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New Members

2:42:59 PM
Great to see the Registered members nearing 200 and fantastic that its growing so fast. Well done.

One site I use for work is using that vBulletin forum software which has a "Welcome to our newest member: " feature and also shows whos currently logged in on the front page. Difficult to do? Worth doing?

4:54:29 PM
I've added a small "Welcome to our newest member" string to the bottom of the main forums page. You'll have to wait until someone joins next to see it.

As for "who's logged on", well that's kinda tricky. I've added a count of the number of members "logged on today" to the top right of the main forums page, but counting who has an open session on the server... not easy.

200 members... hmmm, there seems to be a lot that registered, never posted, never added a media review and never logged in again. I'm thinking of deleting these. ie, Users with zero posts, and not logged in since, say, 12 months ago. What do you think?

5:03:29 PM
Lurkers might get offended! There must be millions out there. I really wish they would pitch in with our discussions!

5:14:20 PM
You don't have to register to lurk though, so I can't see how they would be disadvantaged...


5:25:04 PM
You cannot tell what messages are new since your last visit unless you are registered.

5:29:36 PM
I reckon if they are older than 12 months and have never posted then delete them. If they have posted then maybe give them 2 years!

12:52:04 AM
What if you've only posted once? (well this is twice for me now, does that mean I get 4 years? :-) )
8:46:05 AM
If you want to remove people, perhaps base it on their last logon rather than last post date.

9:44:10 AM
Yeah, their last logon was what I intended. I can't delete users who have posted (even if only once), because that would alter the integrity of the data - we'd have an orphaned post.

The number of users who have never posted, never added a media item or review, and never added a rebolted route is 51. (Of those, 35 logged in only once). If we then only look at those who haven't logged in in the last 12 months, we get a count of 0, probably because Chockstone is bearly 12 months old. At 10 months past we get a count of 6 users, at 6 months ago, we get 17 users, about half local and half international.

At a guess, I'd say most of these 17 users have lost interest, but it's possible they are still lurking, without logging on, or merely wanted to join so that their contact details were available to other members, but didn't want to participate actively.

I think I'll leave the problem for now.

12:51:33 PM
Perhaps you could send out an email asking if they still want to be registered members. If they don't reply you can assume that they don't!
Is server space becoming an issue Mike? Perhaps we need to start a Chockstone server fund???

1:19:12 PM
On 6/06/2003 mrsnuffy wrote:
>Is server space becoming an issue Mike?

Nar, plenty of space on the server. User accounts don't take up any room anyway. I've just had a few comments about the large number of users that seem inactive compared to the number of regular contributors, and thought a purge might be in order. But, this is a small thing, cosmetic really. The email idea is good though. I'll remember that.

> Perhaps we need to start a Chockstone server fund???

Something of the sort is being organised. Steve of Rock Hardware has come to the party, agreeing to help out with the hosting fees (Telstra Bill incurred by Chockstone web traffic). In return I'll list him as a sponsor, and add a page of products and prices, along with contact details. It's a little tricky, because I don't want people to think Chockstone has "sold out" and become commercial. Steve will pay SBSS (my work, who host this site) for advertising, who will then use the money to pay Telstra. Chockstone (or me personally), won't gain by it, other than having the site remain on-line for the forseeable future. It was either than or pay the bill myself. Anyway, this will probably happen within the next couple of weeks.

3:16:15 PM
This is world class Climbing Web site - and you run it on the smell of an oily rag - amazing stuff. I hope your employers are appreciative of the standard you've created.
8:24:29 PM
This is a great site which I check daily, but as a bumbly feel intimidated to post on several topics. Read many of Kieran's messages and you'll know why. Does this mean I'm now a lurking bumbly or a bumbly lurker. Bugger Kieran I'm off to wash my rope, thanks Dodgy I now know how.

Donut King
4:00:34 PM

this is the real world and anyone who though you'd be selling out by getting a sponsor or two is a tosser.

Servertime, connection fees, plain hard work all cost money. its not like any sponsor would be altering the informative content of the forum.

I say go for it and kudos to Steve of ROCK HARDWARE for backing you

6:20:08 PM
Hi Mike

I just discovered this site today - I feel that it is a fantastic resource - but like all resources it requires maintenance. Much of it's appeal comes from the non-commercial community nature of the input, this is "the real world", (as "Hard Core" noted).

Sponsorship is a time honoured fashion of funding community organisations - acknowledging sponsors by adding links to their own commercial websites would be one way to settle the problem, without having commercial pages on this website. Voluntary paid subscriptions is another.

Ultimately though, the key to any community organisation is member effort and input. An annual purge of members is probably worthwhile - the same as any other club - an outdated member list is a useless one. Send them an e-mail first!



4:34:04 PM
hey look at that - on the 5/06/2003 we were at 200 members, just a few months later and we've fattened up nicely to 300 - Welcome to all the new members!
8:42:40 PM
if we started deleting people because they didnt do many posts the forums would be full of needless messages that people are post just to stay a member

10:22:12 PM
I think the email idear is a good one, maybe twice a year, and if people don't respond to the second one, they are out.
This way no one can plead ignorance of not receiving the email. Or just delete them and send them an email asking to sign up again. A small thing really.

As for the upkeep of the site, I for one, am happy to contribute some. Mike is the one who has taken our hobby online, but we all enjoy and benefit from it in one form or another.

Only fair, really!
10:04:17 AM
actaually the email thing makes the most sense but how long whould people have to respond to them? i think a month would be good because people go away etc

12:27:28 PM
An email purge of non-posting members would work fine, but what about those members who didn't supply a valid email address when they registered???

I for one would feel more happy posting with members who were transparent enough to supply a valid email address. Would it be over the top to only send out the initial login via email like many other online groups?

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