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*** The Simple Life By Tim Haasnoot  7/19/2013
The Simple Life Click Image To Enlarge   
Matt Pascoe just before he sent his route "The Simple Life" (29), at The Goldmine, New Nowra. See Also Pic 2

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User Comments

Hard climbing no doubt, but I fear I may be becoming jaded* with climbing photos, as this one comes across to me as just another sport-climbing pic, and so I have only given it middle of the road stars.
Photographically it is sharp, but would have benefitted by having the belayer in it to tell a more complete story to a non-climber viewing it.

Viewing it as a climber, although the move and location are dramatic (except for the close runner), it still doesn't tell me the 'story' because it leaves me wondering where the top-out / lower-off chains are, relative to where the climber is heading, and there is not enough climber-expression (obviously casual at that grade?), to add the personal-interest touch.

The colour of the climber’s trousers being similar to the rock colour doesn't tend to enhance the action happening either, and I am grateful that at least the blue t-shirt stands out.

Re pic2 I would have liked it better if it was vertical format instead of horizontal.

(*Is this old-fart mediocre grade syndrome, or just my trad-roots indoctrination coming through? Heh, heh, heh).

I like not having the belayer or the chains in the photo, for exactly
the same reason. It leaves you asking questions (eg where is the
next piece of pro), which puts a sort of tension in to the situation. 
Yeah, gotta agree. This pic really doesn't do anything for me. Quite boring.
Hard climbing, fair enough, but just another facebook climbing pic. Maybe I
would have liked it more if was shot from above? Looking at exactly what he's
pulling on and going to? 

Big G
I have seen worse and seen a lot better - in fact pic 2 is a lot better. there is more drama and less grey. 
Overdone flash doesn't help.

Pic 2 is certainly more interesting, though would have been better if it showed what the climber is looking at rather than the expanse of rock behind him. 
Climber looks very calm which might be slightly deceptive....i look at this
shot and think if i had to do that move (and those that follow) my right
shoulder probably wouldn't like it. 
I really like pic 2, totally different perspective, nice that it's from an interesting
Pic 1 is actually quite a nice in the moment shot, I get all M9's points but I like
that it's another sport climbing shot - it doesn't make the climbing any less
impressive; even if it is a typical portrayal of hard moves.
But yeah, pic 2 all the way - not sure the need for 2 photos... 

White Trash
its ok.
looks harder than the route name sugests. 

E. Wells
Looks grouse eh, Nice one Matt! From the little vid posted a few weeks
back you climbed it really well! Great looking layers of rock too. Photos so

I like it! Makes Sth Central look really good. 

I reckon pic 2 is cooler than pic 1... I reckon it would have been cooler if
you photoshopped out the rope and gone for the Missions Impossible, free
solo look:)

And your vid from a few weeks ago was pretty awesome. 

Meh. As mentioned above, the overdone flash makes it look amatuerish. Not that I'm a photographer, but if it's going on the front page........

Where are all the awesome shots from non-everyday places like Frog, the Bungles, Pierce's, Moonarie, etc for us all to froth over? Surely photography isn't vanishing down the sport climbing drain too?? 


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