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Poll Option Votes Graph
Figure 8 (no stopper) 10
Single Bowline (no stopper) 0
Double Bowline (no stopper) 2
Figure 8 (with stopper) 44
Single Bowline (with stopper) 2
Double Bowline (with stopper) 19
I just thread it a couple times untill i feel safe 1
ropes why bother 1

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Im Knots About Climbing

6:07:36 PM
As long as you tie into a rope correctly, regardless of which knot it is, who gives a flying trapeze! Everyone needs to chill out, go do something constructive, perhaps use your knots and go climbing for crying out loud!

By far the easiest knot to teach and check at a glance is the fig. 8 rethread with a stopper. But whatever floats your boat seriously..
Fish Boy
6:45:33 PM
On 24/05/2007 dalai wrote:
>This is getting us nowhere. Lets all start showing a little maturity people!
>Otherwise the time out chair may make an appearance...

Does the Dalai poke his finger in your bum there?

9:38:56 PM

How the hell did you get a 4 friend stuck there Bomber?

Eduardo Slabofvic
9:46:11 PM
It is like a finger pointing the way to the moon. Concentrate on the finger and you will miss all that
heavenly glory.

11:00:49 PM
On 24/05/2007 bomber pro wrote:
>Hey Sabu, Just wondering why I was the one singled out by you for a reprimand,
>when the comments
>made by fishboy and probably nOOb, (he's always spraying some offensive
>shit) were left unmentioned.
>Or have you blocked their spray as well? Just seems a bit strange that
>you were upset by my comments
>and not theirs? very one sided, "ja fair enough"

Alright well i was pointing out (not so specific to just this thread) that i think there is a correlation between when you argue on threads and everyone, including you getting very heated, for example arguing with stu on the first page, u became very hostile when he disagreed with you. So i was suggesting to maybe change your approach to arguing you points in future.
I agree that in this situation people were having a go at you more so than what you returned but you were still arguing your point quite forcefully before hand.
Fishboy (and noob), i believe was just stirring, based on your history of arguing.
I wasn't upset by anyones comments, in fact i was quite amused by the whole senario in a sitting back with popcorn kind of way! however i thought it was time to make my point to you, by no means do i want to start another argument or intend insult you in any way, only to give you my oppinion of how you seem to be relating to others on this forum and the manner in which you post.
My last post was merely an aggreance/understanding of your side of the story.
No offense meant Bp, i have nothing against you, only wanted to suggest a way to avoid a fair bit of hostility that manages to follow you around on this forum.

Chuck Norris
11:21:30 PM
I feel sorry for poor old wyt91t... as within 5 minutes of starting a genuine piece of musing and making
the effort to engage with his internet climbing community for a response he ends up getting all this
shit.....anyway now i'm here I'm going to answer wyt91t's original questions...

>Just wondering what knot you use to tie in when climbing.
>Also on another knote what knot do you teach people to use when they first
>start climbing,this would be iinteresting to see if there's a difference
>in what they use as to what they teach them to use.

i was taught to climb with a figure I began to climb more & gained confidence I ended up using
a double bowline (in the two loops version of double) purely for reasons of simplicity & ease of use and
the size of figure 8's annoy me. However, often when I do longer climbs I end up using a figure 8 just
because i have more confidence in the 8's ability to withstand unplanned abuse during a climbing day.
I also would only teach a beginner a fig 8 as its less easy to stuff up and also that the 8 is more or
less universal so there would be no contradiction if they started climbing with another instructor
(interesting aside is that beginners tend to be
more attentive to finishing the knots properly than more experienced climbers)

And irrespective of the relative quality of the knots discussed on this thread I can uncategorically state
that no amount of CAPSLOCK, calling me stupid, and least of all appealing to some perverse logic of
a one motion knot is going to change my opinion that "a habit of checking the knot is more important
than the knot itself" because a human can be forgetful or get distracted just as easily in the middle of
tying a bowline as a figure 8.

9:32:10 AM
well said stu! its all about putting forward advice/opinions and leaving behind the ego attatched to it.
Fish Boy
9:52:35 AM
If bomber was really hardcore he wouldn't even need a knot.

11:42:53 PM
Hi bomber I checked out that double bowline from the photo you put up, it's awsome took some big whips
on it and no probs, easy to learn too,just four or five times and I had it.
Thanks man, I'll be using it from now on, no more friggin around on a clunky figure eight that wont untie.

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