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A Couple of Big Wall Questions

9:09:08 PM
Definitely avoid the traxion mini - hauling any real weight on them is a pain (way more of a pain than the weight differential between the mini and the pro).

Unless the bags are seriously heavy (in which case you're doing something wrong given you're hoping to do the walls quickly) I'd rather carry up a hauling device with a larger diameter than farting around setting up 2:1 haul systems etc. But that could just be because I'm an incompetent gumby.

10:48:09 AM
I have a big wall hauler, that is a big pulley wheel and a rope capture device in the one unit, built specifically for hauling i used this with counter balance and found it easy for even twin pig hauling on less than vertical terrain, small, lighter than a gri gri.

10:59:34 AM
+1 for wall hauler, way better than any pulley & jumar/locking device combo
One Day Hero
2:33:14 PM
Oli, I reckon you want to direct these questions to singersmith, and then follow his advice.

I've always been curious about hauling on these slabby routes. Have there been many attempts (other than the dolt cart) at making things easier via technological innovation?

How about a ring of skateboards strapped around the bag like booster rockets?

3:12:15 PM
a plastic nose cone for the top of the haul bag made out of the top of a coke bottle.

3:14:01 PM
>How about a ring of skateboards strapped around the bag like booster rockets?

its a lot easier to just learn how to haul....

just use google and common sense, dont feel the need to reinvent the wheel!!
One Day Hero
3:20:17 PM
On 20/06/2012 sliamese wrot
>just use google and common sense, dont feel the need to reinvent the wheel!!

Clearly I'm not suggesting that oli should try this, just that there might be a slim chance to make hauling slabs less shit some day through ingenious rolly technology.

I have a couple of other ideas for ridiculous climbing gear which are probably doomed to fail too, but you never know. Maybe they're really useful and it's just that nobody has tried before because of negative people like you shooting them down ;)
3:49:06 PM
On 20/06/2012 Superstu wrote:
>+1 for wall hauler, way better than any pulley & jumar/locking device combo

+2. Love my Protraxion. Hauling sucks, anything to make it easier is welcome.

Fish Boy
4:52:31 PM
Protrax and 1:1
5:42:54 PM
On 20/06/2012 gfdonc wrote:

>Hauling sucks, anything to make it easier is

I weigh 63kg. Hauling really really really sucks.

6:09:06 PM
Like Simon says, Google this crap. Chris Mac, from Supertopo has a whole heapf advice, on Youtube, that should answer all your questions.

Read Largo and Deuce's "How to Big Wall Climb", a couple of times and practice like hell on the systems.

And, my biggest piece of advice, on the climb, would be - if things turn pear shaped and not as you imagined, don't turn into a princess and blame your brother.

Be like The Bird.
6:42:17 PM
My only advice is to get whole body fit. Climbing fit won't help much. Getting a job as a builder's labourer for 6 months would be better.

10:08:55 AM
a great method for hauling was to get the second to jug the other side of the haul line as it exits the pulley and then you also jug that line two body weights gets the pig up with out too much effort, needs a long rope or two tied together to run it from the pulley back down to the second, really useful for partys of three.

10:13:21 AM
Hauling is like the old treadmill punishment they used to give to convicts!
10:42:11 AM
On 20/06/2012 Superstu wrote:
>+1 for wall hauler, way better than any pulley & jumar/locking device combo

+2 for wall hauler.
11:53:31 AM
On 20/06/2012 Fish Boy wrote:
>Protrax and 1:1

Yes and +1 for that suggestion as well, provided you're strong enough (and/or heavy enough) and the bag isn't too heavy to haul 1:1.

I had to haul 3:1 to Sickle on the Nose, after that it got easier and I could haul 1:1 with some grunt (but it's so much faster the nett effort it a lot less).
Bear in mind hauling to Sickle used 3 ropes tied together - an extra 10kg?

12:02:26 PM
Maybe I just pack light but I've never required more than 1:1 to haul anything - even on walls of 3+ days duration.

12:17:20 PM
I remember that picture of you and your light weight pack on Baffin Island.

12:19:01 PM
I still hauled it 1:1!
12:31:36 PM
On 21/06/2012 nmonteith wrote:
>I still hauled it 1:1!

Therefore we can conclude that Neil is somewhere between 2.5 times (taking into account for friction) stronger, or 2.5 times heavier, or carries 2.5 times less crap than Steve ;)

Having met them both, and travelled with Steve, I vote for 2.5 times less crap (though I can't talk).

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