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Chockstone Forum - Gear Lust / Lost & Found

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Arapiles guidebook delayed available.
10:53:29 PM
On 18/08/2008 nmonteith wrote:
>It does exist! I 'ave seen it with my own eyes....

I'm not convinced yet.
10:52:29 AM
I've seen it too
and it look awesome! the picture are especially good!!

Well done guys!!!!!!! I'm impressed!
11:39:11 AM
Pity .. I was hoping mine would turn up before I get on a long flight tonight, would have been a good distraction!
Something to look forward to when I get back.

12:52:43 PM
On 19/08/2008 ademmert wrote:
>the picture are especially good!!

I was led to believe there'd be more than one... ;-)

1:03:33 PM
... but was it signed? or did it have a perf-spine??
5:42:14 PM
On 18/08/2008 MisterGribble wrote:
>Where's my book!

We are posting the pre-ordered guidebooks so that the keenest and most active climbers receive them first.

Your book is due for posting in 2012.
7:15:56 PM
Ah, MisterGribble.... Simey just set off on his way to Nati, his car loaded with almost 400 new guides. We also posted a truckload of books to the shops today and filled many of the orders to those who purchased the guide on the Open Spaces website. Despite this it will still take us a few days to get all the orders out of the way. Looks like the guide will be in use at the Mount this weekend. But you MisterGribble.......I suspect that you will be coaching the kids football on a rainy Melbourne Saturday, purchasing kippers for the wife and dreaming of orange rock and sunshine.

7:29:35 PM
On 19/08/2008 GTempest wrote:
>But you MisterGribble.......I suspect that you
>will be coaching the kids football on a rainy Melbourne Saturday, purchasing
>kippers for the wife and dreaming of orange rock and sunshine.

Oddly enough Mrs G and I enjoyed a packet of Aberdeens finest last Sunday morn. With a stiff Sou'easter in you could probably smell them in the 'Ponds.

Football's nearly over which means its Black Pudding time and Mr Kiplings Mince Pie season is on the horizon.

Some day this war's gonna end......
7:47:41 PM
Oh MisterGribble. I would venture that Mrs G is out on the town tonight and you have been left alone to peruse the delights of the internet unsupervised.......

7:51:21 PM
She's gone fine dining with her work friends and I'm at home being primary care giver to my cherubs.

You know me so well !
7:55:41 PM
And I'm also home alone. Mrs T has gone fine dining with her work friends. What a coincidence. Sure glad I have this great new guide to read through.......

8:00:14 PM
I don't .... yet.... and judging by Simeys last post it's about 4 years off, probably timed to celebrate the Rams next win.

I think it's time you ditched that dysfunctional pariah of a guidebook co-author of yours and get a someone more wholesome.....,23599,24206302-23109,00.html
8:06:07 PM
Since you are seriously struggling under the knowledge that your guide is some four years away, perhaps this little recipe will help fill those long dark winters.

Made to their own exquisite recipe, Black Pudding from the Fox & Hounds in Walton near Wetherby

Black Pudding

5floz white wine vinegar
4oz castor sugar
1oz finely diced onion
5oz finely diced pork back fat
4oz sultanas
2oz smoked pancetta into fine strips
7oz finely stripped ham
15oz black pudding mix
8floz red wine
5˝floz water

Serves: 6 People

Boil water and red wine, adding vinegar, sugar and sultanas. Add the fat, ham, pancetta and black pudding mix. Stir well, mixing all ingredients thoroughly. You may need to add a touch of water if the mix is too dry. Use three layers of cling film (approx. 15 inches long) and place mix into the centre. Roll the cling film into a sausage shape and tie the ends. Place into a large pan and cook for 2 hours at a low simmer. Leave to set in a fridge for 6 hours. Cut into required lengths and pan fry. Garnish with Guinness, crisp pancetta and leaves.

8:13:29 PM
These Aussie (pooftas) don't know they're born yer know lad.
8 pints of Tetleys and a foot and a half of that stuff and even Gordon Ramsay would turn into a Yorkshireman.

Bring Gary round (I'll hide the kids) and we'll have a boil-up!

8:25:31 PM
Mah muums blaack pudding waas soo blaaack, that even the white bits were blaaack.

8:30:24 PM
Another Yorkshireman!
Consider this thread hijacked - Was it the new Ilkley guide you were spruiking Glenn?
8:31:29 PM
And on that most appealing note I think I'll take my black pudding off to bed with me and nibble away at it whilst reading the new Arapiles guide. Don't worry 2012 is not far off and you never know, that just might be when Simey and I finally get out the new edition of the Grampians Selected Climbs guide.

8:40:06 PM
On 19/08/2008 GTempest wrote:
>And on that most appealing note I think I'll take my black pudding off
>to bed with me and nibble away at it whilst reading the new Arapiles guide.

Well that'll be a nice homecoming for Mrs T.
She'll want something hot inside her on this cold winters night!
4:35:18 PM
On 18/08/2008 bomber pro wrote:
>sounds like it's time for a book launch party!

Might have a party in September in Natimuk, but if anyone is in Natimuk tonight (Wednesday 20th Aug) I am celebrating the arrival of the guide, so feel to drop by for drinks from 7.00 onwards.
4:40:50 PM
cool. will there be dancing?

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