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Poll Option Votes Graph
Users can edit and delete posts always (current) 24
Users can only edit posts for typos 1
Mods can only edit posts for typos 0
All posts remain locked in stone 4
Users can delete entire accounts inc Topics 1
Users can edit/delete for 24 hours only 39
Users can edit/delete for 14 days only 4
Users can edit posts by adding extra text only 10

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4:54:25 PM
Didn't realize you could change your vote!! I always thought that was one thing you couldn't change.

4:58:39 PM
Recent confirmation is here.

On 23/05/2005 nmonteith wrote:
>I just added the last two new options. That should confuse everyone! Re-vote everyone...

Although I also note that right from the start you could change it (due to experimentation on my part), when I changed my mind on one poll.
5:00:51 PM
That comment from Neil did confuse me for my above reasoning... Other forums I peruse never allow that option!

4:57:36 PM
The Hex just pointed out (via PM) that apparently yesterday there was lock function on posts older than
24 hours. It has reverted back to normal today. Is this a new feature Mike? I can't see these changes as
I have the MOD privileges which always allow editing.

5:34:51 PM
Haven't implemented any locking of historical posts. Did we ever come to a conclusion on that subject?

The only locking currently, is mods can manually edit lock an individual post if they so choose.

6:03:36 PM
Seems like a moderate consensus on this poll for 24hour locking.

9:42:46 PM
Yes it's definitely a pretty good majority. I support either 24 hours or forever retro editing because it allows for freedom of choice.

However I would hope that people here wouldn't feel the need to rewrite the past out of embarrassment. If you've written something totally un-pc or wildly offensive it's a differrent story. But it's not worth beating yourself up about something you've said in person or on an internet forum, especially the latter. I think people should post away from the heart and have confidence in what they post. I like to honour my thoughts and feelings and looking back you can actually learn something about yourself. Aren't the scars from the past a reminder never to go there again? Isn't that the in the song "Scar" by Missy Higgins. She asks so that she can remember to never go that far, can you leave me with a scar?

I can't say I've seen anyone on here consistently contributing drivel (except one who was exiled within hours). I certainly wouldn't hold anyone to their posts on this forum and wouldn't judge anyone for an opinion that seems oddball to me on the day. It's worthwhile cutting yourself some slack (you won't deck here) and not expecting perfection from yourself or others. If anyone here is going to judge you for a bad call then that would be their own misgiving and can only indicate their own harshness on themselves. If you set a standard for others then you're effectively setting it for yourself so you'd better make sure you're up to it. At the end of the day if you can say you were true to your thoughts, opinions and feelings at the time then you're a big winner!!!!!!!!
I don't suppose you were rekindling the debate nmonteith but I thought i'd put my 20c worth in. happy posting!

10:07:14 AM
On 12/10/2005 nmonteith wrote:
>Seems like a moderate consensus on this poll for 24hour locking.

Maybe not?
Its a bit like the JH 'split the negative vote' thing again, and come up a winner.
>Users can edit posts by adding extra text only ... @ 10 votes
>Users can edit and delete posts always (current) ... @ 22 votes
is pretty close to
>Users can edit/delete for 24 hours only ... @ 33 votes.

Total votes of 74 out of 1400(+) registered members is inconclusive re nm post;
>Please vote people!!! >We have 1000 members - i would like at least 100 votes on this topic to get some clear consensus!

Don't get me wrong; ... I am happy to live with a reasonable concensus decision.
8:27:42 AM
Surely once it is out it is out. Retro-editing is just bad form. Take responsability for your actions! Commit! Apologise for stupidity as in real life if you wish, or maybe just let it all hang out if you prefer. One already has the luxury of editing a post BEFORE you hit OK, if you don't catch your 'mistake' there, whatever it may be, then maybe having someone else point it out will be good for you. It is one of those 'character-building' exercises your mum kept harping on about....

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