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Dear Simey 23-Jul-2007 At 8:20:29 AM mildredmademiserable
Oh my darling, my dear dear girl.

I share your hurt.
But right now you don't need Simey to be gentle with you. Trust me this is exactly the opening he loves.

SO your man is mad about his totem pole too! Simey was like that one time.
That's how he wooed me: showing me pictures of HIS totem pole and told that it was different to other guys'.

Don't let that philandering wretch of a hubby of yours go and do that totem pole thing as I tell you girl, he is going to be on lava-life telling other women about it and HOW he would like to show them pictures of it, as soon as he comes home. That is if he comes
home. Take control of your life and use his rope to tie him down.

I should warn you that asking Simey for advice on these matters is only giving him a chance to sniff out just how strong your marital bond is really and it's giving the sniper a chance to pick you off while your partner is away. In fact it may already be too late. But if it isn't too late I feel compelled to let you know just what a love rat Simey is. And by implication your hubby falls into that category for even mentioning doing totem pole. CAn't you see the sub text sister-child? He wants to be Simey. Don't have it.

I feel compelled to share some of my experiences so as to save your marriage.

When Simey and I got together, originally through a very discreet S+M (singles and married that is) website, I had dreams of meeting someone adventurous. My youthful idealism saw a chance of love and in return got introduced to a web of lies and deciept. He seemed so nice and cuddly and told me HE wrote the book and I was in safe hands. Safe until the next uni trip came to town.
A coach full of fat girls purrs up the drive of Centenial park and suddenly he doesn't want to show me new ways of doing old routes.
He tells me he has to be at the Pines doing the rounds in the morning. "IT's for the book" he says.. Its to coincide with the chicks getting up and unguardedly walk to the toilet is what it is. It's there that he decides which chick is worthy of his special attention this week. Reality is he is really scoping out the possibilities. After a day thrashing through pages of potential one nighters’ down in Melbourne, on the net, and coming up with nothing he does another tour of the Pines... THe chicks have in the meantime have climbed all day and are softened up for the patter.

"Hi, I'm Simon Mentz. I wrote the book." HAnd shake and sleazy leer ensues. All the boys around the fire are blinded by the fact that a celebrity is amoung them and bolster the Slimey one's position by making him seem interesting. More experienced menfolk cover their women in fleece and puffa jacket so as to confuse his senses. But some of the newbies make the mistake of turning their back on this wolf at the door. Then he pounces with his "I'm so lonely ..." routine. Single or married he will take his chances with you girls . So be warned.

MrsM10iswhereitsat you know that this is what goes on and still you condone this by asking for advice. A hundred years of progress for women and this is where we are. I bet he offered you a glamourous job in the CAFE too. Don't believe it!
Don't believe any of it, if it's from Simey's mouth. Even this thread is another one of his ruses to reel in the unsuspecting. SHame on some of the boys who have fallen for it. Guess why you ain't getting any up in the Pines boys.

The sad fact girls, the unweildy truth is that: Simey is with me and has been for years. If you have been with him in this time you are a slack floozy(the way he likes us) but I forgive you as you simply weren't to know.

But now that you do know its time to make him work for it

Tell your friends in the uni that he isn't "All that big in the climbing world ". In fact girls there are bigger guys on the scene.
DOn't have a bar of his puppy dog look - that’s from staying up all night "left handed surfing"...
Don't accept anything from him as that means he will have to come back tomorrow.
And don't encourage him by asking how to get up a route- we all know the only routes he's interested in...short ones.

Simey, darling, I am sure you are reading this and yes "Hell hath no fury..." and could you please collect that pump thing that is under my bed- the kids think it's for pumping up footies and I can't sell them that line much longer. They are after all getting older and will eventually figure out what it's for...all I am saying is: pay the alimony like DR> PHIL does and I won't mention the warts . Simey Jr. misses you but was also a bit upset with you for feeling up his schoolteacher when you collected him. Really!

Stand strong girls.


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