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MSR burner and chalk on aeroplanes?
11:15:51 AM
just wondering if anyone nows about this subject and can give me alittle info. would be greatly appreciated. cheers col
11:27:02 AM
Never had issues with chalk.

MSR bottle and stove can cause issues, fuel bottle must be rinsed out and even they they may grumble...

11:47:25 AM
on an international flight an msr can be a pain in the arse - the bottle may not get on the plane at all ... chalk isn't an issue at all.

just put it all in your check-in lugguage.

interstate flights almost anything goes, it's bloody rediculous really, but I'm not complaining - I've flown from Canberra to Adelaide with fireworks in my backpack, and (unbeknown to me) flew all around the US with a leatherman in my carry-on!!!

Eduardo Slabofvic
1:19:11 PM
rinse out the bottle and let it air out before hand. I got pulled up by security when they smelled fuel, but
were O.K. about it when I showed them it was an empty fuel bottle. That was Swiss Air who are more
chilled out than Quantas. I flew Virgin from Perth to Melb a couple of months ago with no problem

1:27:18 PM
I've had a brand new, unused MSR confisicated by United Airlines pre S11. They said to me you either
fly or you keep the stove. That was the two options. Many US airports now visually xray all of your
luggage, so be careful with trying to hide it. I dismantle it into as many peices as possible, spread it out
and rinse the fuel bottle with a strong smelling drink like coffee or juice. MSR stoves can be found quite
often on this little displays at airports with the sign that says 'somethings were never meant to fly'. You
have been warned!

1:48:27 PM
I was also relieved of an MSR fuel bottle - at Auckland airport. Although it was empty it still smelt of fuel, and that was enough for Dirty Harry I encountered. They did tell me they only inspect the fuel bottles if they see a stove in the xray too, otherwise they assume its a metal water bottle. so as per the previous comment just split them up.
2:00:46 PM
And clean them really well as the smell of fuel gets security bugging like a nightmare
12:57:05 PM
As for chalk - do not carry it on international flights. Your chalk bag should empty and washed. You just don't want to have customs hassles at the end of a long flight and waiting around while they take your white powder off for analysis is the end.

12:39:47 PM
Only been pulled up once, Last year in NZ.
X Ray showed up fuel bottles with caps still scewed on.
Clean all gear and pack fuel bottles with lids off ( To infer they are empty)
Chalk never been a problem. Pack it all in pack being mind full you may have to open pack to show Items. Not like me bottom of pack, which resulted in missed flight and lost pack at destination. But it all really comes down to who is operating the X ray

12:56:00 PM
chalk is pretty much odourless so i guess the only chance of it being found is through xray(?) or someone physically going through your bag.
9:23:06 PM
thanks very much for the info guys.. very helpful. cheers
11:25:29 AM
I travelled OK to NZ with a fuel bottle that had been used with Shellite (no residual smell) but lost the
bottle in Queenstown on the way back when I had reverted to using unleaded (still smelt even after I had
filled the bottle with water & detergent over night)
11:33:19 AM
On 12/08/2007 Sabu wrote:
>chalk is pretty much odourless so i guess the only chance of it being found
>is through xray(?) or someone physically going through your bag.
Precisely. And when you've arrived in Melbourne after 36 hours travel from London and they go though your bag and then make you wait while the stuff is tested...
I assure you that I do not want to have to do that again.
11:46:17 AM
As long as you pack it with the climbing gear they tend not to bother and if they do ask it's pretty easy to explain. More questions about Krabs and draws etc. than chalk.

I have never had any issues with either, and when I had my long hair I am sure I fit the photfit image of someones gear to be wary of and go through...

Only time I've had to unpack anything was returning with my road bike from NZ after IM NZ and I had to unpack my bike case so they could check that there was no soil on the tires.
12:16:49 PM
I can only tell you that I have had the experience and I have no intention of risking a repeat.

1:08:53 PM
On 14/08/2007 dalai wrote:
>Only time I've had to unpack anything was returning with my road bike
>from NZ after IM NZ and I had to unpack my bike case so they could check
>that there was no soil on the tires.

Don't ever tell them you have camped anywhere receently. I had my tent taken away for an hour to be
fumigated at Christchurch airport in NZ. An hour is a long time to stand around waiting....

2:02:56 PM
Yep, but they do it for a reason. Even though I checked my gear pretty carefully, the customs guys found two millipedes from a very recent Araps trip. I'd gone through and cleaned any dirt of my tent pegs, boots etc.

Apologies Neil if you went through just after me, they were probably on high alert!
6:18:55 PM
Yeah NZ is pretty strict, and Australia for that matter as well. but I am going to take my pocket rocket on with no fuel as i can buy it at my destination. Its just that when going to NZ I also tryed to take my fuel bottle on board (that had been rinsed) and they said no but we will keep it for when i got back.. You'll never guess what happen with the airport assholes!! they lost it and my brother was in tears.. hehe na not quite. but its very annoying.

Theres a question.. whats the most expensive thing you've lost at the airport or having to hand it over to the assholes! I mean airport staff (not saying they are all bad)
8:39:26 PM
i've heard stories of kayaks being left at check in when the airline refused to take them. goodbye $1500-
5:39:54 PM
shit! that you would miss a flight for i think.. but either way you are in the shit ay.

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