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Alpine Tents - Advice please
9:10:17 PM
I have a WE second arrow and I'm pretty happy with. Especially because it's light, sturdy and has a chunky bath tub floor that doesn't leak or hole easily, no need for ground sheets or footprints. It's sounds similar to the new minaret, in that you can pitch the fly first then crawl in and clip the inner on. This feature also means you can extend the vestibule if you need to cook in it by unhooking the front and the inner and rolling it back a bit. It has a 2nd, tiny vestibule at the back as well that I don't think the minaret does, and if you have to bail because you've caught the front of your tent alight whilst cooking in it, you can (if you're smallish) crawl out the back of the tent.

On which note, probably the worst thing about it is that it's not made for big people to share. 2 small people, fine. 1 big, 1 small, bearable, 2 big, I can't imagine. If you are over 5.5, I don't think you could sit up in it. The vestibule also isn't the biggest one around, if you have 2 packs in it, you can still just squeeze out around them. It does has exits on both sides, which is great. The fly at the front has been a bit funny to get taut, and I've seen a few other saggy baggy 2nd arrows around. They've put so many features in it that it takes a moment to work out how to best pitch it. It does pitch very quickly once you've decided how you like it adjusted.

WE service is good - the zips went on me within 6 months and they replaced the entire inner.

All siliconised nylon flys need to be seam sealed, they can't be tape sealed and come with a tube of sealant, so don't be put off by that. It's worth it for being very light and waterproof.

After much research, I decided it's really not possible to get a lightweight alpine tent that's roomy to get stuck in and good in non alpine conditions. The single skin tents suck out of the mountains, and light alpine tents are inevitably cosy. If you're happy to carry 4kg, you'll get something much more comfy to be caught out in. Be wary of light tents that will not handle snow weight or gales, and light weight floors that leak or hole or you need to carry a separate footprint for
I went for small and light, and I admit it feels pretty cosy even for me with 2 people in it. Crawl inside a few with a friend and imagine being stuck like that for a few days before you buy!

10:58:38 PM
Sorry to hijack the thread but I just saw a bivy bag on:

Anyone had any experience with OR bivy bags? I was just after something small, light and cheap. (and long enough for long legs).

11:13:32 PM
Hmmm, I can get an Outdoor Research Micronight Bivy for $132.00 dollars Aussie - shipped from NZ for free. That doesn't sound like the Kiwis - something for free? Anyone ordered anything from before??

11:17:18 PM
I have only ever heard good things about OR gear.

I'm bloody glad JBM posted the link to that Bivouac website. There are some excellent bargains to be had. I've been making a shopping list all day.
6:30:20 AM
Bivouac are one of the main retailers for outdoor gear in NZ so i would be confident of ordering from them online.
7:13:44 AM
also try for sale items from time to time.

9:23:20 AM
So how come they have a cheap online store with great discounts in NZ but we don't have one here?

Even just the discounts Bivouac have on tents, makes them worth buying from. I've wanted a Macpac Microlight for a while - $325 AUS at Bivouac. $430 AUS at Mainpeak. That's a big bloody difference. Exped Sirius Extreme $440AUS Bivouac. $715AUS Mainpeak.

I was using Mainpeak as an example as they are an Australian online store that I have found quite cheap.

So what's the story?

Oh, and back to the topic. Get one of those Exped Sirius Extremes. They look like the duck's nut's and for $440AUS with free shipping they are a steal.
9:28:22 AM
It doesnt seem so cheap when buying in NZ pesos.

but basically i think gear is a complete rip off in Australia and nz.

I have a friend bringing pack some BD nuts (set of about 10) from CDA shortly that cost $86nz. it would cost almost 3 times that over the counter in aust or nz

9:30:25 AM
A Microlight for $370 NZ is still cheap.

10:13:12 AM
I cant vouch for them now, but I bought a 2 person Fairydown Altimate. It was pretty light (under 3kg) and robustly stood up to a few blizzards throughout 2005. Much better than a Minaret and would squeeze 3 in in an emergency. Quick to pitch, but had to do the inner first. I lived in it for about 120 days that year and on quite a few trips since. The floor is no longer water repellant so it needs a ground sheet. The company at the time, Artheur Ellis, was also good and sent new pegs and a pole to Chile after a pole got injured. There is nothing wrong with the pegs (it was my climbing partner trying to hammer them into water ice on a glacier). The pole had a small longitudinal split in the aluminium. Had no problems with it since replacement.

10:20:23 AM
not a bad deal either, in Australia too:

10:42:15 AM
Didn't Fairydown go belly up?

I used to have an Altimate as well. They were great tents. Mine died a natural death form overuse but I got many years out of it.

Sabu, that's a good site. Not much of a range though. The Minaret is certainly cheap. I guess it is really a toss up between weight and livability. If you wanted a really light weight alpine tent, the Minaret who be a good choice but you would get cabin fever in it if you were stuck in it for an extended period of time. Some of the other tents offer a lot more floor space for , say, an extra 600 grams.

I used to have an Olympus and I found that a bit squeezy for 2 for any length of time. The Minaret is smaller. I'd go for that Exped Sirius Extreme, myself, or as JBM mentioned earlier, a BD Megamid, if something really light was needed.

11:28:13 AM
On 17/02/2008 qman wrote:
>minarets are a much lighter much more compact macpac and very strong alpine

The Minaret would be good if you are just using it in cooler conditions. They would have shocking ventilation for Oz summer conditions though.
12:54:42 PM
On 18/02/2008 Capt_mulch wrote:
>Hmmm, I can get an Outdoor Research Micronight Bivy for $132.00 dollars
>Aussie - shipped from NZ for free. That doesn't sound like the Kiwis -
>something for free? Anyone ordered anything from before??

It may have been shipped for free because they saw your address in the ACT, and they were feeling sorry for you, given the floggin the Brumbies got last weekend!

I certainly don't have JBM's experience, but my Mountain Designs 3 hoop tunnel tent, which is basically a rip off of a macpac olympus, has seen me thru some wild weather, has been burried in snow, had a hole chewed through the inner by a hungry bush rat and is still going strong after 15 years. I've only just recently re-sealed the seams. it fits 2 burly blokes OK, and even slept 3 on one trip - but that was a real squeeze.

1:47:41 PM
On 19/02/2008 Sabu wrote:
>not a bad deal either, in Australia too:

The link takes you to a page featuring the Macpac Minaret marked down from $699.00 to $475.00.

We might expect to see more price-cutting of Macpac prices as stocks of the brand dry up when Macpac ceases to supply Australian and New Zealand retailers from the end of this month.

2:10:12 PM
On 19/02/2008 billk wrote:
>On 17/02/2008 qman wrote:
>>minarets are a much lighter much more compact macpac and very strong
>The Minaret would be good if you are just using it in cooler conditions.
>They would have shocking ventilation for Oz summer conditions though.

its not too bad if you set it up right, make sure the vent at the non-door end is open and the guy rope above it is pitched out to keep it open, leave the side door of the fly rolled back and make sure the inner door is zipped so its just mesh with the closed part rolled back. then its not too bad. and pitch in the shade. but yes if its all closed up you'll die a horrible death as soon as you get sun on it.

2:11:56 PM
> when Macpac ceases to supply Australian and New Zealand retailers from the end of this month.

What's that all about??
2:19:22 PM
I use to have a celleste tha had awesome vertilation and big vestibules. not to heavy and pretty strong in windy conditions. very versatile. had a large feel with the doors to the side of sleeping position. was great untill i lent it to a friend who left it wet in the bag for 6 weeks. :-(

2:22:45 PM
On 19/02/2008 Capt_mulch wrote:
>> when Macpac ceases to supply Australian and New Zealand retailers from
>the end of this month.
>What's that all about??

A number of Sydney climbers received the following email message from Mountain Equipment (Sydney) last Friday 15th February ...


Farewell to Macpac Sale - up to 50% off

Mountain Equipment is sad to report the end of an era.

Macpac, the venerable New Zealand outdoor equipment company has recently been sold.

Mountain Equipment, 28 years ago, was the first Australian retailer to stock a comprehensive range of Macpac products. Since that time we have enjoyed a continuous and close business relationship with the people at Macpac. This relationship was based on shared "outdoors values" and the common aim of supplying outdoor enthusiasts with equipment of superior design, construction and durability, all backed up by the highest level of customer service.

The new owners have elected not to continue to supply Macpac products to existing stockists, effectively turning their backs on specialist stores within Australia. Instead, it is our understanding that the new owners plan to open vertically integrated 'own brand' stores. A retail model that has proven to be profitable, but at the expense of variety, choice, innovative products and specialist customer service.

So, the Macpac brand, design and philosophy that we have come to know and value in Australia over the past 28 years will cease to exist. It is unknown how long the brand will be absent from the Australian market. In the meantime, as we have no place in its future we have decided to clear out all of our Macpac stock. Starting on Saturday 16th February, we will be offering up to 50% off Macpac gear. So if you've been thinking about replacing that classic Macpac tent or pack, now could be the ideal time!

Mountain Equipment
491 Kent Street, Sydney, NSW 2000. (02) 9264 5888
72 Archer Street, Chatswood, NSW 2067. (02) 9419 6955

2:27:21 PM
On 19/02/2008 MRS. REDZONE wrote:
>Thought you only went for heavy stuff, specially beer. Going all wussy

I said "used to have" . I sold it and bought a very big esky and a beach umbrella. I've found the elements don't bother me too much when I'm pissed.

When going "light and fast" I swap the stubbies for cans and crash in widewetandslippery's Megamid.

Iceman, Ive got one of those Mountain Designs tents. Had it for ages. They are sound. Need to get a new pole for mine as one broke. Mine is also about 15 years old.

Yeah, what's with Macpac not supplying Australian retailers anymore? Has war been declared or something?

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