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14-Feb-2013 The 2nd bolt chopping trip, for info of the masses
Here is the info from the first, however that new toy test was chosen as 'private' and I did not know that it would be a hidden topic to other than invitees because of that...

Online Now
1:46:50 PM

Heh, heh, heh.x3 x3 x3

This is an ongoing test of the new function I just found on Chockstone Find Climbers-front page section of Forum.

The User-ID's I have picked at random as test-eez, and bare no semblance to cruelty of posters when using this product. Use only under adult supervision, keep away from flammable subjects, do not do this in the comfort of your own home etc...

Hmm. I put in the detail in the subroutine boxes found at bottom of the Find Climbers front page and it produced this thread, but when I went further to populate the sub-subroutine boxes eg;

>TRIP: Bolt chopping trip
>Date Attendees (Add) Invite Status

>Username: Use * for wildcard searches. Eg "Fred*"

... It did not like my entry of ODH?+acastofdozens! ~> as that User-ID does not exist.

Online Now
2:06:38 PM

Hmm, it seems one can't 'uninvite' attendees either...
... although I can change their status when I edit my post.

I need one of those User ID's to access this thread to see if they can change their status themselves... I can do it to my own, but can't delete myself off the list, nor do I know if anyone can alter someone elses response, and am curious about the workings of the whole new function.

This is the list and status, so I can learn if they change status or delete themselves from the list.

Andrew Davis (INVITED), dalai (INVITED), IdratherbeclimbingM9 (INVITED), Jgoding (TENTATIVE), JMK (CONFIRMED), Macciza (TENTATIVE), mikllaw (CONFIRMED), nmonteith (CONFIRMED), One Day Hero (REJECTED), rodw (CONFIRMED), wallwombat (REJECTED)

Online Now
3:08:31 PM

I can change mine to rejected.

3:17:42 PM

My thumb is not big enough to go into the dike to hold the sea back. Plus I am apathetic and really don't care. Only reason I am responding is cos I am as sick as a dog , bored out of my mind, high as a kite on codeine etc

So rejected - ask someone who cares

Online Now
8:17:40 PM

This new toy that Mike has thrown to us will take some getting used to.

I noticed when I first went back into the newly created thread that it produced, that it was hard to edit, and just before logging on now, I looked for the thread again and it was hidden, presumably because I wasn't logged on?
This makes me wonder if when one chooses to mark it a 'private' trip, that general viewers of Chocky won't 'see' it. Additionally this makes sense of the fact that since I experimented in creating this thread, it has had bugger all views, so presumably only the invitees can see it?

JMK you are not rejected in the sense of rejection, it is simply the terminology that the software uses and apart from nmonteith, I note others have changed their status as well. This confirms that one's status can be changed by that person, so maybe 'decline' would be a better term for the software to use??


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