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Photo Gallery

*** Pigs Might Fly By François Ladouceur  1/16/2013
Pigs Might Fly Click Image To Enlarge   
Alex Ling belayed by Suzie Daniells on the first pitch of Pigs might fly (21), Boar's Head, Katoomba, NSW.

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User Comments
like it for all the reasons m9 will like it - belayer in the background and expression on climber add to the drama of what would be an otherwise ordinary photo
plus i was sick of the old one 

@ bones...
+1, though it is exactly those elements that lift it above 'ordinary photo' status ;-)
I also like that the photo tells a story in that it shows where the climb starts and has sufficient upcoming territory ahead of the leader to indicate where it goes to draw the eye, and by default viewer anticipation.

(Thanks François, for submitting it and also Mike, for the renewing of it!).

PS I note the name change from 'Picture of the week' to Picture Gallery!

Looks like a much nicer route than Pigs Might Fly (10) at Buffalo... Not that that is very hard at all... 
One Day Hero
Whoa, this might be a record for the fastest ever ascent from novice to shot of the week ;)

Did someone have to teach Alex the "photo-facial expression", or has it come naturally? 
it's blurry...

but otherwise looks awesome & the setting is great - one step back by the
cameraman would have set the scene a bit better - though obviously hard
when strapped to an anchor. Makes me wanna climb it though - so that's
worth points! 

@martym re
>it's blurry...

You need glasses.
Don't be offended, as I have them too.
Try the larger version of the pic. It is clear as...
Heh, heh, heh. 
>Whoa, this might be a record for the fastest ever ascent from novice to shot
>of the week ;) Did someone have to teach Alex the "photo-facial expression",
>or has it come naturally? - One Day Hero

Alex was a bit nervous during the make up session but otherwise he's a natural...
This deserves to stay up for at least 3 months :p 
One Day Hero
I've got a good shot of Alex's brother on canberra granite. Will try to get it up here in a couple of weeks to keep it in the family. 
Why is ODh so bitter about everything in life yet loves this photo?

Rock looks like complete choss. Gets one star for the climbing helmet, and half a star for the chalk... which hides some of the junk rock.

Kp - It's be nice to people without teeth week?

Odh - if he keeps crimping jugs I reckon his ascension to fame will be short lived

As for me- I like the ferns 
One Day Hero
Kp, I don't particularly like or dislike the photo. It's just one more shot of Blueys sport choss to add to the 5 million which preceded it. Sometime around 2005 I hit the wall with climbing photography. I've just seen too many, now it all more or less looks the same (and I get really sick of the gratuitous posing in clearly bulllshit body positions). However, Alex is a mate of mine, and I think it's funny that he's a media tart a mere 18 months into his climbing career :) 

White Trash
ur just jealous u hvent achieved media tart status after an eon odh. 

It is a very nice photo, but why is Mr Ling straining so hard on holds that even a lady like myself could use? 


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