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3:08:41 PM
Just had a thought, how about all those lucky souls out there with a woodie upload a picture or two of it. Be good for comparison and inspiration for future woodie masterpieces as well as showing what everybody trains on at home. Ill start it off with a piccy later today.

5:20:35 PM
you should also upload your awesome video rod

Phil Box
5:56:20 PM

Here`s a pic of my shed woody. It is a lead woody that ends out 9 metres and up six metres. I also have another bouldering woody that is also a roof that is around 5 metres by 4 metres. Psycho Rob has also erected his woody at my shed as well so his is around 7.2 metres by 3.6 metres high and is a constant overhang.

7:34:06 PM
aarrgghh, i have seen soo many pics of your woody phil......i'm sooo jealous!

9:18:24 PM
On 16/12/2003 steve wrote:
>you should also upload your awesome video rod
hmmmm...its the sound track that makes it.:)

9:47:36 PM
Thats my woodie under the house, mostly step stuff. Pros: Good for training power and footwork (once feet spit your gone), Cons: Kills the tendons, makes you a thug even on slabs :) Please note beer bottle and dart board in third photo which is essential for any woodie training

9:37:43 AM
If anyone kept detailed diagrams and notes on construction I'd be happy to post them over on the Woodie Page of Tech Tips.

11:27:15 AM
I actually hired a carpenter to build mine, mixture of laziness and being very unskilled myself. Took a while to find that didn't just look at me as though I was mad, but the guy I used had actually just been to his nephews place who had just built one the week before, which was handy.
12:42:06 PM
Willing to give me a rough cost on the woodie (excluding holds?)

I don't have a barn yet, but my dad is considering getting rid of the pool, and a woodie seems like a nice little addition...

I don't have a woodie, or a digital camera, but I will see if I can get a few photos of the rocks on my property... they're kinda small, but good for little distractions during the day...

1:42:31 PM
instead of taking pictures of rocks, come out and climb them!!

8:59:03 AM
On 16/12/2003 Phil Box wrote:
> Here`s a pic of my shed woody.

Thats not a woody lol, ive seen climbing gyms with less surface area :P
9:08:20 AM

>Thats not a woody lol, ive seen climbing gyms with less surface area :P

like the new flemington ranges????

6:36:58 AM
I have an outdoor free standing woody. Wasn't to hard just used my high school woodwork skills and borrowed a few mates. Also the first stage has adjustable angle you can do this by makeing all the suport joints moveable and just tilt it up an down.

Now it has a roof and finishing board added last week.

Good thing about a free standing is that it dont violate local building laws and when i move house it came with me on the ute!

Bad thing is the tarps flapping around and ocational wet mats!

Am adding laserlite to water proof, PIC soon

3:00:00 PM
My almost finished woody pics click below

5:20:54 PM
Bump - as IronMike was interested in Woodie designs. Thought I would bring this post back to the front page.

There are a lot of good information on the net, including links on this site.

New location for Hatmans galley here
9:56:25 AM
On 13/07/2006 dalai wrote:
>Bump - as IronMike was interested in Woodie designs. Thought I would bring
>this post back to the front page.
>There are a lot of good information on the net, including links on this
>New location for Hatmans galley

Thanks Dalai ... already got a few ideas out of this. Greatly appreciated!

10:20:13 AM
i think i can top you guys on my woody ... built one with a mate in abbotsford for us to train on .. dont have pics handy but some of you may have seen/trained on it ...

12:09:51 PM
if you get a pic send it to me and I'll whack it up
12:29:16 PM
@Hatman - Latheboy and Ratman's woodie...
One Day Hero
5:51:58 PM
Ah, I was just about to start a thread like this myself.

Let me offer a little criticism (for a change). The Lactic Factory looks awesome but since it is a commercial venture it doesn't, in my opinion, qualify as a woody (I spose it would qualify as long as it's not turning a profit or is some sort of tax scam)

Phil's home gym also doesn't qualify since wearing a harness and having to belay reduces how much climbing gets done and also wrecks the whole vibe. (I bet you've worked that out already, though!)

So, how about some more honest, genuine backyard woodies? Photos are great, how about some yarns to go with them? a little bit of colour. Who trains there? Who built it? Is it safe? What's the funniest thing that's ever happened during a session?

I'll send some photo's of mine once the weather warms up and sessions resume (outdoor wall in canberra, you gotta be tough to train through august)
I reckon it was the best woody in the country till Burnley, damn you Jacqui!

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