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Wild Country Rock Recall 7th October 2013
12:59:15 PM
G'day all,

Has anyone actually gotten their Rocks back, yet?

I noticed the distinct absense of my second rack of Wild Country Rocks (my first was outside of the recalled range) when doing the FA of a tips crack a few weeks ago... Gear was so bad that a 2nd set of wires would have made the whole situation a lot less stressful (instead I resorted to inferior placements).

It's been a few months now...


2:19:39 PM
I am sadly missing mine as well. No word yet. I asked Phil and he hasn't heard either. He thinks Australia will probably be low on the pecking order as they supply larger markets in Europe and America first.
10:29:03 AM
Update 23rd December 2013:

Hi All,
We have finally received the good news of the shipping confirmation a large portion of the returned recalled Rocks. At this stage it is due to land in our office late this afternoon or tomorrow. From what we can gather from the system, this includes all claims actioned up until the 2nd December 2013.

Please note that there are still a small number of claims submitted that we have not received into our warehouse, but if you have already received confirmation that your claim had been received by us, you should be receiving your replacement Rocks in the coming weeks.

We anticipate that we will be able to start dispatching the replacement Rocks as of the 2nd January. For those claims who we have email addresses of, we will sent you an email confirmation that your goods have been dispatched. We will be working on a first in, first out method, so as to ensure those that have been waiting the longest so far receive their Rocks as soon as possible.

We want to thank you all for your patience up to this point, and wish to ask for a continuation of that patience while we work through the very large amount of gear that will be coming in. Whilst we will be open over the Christmas break (Public Holidays excepted), our staffing will be absolutely skeleton until the New Year starts, at which point we will be back up to full capacity.

We wish you all the best over this Christmas and New Year's break! Happy climbing and Stay Safe!

Kind Regards,
Expedition Equipment.
2:11:42 PM
Update 3rd January 2014:

Hi All,
Thanks again for your continued patience regarding the Rock Recall situation.

Hopefully you have all been receiving the status changes via the Recall Website automated system. The good news is that the end user rocks that had been received and processed here up until the 2nd December were dispatched from the main Distribution Centre on the 18th December.

I was expecting the goods to arrive last week, but due to a hold up in customs they are still undergoing processing. I have confirmed with the freight company earlier this morning about the clearance and they have advised me that the goods will be cleared by early next week and that we will, indeed, be receiving the replacement Rocks into our Warehouse by next Friday 10th January.

As soon as the Rocks arrive in our warehouse, Iíll be processing them as fast as I can and dispatching them in a first in, first out basis. I will hopefully get them out on the Friday, but it may be Monday 13th before Iím able to dispatch them.

I do apologise for the extended time in replacement gear arriving. There are a couple of key reasons that the delay has been this long though, which Iím happy to outline. I know it doesn't change the delay, but hopefully it will allow for some understanding of the pressures involved. The first reason was the pure volume of returned goods. With all of Wild Countryís internal stock plus the world wide recalled units, there were over 17,000 units affected. This left them with just about zero stock to replace end user units with (the same was true of our stock, on a smaller scale, and we currently have no units available).

The other hurdle was that they moved production of the Rocks back to their home of Tideswell in the UK, returning from the Asian production of Rocks of the last few years. Setting up a new production line took time in itself, but they also had to go through another round of certification for the goods that were now being produced in the UK (seeking a new CE mark, for example).

I again apologise for the delay and I thank you for your patience so far. I will ensure that you do get your replacement units as fast as possible.

If you do have any other questions, please feel free to contact us further, either via phone or email.

Kind Regards,
Expedition Equipment
5:39:52 PM
Update 13th January 2014:

Hi All,
We've finally started to roll out the rocks we've received so far! All in all this is approximately 90 sets of products in this round, so it will take us a few days to get them all dispatched.

They're all going out via Express Post and we've managed to bag up about a third of these today. The rest should be dispatched by Wednesday at the latest.

If you're in a metro area, I would expect that you'll receive your nuts by Thursday at the latest. If you're outside of the metro areas, then it may take a few days more.

For those who's email addresses are on file, I'll be emailing you to inform you once your package has been sent.

Thank you all again for your continued patience!

Kind Regards,

5:56:01 PM
My replacements arrived today. Thanks a lot.
Mr Poopypants
5:59:08 PM
Yep, two sets replaced today with gift. That'll teach me to wait longer than 25 yrs to replace my wires next time!
Appreciate that Wild Country recalled these, though. They could have dodged the whole issue. Should give everyone more confidence in their product, at least we know they stand by their brand.
Much appreciated.

11:14:24 PM
On 15/01/2014 Mr Poopypants wrote:
>Yep, two sets replaced today with gift. That'll teach me to wait longer
>than 25 yrs to replace my wires next time!
>Appreciate that Wild Country recalled these, though. They could have dodged
>the whole issue. Should give everyone more confidence in their product,
>at least we know they stand by their brand.
>Much appreciated.

Did ya get the dog bone/cam lobe key ring thingy??
Mr Poopypants
12:30:45 AM
Yep, and shiny new draw. Too nice to clip, just gonna carry it around on my harness to look cool when I'm shopping or at the pub.
9:44:19 AM
Any one still waiting on their replacements?
10:48:39 AM
Hi Dan,
The first batch of rocks sent from Wild Country contained all claims that has been processed up until the 2nd December 2013. There are still approx 25 claims that haven't been sorted yet and your claim is within that set (your claim was originally entered on 23rd December into the system and received here in our warehouse a couple of weeks after that).

For the second batch of Rocks, we're still waiting on a few remaining people to send in their claims so that we can get the entire lot sorted in one hit, rather than having claims sent out in sets of one or two. We have emailed those outstanding claims to remind them to send them in.

We're hoping that we should be able to have the remainder of the claims sorted by the end of February.

Unfortunately though, we haven't received any of our shop stock back yet either, as Wild Country are focusing on sorting End User claims first before they replace retail stock. This means that we're not able to replace End User claims in advance of the units being sent from Wild Country, which we would happily do if we were able.

We certainly do appreciate the timeframe involved with this process and thank everyone for their continued patience with regard to the recall.

If you do have any questions you need answered directly, please don't hesitate to call or email us (details listed on previous replies).

8:59:47 PM
Cheers EE
2:00:40 PM
Hi All,
Weíve finally had the positive news that I know youíve all been waiting for anxiously! Wild Country have finally confirmed the dispatch of the final sets of replacement Rocks from their new warehouse based in Bozen, Italy.

We should have the Rocks by early next week, as which point weíll be shipping them out as fast as we're able to.

My apologies again for the extended delay on this as I know some of you in this second round have been waiting almost 4 months for your replacements.

If you have any questions specifically regarding you claim, please donít hesitate to contact us!


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