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**** Neanderthal By Nicolas Le-Baut  10/15/2013
Neanderthal Click Image To Enlarge   
Neil Monteith on Pitch 2 of Neanderthal, Scarface, Wombarra, NSW. See Also: Pic 2, Pic 3.

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User Comments

8/10 on the beard, a bit trimmed for my taste but good coverage.
Nice pic too 
Nice pics....what grade is it? 
Nice colours and action. I think it has a bit of a cramped feel to it though? Might
have been nicer if you could see more around the climber and where he was
going? Huck the Gnar! 

Nick Da Frog
This is pitch 2, mega roof all on trad, scary, about 25 or 26. Neil had a rest, still a project waiting to go free.

Agreed Daave, wish I had my wide angle mounted, tricky position as I was just above him. I submitted a few pics thinking they would pick one, personnaly I prefer the one where he is reaching high, gives a sense of exposure even if his face is hidden by the helmet. 

This is pitch 2 of a new 4 pitch mostly trad route I'm working on. We did the other pitches last weekend (21, 22, 19) and the pitch in the photo is probably 24/25. It's a bit hard to see in the photo but I am climbing across a roof flake on cams - then the move I'm on is a tough bouldery move off the flake up onto the headwall. I kept pumping off there.

Bit more info here! 

big g
Nice work Nick. 

This photo has everything for my preference.

~ A technically good photo regarding colour/s, angle, focus, framing.
~ A place to go for the climber, which draws the eye and interest, though a little more of it might have been better.
~ Good climber 'exposure' for photographic interest. Good photo exposure too regarding colour saturation & contrast.
~ Engaging climbing (move/s, facial expression/s*, etc), and even though there is gear clipped at waist level, it is obvious the climbing isn't easy; plus the gear placements add interest when one starts to ponder the moves involved in placing them, then doubling them up!
~ You can see both belayer and climber, and along with the height of the belayer together all of that tells a story; not only to me as a climber, but to a theoretical random non-climber viewing it as well.
~ They are both wearing helmets! (Heh, heh, heh).

@NDF "personnaly I prefer the one where he is reaching high, gives a sense of exposure even if his face is hidden by the helmet"

~> Nah. This is technically the best of the three by a long way.
Well done to all involved.**

(*The eyes of both climber and attentive belayer convey a degree of seriousness of the undertaking, as captured while the event is taking place).

(**This is the first time I have ever given five full stars for a photo put up for appreciation on Chockstone since its inception, and I don't think I have missed any over the past 11 years, though I gave 4 once).


I'm with Rod, this is a top shot for all the reasons he mentioned. I do
wonder if a slightly wider shot might've been even better, but then again it
might not've worked as well. 

Something was bugging me about this photo (apart from the beard that
looks just like my dads).

Then I flipped it vertically and I reckon it looks better. Is it just me? 
I thought it looked weird so I flipped it also, but I don't think that makes it any
better. Don't get the same sense of exposure when its flipped. 

It's a roof so rotating it makes no sense 

Great shot! 

Really nice pic. Alway thought there was a heap of climbing up that end of
the Illawarra when I lived in W'gong. Nice work. Is the crack on the rhs the
continuation of the climb or is it foreshortened and below the level of the

The roof has got nothing to do with it. Its just the perspective of a downward looking shot. Its either someone looking down facing the rock. Or flip it (not rotate) and it is someone looking down back to rock.

Either way its the same (pretty good) shot, but for me having it framed the way it is gives me a static, claustrophobic feeling of a posed shot where no-one is going anywhere as long as they can hang on for the happy snap. Whereas having the vegetation/space at the top of the frame gives me the sense of escape. For some reason I can also work out the climb better when its flipped, and it doesn't look posed at all. 

Oooh, I do love this very trad photo.
And a very stylish beard it is too Mr Monteith, but methinks it needs to be grown a tad longer to be a true trad-master beard.
If I could see some hexs hanging off the harness I would have given it five stars. 

This pitch has now been freed - grade 24. Yay. 


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