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Adding A Picture to A Review

5:36:11 PM
I recently posted the details of a book on the review part of the site. I notice that many of the reviews have a picture of the book/film etc. but I couldn't see how to do this. Can someone help me out with this? Secondly would it be acceptable to provide a link to the publisher's website?

8:29:29 PM
On 3/12/2005 Zebedee wrote:
>I recently posted the details of a book on the review part of the site.
>I notice that many of the reviews have a picture of the book/film etc.
>but I couldn't see how to do this. Can someone help me out with this? Secondly
>would it be acceptable to provide a link to the publisher's website?
Hey I posted another review and I still don't know how to post a picture of the book. Any one actually care about reviews and pictures?

If you were thinking of posting 'No' don't bother.

8:59:00 PM
I just went to a review that I wrote - Voices From the Summit - and hit the Edit tab. In another window I Google Imaged the title and found an image of the book cover (normally from Amazons website). I then saved the imaged by right clicking on the image and "saving image as". The image is now in My Pictures on my computer. I then opened Chockstone again in another window. I went to reply to your thread and hit the "Adding Pictures" link below the reply window. This brought up the Chockstone Upload Pictures window. I hit "Browse" and then found the image of the book in My Pictures. I hit "Upload Image" and when the image line came up, I right clicked "Copy" and then went to the window with my review and hit "Paste" at the beginning of the review.

Viola! Now there is a picture of the book

F#ck I'm good!

11:20:35 PM
On 14/08/2008 wallwombat wrote:
>Viola! Now there is a picture of the book
>F#ck I'm good!
Hey you are good but some reviews have the picture in the top left outside the review text area. Although I do now have a picture of the cover in my review. For example compere 'Voices from the summit' with 'View from the summit' I want my picture up there in the top left.

6:57:11 AM
Sorry dude. I'm not that good.

That will take someone who is a Grandmaster Supergeek and they are often reticent to share their secrets

Good luck Grasshopper.

5:35:40 PM
Like Zebedee I have had trouble doing this today.

~> ended up with ...
" align="right" hspace="10" vspace="10">
and a picture with a cross in it, at top of the review.

(One stage better than Zeb but still wrong!)

The pic uploaded OK so I can drag the script line from original reply line; ~> but how to put the full script line in the 'add review slot' which only appears to take a certain number of characters?

Have since deleted the rubbish result ... and when I did so (had to find it again to delete it), the book I had added came up with the authors name listed twice, though the add media box entry was correct (ie I checked it as no double-up there).
Yes there is another book for that author, but I would have thought all/any books by the author would be listed, if a search is done on the author name, rather than separate author names as repeats?

4:23:38 PM
I have been known to do that sometimes(!), however a Chockstone fix is good for the days when I can't.

5:27:41 PM
I don't think the Wingello Pussy would be trolling here if he had the option of going "climbn instead" . It must be either too windy in Bleakheath or the Council have closed Bluebell, the infamous 'Tiapan Wall' of the Shire.
Mr Milk
9:32:54 PM
i believe the wingello panther is resting his tired doights after a ceuse assault... say mr panther, are you still going to orpierre?

1:42:31 PM
There is an "image" field when adding or editing media (might only be available to administrators - can't remember). The content of the field should be whatever goes into the the src parameter of an image tag.

3:21:13 PM
Thanks Mike.
It worked this time, though this is the slot that seemed only to take a limited number of characters last time.

The double-ups are gone.

When editing my review I noticed the apostrophe key kept duplicating itself on the OK'd (saved) version.
~> Nothing that multiple edits didn't fix !!!

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