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24V C/Less Drills

11:53:14 AM
Ok, so as some of you are aware, I've been debating for a very long time about what drill to get (and I'm still using a hand drill!), until I walked into Bunnings last night and saw this for $120-

What do you reckon, given that I'm not like Neil and putting in bombproof s/s u bolts (mine tend to be the glue in carrot type, spaced just enough to stop a ground fall). Anyone had any experiences with this drill? I normally just buy a dewalt or hitachi or something similar but I can buy ~6.6 of these GMCs for the same price! (Ok so it's not a rotary but it should do 15 holes in granite between 2 batteries I reckon)


12:00:30 PM
A friend had a similar product, another cheap brand sold by Bunnings - Ozito. Worked ok but only got a handful of carrots on each battery in Blue Mountains sandstone. It's not SDS and has a keyless chuck so you might have problems with the drill bits spinning in the chuck.

12:05:52 PM
You really need a rotary hammer drill for hard rock (granite). I used to use a non-rotary when i first started
bolting (about 15 years ago) and it woudl take upwards of 10 minutes to drill a hole! With a rotary its
about 10 seconds.

You can get cheap chinese rotary hammer drills for under $400 these days from Bunnings ect. Get one
of those. I saw one for under $300 at Altona Bunnings the other day...

12:16:29 PM
Ebay is the go:

Grab one of these puppies for $250

Then buy some cheap gel-cells bats for about $30 and rig it up!

8:46:18 PM
just be careful of a lot of the new drills on ebay. theres a lot (paticularly dewalt) on there that are american models and you can run into difficulties charging them apparently. its not just as simple as whacking on a converter. that GMC will be no good! a petrol drill kicks arse and is way cheaper! otherwise just get a good one! i got my ramset one for a bit over $1100. yeah its a lot of money but you get what you pay for!
9:03:00 PM
On 8/10/2007 Paulie wrote:
>What do you reckon, given that I'm not like Neil and putting in bombproof
>s/s u bolts (mine tend to be the glue in carrot type,

i reckon tell us all where your routes are then we can avoid them!

Safer Cliffs Vic
9:43:33 PM
Kent Paterson had a great little compact Makita drill. It was only 12v, but it still drilled as fast and well as any big 24v drill I've used. The only downside was the quantity of holes it could drill. The batteries are smaller so you only got 5 or so 10mm holes in granite compared to my Panasonic which does about 20.

The drill is light and compact and retails for about $500. Build quality is very high (not cheap chinese shit). I think it came with two batteries as well. Anyway - more info here:

11:16:15 AM
I had a great deal of trouble with spinning bits. It was a keyless type so I couldn't lock the bit in. 10 seconds??! Not even 10 hours. Any comments on this anyone?

11:23:13 AM
I reckon the Bosch 24volt is a good value option. its $820 which is cheap for a quality drill. you can buy it here:

and it comes with 3 x 2.0ah batteries. In sandstone I get about 12-15 bolts per battery. 3 of my mates have one so we have 12 batteries at our disposal if need be!

11:24:42 AM
Proper rotary hammer drills have a system called SDS - which is a self-locking square shape on the drill
bit. Not spinning problems at all. As always, you get what you paid for. Buy the right tool for the right job.
11:38:12 AM
I have one of the Bosch 24volt dills and I can very much reccomend it. It's very easy to use and the batteries recharge quickly.

11:47:01 AM
I actually found that hand-drilling was FASTER than using a non-rotary hammer drill on hard rock. I could
smack out a 10mm hole by hand in 15 minutes, but the power drill just whinned, whirred and made very
little progress.
12:15:11 PM
On 9/10/2007 dougal wrote:
>I had a great deal of trouble with spinning bits. It was a keyless type
>so I couldn't lock the bit in. 10 seconds??! Not even 10 hours. Any
>comments on this anyone?

I had this problem before I got a drill with an SDS type chuck. Try going to a specialty tool shop (not bunnings) you can get masonry drill bits where the end of the shaft is hex shaped, not round so it won't spin in the chuck. From memory I think that sutton makes them.

2:57:14 PM
It was good ol' Mitre 10. Caveat Emptor

Yes sir that's the one you want, the useless, spinning one. Ohhh! A hole? You mean you actually want this piece of sh1t to drill a hole?! Oh no sir we don't stock THOSE drill bit's.

4:50:02 PM
Yeah good calls, prolly should just buy the Bosch Blue one. Really it'll be getting used more for creating north shore (mountain bike) stunts in the local forest with the odd bolt being whacked in at Buffalo or the ex-local crags (Pilot etc).
9:45:39 PM
HILTI Gentlemen. That is all I will say. As the Germans are fond of saying... Perfect.
mikl law
9:57:08 AM
I've got a Pansonic 24V which seems to drill a bit faster than the Bosch, and with less force required. It's 3.6 kg, so one can lead with it too.
As a previous post metioned, there are now some 12V rotary hammer impact / SDS drills, if you're only placing small numbers of botls, or drilling on the lead these might be the go. (Must be rotary impact, must take SDS bits)

10:06:04 AM
On 3/12/2007 jgoding wrote:
>HILTI Gentlemen. That is all I will say. As the Germans are fond of saying...

Which is a bit like chiming in on a discussion about Stanley knives and suggesting that everyone go out and buy Excalibur. No doubt the Hilti TE drills are great, but there is no way you can say that they represent good value for money for the average user.

The best value for money at the moment would probably be the new Bosch 36volt Li-Ion unit. It's retailiing for around a grand with two batteries. Considering I paid that about 7 years ago for a 24volt drill... All of the good quality 24volt+ rotary hammer drills are going to set you back something in the region of $1000. That's a lot of money to spend on something unless you're *really* going to need to use it.

Online Now
11:34:47 AM
Its not just the voltage though..gotta look at the Ah of the general the higher the Ah the longer the battery will last..with current exchnage rates...overseas might be an option,

Using there frieght calculator , shipping would be around $40US.

So 24V 2.4ah rotary hammer = approx $534.99 USd or approx $600 AUD.

Though customs might hit ya with a tarrif..unless its covered by free trade agreement????

Note they also stock the,
DeWALT DC233KL 36V Cordless SDS Rotary Hammer Kit for $749 with free shipping..aprox $850 AUD....I own a dewalt 24V and its a good string sturdy unit IMHO.
11:51:24 AM
I went to Hiltis www site to read something I could misinterpret and slag off germans and the links didn't work.

Helga from Hogans Heros died the other week.

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