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Poll Option Votes Graph
Users can edit and delete posts always (current) 24
Users can only edit posts for typos 1
Mods can only edit posts for typos 0
All posts remain locked in stone 4
Users can delete entire accounts inc Topics 1
Users can edit/delete for 24 hours only 39
Users can edit/delete for 14 days only 4
Users can edit posts by adding extra text only 10

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11:08:40 AM
I was just wondering what others thought about people retro-editing or even mass deleting their old posts. There has been a few cases of people who have decided that what they wrote in the past was not what they wanted people to read in the future. My view is that what people write on Chockstone should be kept. If you are silly enough to not think and post something that will embaress you in the future then you will have live with it. For me it is the same as writing a letter into Rock magazine. It will be imortalized in print for future reference. This post relates to a once prominant user who has requested that his account be deleted and all his 200 or so posts removed.

What do others think?
11:15:05 AM
If someone sees the 'error of their ways'. Why shouldn't they be able to edit/delete comments that later they feel were wrong to have made.

Quite often people can reply in haste without thinking things through as to the ramifications of their comments. Maybe there should be a timed delay with a message box and message along the lines of 'are you sure you want to add these comments to the topic?' to give time for the person posting to calm down and think things through...

11:23:36 AM
In the real world (around the campfire) you are responsible for what you say. If you are a loud mouthed spouting off crap then that is what people will hear and remember. You can apoligize later and hope that people forgive you. I think it should be the same on Chocktone. As an example - lets say...

John Smith posts - John Citizen is a stupid wanker who can't climb and i wish he was dead.
John Citizen replies - Mr Citizen is really rude. You should get some manners and learn how to climb!

If John Smith removes his original post then it makes poor Mr Citizen look like HE was the original flamer. People should take responsiblity for everything they write. I look back at some of my posts and can cringe at some of the things I said - but i have no desire to change them. If everyone changed things to make their egos feel better than this forum would make no sense what-so-ever! If people want their accounts removed - then that would take out any topics they created - and thus every answer would make no sense.

People need to take reponsibility for things they write.

11:29:45 AM
Does anyone know the who legally 'owns' the posts on Chockstone??

Other forums add the words 'edited by blah blah blah and a date' to any post that has been retro-edited. I think that would be a good idea to add to Chocktone.

11:30:33 AM
Totally agree. That's why Chockstone posts should have stampted "edit" messages on them. For example:
Edited by: manacubus at: 18/5/05 5:23 pm

This makes it easy to see when someone has edited their post.

Even better would be a link in that small inclusion that allowed the original to be viewed.

Users should be able to delete their accounts, but not mass-delete their prior posts. I would suggest a 30 day sunset clause on deleting. After the 30 days, the post is set in stone.

Edit: Haha! You got in there before me Neil-o!
11:35:42 AM
On 23/05/2005 nmonteith wrote:
>If John Smith removes his original post then it makes poor Mr Citizen
>look like HE was the original flamer. People should take responsiblity
>for everything they write.

That's why you use the quote function so that if the person deletes the original...

I agree that people should take more responsibility. As I believe defamatory remarks made on forums can hold the site owner accountable!!

Bob Saki
11:53:17 AM
should we have a topic in the forums
"retractions and rethinks"
giving those users unhappy with a post to make their new thoughts known. Peoples opinions and ideas change as they develop and may wish to illuminate other forum users to this change of heart, mind etc...
1:03:35 PM
I sometimes edit posts after a final proof read .. but only straight away, never after a reasonable time interval has elapsed.
Agree with sentiments that, once something has been placed on the public record, it should not be allowed to be removed (or edited).
I recently deleted a new thread on request from one of the other members. Otherwise no plans to delete.
I suggest a 24 hour time limit.

1:28:00 PM
Yep I've seen a 'edit for 30mins' time limit applied elsewhere and it works well

1:52:18 PM
Please vote people!!! We have 1000 members - i would like at least 100 votes on this topic to get some clear consensus!
1:55:40 PM
You need some more options that line up with my proposal before I tick a box ..

i.e. "Users can edit/delete for 24 hours, mods can edit/delete indefinitely".

master of drung
2:02:45 PM
not sure the of the best model but i strongly agree with people having to take responsibility for what they say. Especially in a context like this with an enormous potential audience and a degree of anonymity or at least personal distance.

2:05:34 PM
On 23/05/2005 gfdonc wrote:
>You need some more options that line up with my proposal before I tick
>a box ..
>i.e. "Users can edit/delete for 24 hours, mods can edit/delete indefinitely".

Done - please change votes accordingly. I favour this 24 hour system.

2:30:01 PM
How about an option where:

"Users can edit their posts by adding additional text at the end of their post, but are unable to modify their original text"

I dont know if its technically possible but it would be nice to be able to go back and add a line of text clarifying what you meant etc. Maybee the extra text could be in a different colour so its obviously an edit?

4:16:21 PM
On 23/05/2005 oweng wrote:
>"Users can edit their posts by adding additional text at the end of their
>post, but are unable to modify their original text"

Almost anything is tehnically possible within reason, it just takes time to code. For example it would be possible to have the original text of a message only editable for a certain number of days, and then subsequent edits available only as an appended note, with a date time stamp. Message deletion could be similarly available only for that short duration. Some rules like that wouldn't be too hard to implement.

I think 24 hours is a little harsh though. Some people might only login on Sunday evenings for example. I'd suggest a 14 day period at least. Mods would continue to have full access.

What does do in this regard? Do they have a "set in stone" duration?

The question of who owns the messages though needs to be answered. I have in the past had people (like maybe 2 or 3 users in total) email me and want their account removed. I haven't asked why, just told them they are free to edit or delete their posts, and if they delete all their posts it's also possible for them to unregister their account. Up till now I've always seen this as their right to do so. Kind of like creating a document. Sure it's in the public domain, but the words in the document still belongs to the author. But I don't know. I'm happy to code it however the majority wants. I guess the restrictions could always be lifted on a case by case basis.

The idea that I myself, as site owner, might be personally responsible for what a thousand people say on a bad hair day, is not a little bit scary. I certainly hope this is not the case! If it is, though, then whoever owns rec.climbing could be in for stormy weather.

4:22:30 PM
On 23/05/2005 Mike wrote:
>I think 24 hours is a little harsh though. Some people might only login
>on Sunday evenings for example. I'd suggest a 14 day period at least. Mods
>would continue to have full access.

People should only be only editing for tone and read-ability. 24 hours is heaps of time for a massive flame war to erupt. In 14 days the volcano has exploded, and the town is rebuilding again. I think two weeks is just too long for people to meddle. If you havn't cooled off in 24 hours then maybe you need to get proffesional help!
4:26:34 PM
@Mike FYI point 5.

4:28:17 PM
I just added the last two new options. That should confuse everyone! Re-vote everyone...

5:13:47 PM
I demand a re-count!

Phil Box
5:16:57 PM has removed the ability for mods to edit any post. We take the view that people are responsible for what they say. They own the copyright for their own words much in the same way as a picture or other written works. Mike you are not responsible for other peoples words. You are providing a service for the transfer of information from one person to others. terms of service

One thing that we are zealous to police is the misquoting of another persons words. For instance if a person says in a post "Phil is a really good bloke" and then someone elsehits the quote button to reply and they change my words then that is interfering with my copyright and thus offends the TOS. They could change my words to say "Phil is a rotten mongrel". Of course in both instances they would be not far from the truth (wish we had smilies about now). The thing is though that they are attributing words to me that I did not write. It is fundamental to the laws of copyright that this is adhered to. We have had many arguements in various threads on over this issue and thus we took the view that the management would never edit anything.

The post filters work to weed out the R rated naughty words if people wish to avail themselves of this facility. Most want to see things in the raw so to speak. Of course porn is not acceptable and this is religiously deleted as soon as possible. The mods and admins only have the right to delete a post outright if it offends the TOS. A user still retains the right to delete their own works. That is fundamental in establishing the principle that a user is responsible for their own words. It is a matter of trust as well.

If a user wishes to take the trouble to delete their own words then don`t come asking me to do it for you, yer on yer own mate, go to it. I would always suggest that if a conversational context needs to be preserved then use the quote function. Another user cannot delete my quoted part of the conversation contained in my post.

You`ll note that in the TOS document we state that is the publisher and the poster is in fact the author, there is a big difference, apparently. The author as I stated is the holder of the copyright and as such is responsible for the words.

Note I am not a lawyer. Just relaying some of the discussion on these types of issues we have faced at

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