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1,000 members and counting

12:13:58 AM
Mike, I bet you never thought this forum would grow like it has!

Well done.

9:23:10 PM
On 9/02/2005 Rupert wrote:
>Mike, I bet you never thought this forum would grow like it has!
>Well done.

Hmm 1; it has taken a little while, however Chockstone has just reached another milestone.

chrish12 has become Chockstones 5,000th registered member.

Hip, Hip, Hooray! &allthatstuff! ... (and congrats to chrish12 too)!

The pace of membership is snowballing. 2002 - 2005 = 1000 new members.
and since then, 2006 - 2011 = 4000 new members.

I did not record the demographic of memberships back then, but note in that time, that gym and sport climb participation now outrank trad single and multipitch, with bouldering hard on the heels of doing so too.

Link to some earlier stats in a post on The inaugral post thread.

Hmm 2; we just missed our 9th anniversary on 06/06/11.
~> Maybe we should put some effort into the 10th anniversary next June?

A 'snapshot' of the statistics page of today, for future reference...
Chockstone Forum
A place for Victorian climbers to hang out and chat about climbing. Anyone can register and post messages.

Forum Statistics
172304 total posts, 480 in the last week. Of 5001 registered members 245 logged in today, 412 in the last week, 1117 in the last six months.

Hottest New Topics Replies Views Last Message Started By
Tinting chalk with fire ash / Bash Damo thread! 78 3771 22/07/2011 by shortman skegly
Tricep tendonitis 44 2042 26/07/2011 by dmnz Gavo
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Posts Per Month Graph
August 2011 67

July 2011 1451

June 2011 1877

May 2011 2036

April 2011 1989

March 2011 3124

February 2011 3419

January 2011 2945

December 2010 1906

November 2010 2265

October 2010 2602

September 2010 2120

August 2010 3066

July 2010 1608

June 2010 1912

May 2010 2806

April 2010 2180

March 2010 2138

February 2010 1913

January 2010 2048

December 2009 2360

November 2009 1796

October 2009 1910

September 2009 2305

August 2009 2327

Member Statistics

Activity Percentage Graph
Gym 66%

Boulder 58%

Top Rope 48%

Sport 64%

Trad Single 59%

Trad Multi 59%

Aid/Big Wall 12%

Ice 16%

Mountain 31%

Not Applicable 20%

There are 5001 registered members. Of these 26% have never posted, 55% have only posted a few times, leaving 19% who are major posters. 78% are from Australia.

The top users are: ..::- Chris -::.., Access T, adamk, ademmert, ado_m, adski, ajfclark, AlanD, Alex, alrob, ambyeok, andesite, Andrew_M, anthonyk, BA, belayslave, BigMike, billk, bl@ke, Bluey, BoaredOfTheRings, Bob Saki, bomber pro, bones, BoulderBaby, Bourge, brat, Breezy, brendan, BundyBear, Capt_mulch, Cheesehead, Chuck Norris, citationx, climbau, climberman, climbingjac, Climboholic, Cookie, Cool Hand Lock, cruxmag, cruze, D.Lodge, daave, DaCrux, Dalai, Damietta, dave, Dave C, dave h., Dave J, davidn, deadpoint, devlin66, dimpet, dmnz, dodgy, Dom, Donut King, dougal, drdeviousII, duglash, Duncan, earwig, Eduardo Slabofvic., egosan, evanbb, FatBoy, Fish Boy, foreverabumbly, freesolo, garbie, Garrath, Gavo, gfdonc, GG, ghost, glacier-rat, Goodvibes, gordoste, grangrump, GravityHound, gremlin, hangdog, Hardware, hargs, Hatman, Hawkman, hero, HEX, hex-TROLL, Hipster, hotgemini, Hugh, IdratherbeclimbingM9, J.C., Jackie, James, JamesMc, JBM, JDB, jgoding, JimboV10, jkane, joemor, JohnK, kerroxapithecus, kezza, kieranl, KP, kuu, lacto, LittleMac, M10iswhereitsat., Macciza, manacubus, martym, mattjr, maxdacat, maxots, Miguel75, Mike, Mike Bee, mikepatt, mikl law, mikllaw, MisterGribble, MonkeyBoy, mousey, MrsM10iswhereitsat, neats, Nick Kaz, nmonteith, Olbert, One Day Hero, Onsight, Organ Pipe, oweng, Pat, patto, Paul, Paulie, Paz, PDRM, penguinator, Phil Box, Phil S, phil_nev, pmonks, PN, prb, PreferKnitting, psd, qman, racingtadpole, rhinckle, Rich, Richard, rightarmbad, Robb, robertsonja, Robin, rod, rodw, rolsen1, Romfrantic, Ronny, Rupert, Sabu, Sarah Gara, shaggy, shiltz, ShinToe Warrior, shmalec, shortman, simey, sliamese, spicelab, steph, Steve, SteveH, Sticky, Stuey, Super Saiyan, superstu, surfinclimb, tastybigmac, Tel, The Elk, The good Dr, The HEX, ti, TLockwood, tmarsh, tnd, TonyB, uwhp510, vwills, wallwombat, Wendy, westie, widewetandslippery, Wingello Panther, Winston Smith, WM, Wollemi, wombly, wyt91t, Zebedee

The average user is 35 years old.

10:18:38 PM
Hooray for Chocky. And hooray for Chrish12.

What about a Chocky get together? Maybe at Burnley?

10:21:19 PM
Hooray for Chocky. Hooray for Chrish12. And hooray for M9 taking the time to put all these stats together.

What about a Chocky get together? Maybe at Burnley?
10:52:33 PM
poor form trying to get yourself into more stats there! ;)

11:04:24 PM
Thanks M9. I like stats. What about post avg per hr? And what are the busiest hrs?
That should tie ya up for 10 minutes.

Mike Bee
4:49:15 PM
How on earth am I one of the major posters?
Is it done by recent posts (eg number of posts in the last few months) or by total posts?

4:55:09 PM
Not that many people post on a regular basis.

9:34:40 PM
On 2/08/2011 Mike Bee wrote:
>How on earth am I one of the major posters?
>Is it done by recent posts (eg number of posts in the last few months) or by total posts?

I think it is 100+ posts (ie an arbitary number of) total posts.

@ shortman;
>What about post avg per hr?

~> Depends if there is a flame war happening or not!

>And what are the busiest hrs?

There are different shifts. Some people access during daylight hours while others don't...
Flame wars seem to cut across peoples 'normal' hours, as the participants seem to take things way seriously and it keeps them engaged!
Heh, heh, heh.

@ M75
>What about a Chocky get together?

Yes, particularly for 10th anniversary.

>Maybe at Burnley?

My vote would be no to Burnley, as a weekend away somewhere to have the warm'n'fuzzy campfire happening, and with real rock nearby would allow people more choice of timeframe and action to be involved in.

10:05:32 PM
On 2/08/2011 IdratherbeclimbingM9 wrote:
>as a weekend away somewhere to have the
>warm'n'fuzzy campfire happening

So Arapiles is out then...

10:17:24 PM
On 2/08/2011 StuckNut wrote:

>So Arapiles is out then...


You could just hope for a mild night.

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