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what's your preferred chalk?

ShinToe Warrior
2:36:06 PM
Hi, My name's ShinToe Warrior and I use chalk. whatever. I've been using chalk by a mob called 8CPlus,
and it seems quite good. a bit more grippy than the acromat gymnastic stuff. I think I know why. as well
as magnesium carbonate, it also appears to contain some rosin (aka Pof- the stuff they use at Font which
apparently glasses/polishes holds quite heinously).
Just wondering what chalk other chalk heads use and what it's got in it. the 8CPlus stuff probably only
has a small amount of rosin in it, but it would be good to know of alternatives that still dry the hands
nicely without that soapy, slippery feel that some chalk seems to have. Any thoughts on this?

2:42:09 PM
My names JJ and I tick holds & use chalk. Metolius Super Chalk is the one for me. I have tried several different types & I've found this to work the best for me.

Forget that pottery stuff, it feels to silky.


3:09:34 PM
I was sceptical about the Metolius Super Chalk, but bought a pack when the local gym was all out of standard chalk. It does seem a better product. Like everything it comes down to whether the better product justifies the higher cost.

3:22:49 PM
I am pretty sure that the actual purity of the magnesium carbonate/hydroxide mixture (naturally about 4/5:1) is without question. It is probably the effects of an "anti-caking agent" that you are experiencing. This agent (present in very small quantities) is not nearly as hygroscopic (the ability to sop up water) as the magnesium salts and thus doesn't allow the magnesium salts to clump together when exposed to atmospheric moisture.

3:24:26 PM
metolius super chalk is the bomb and while it costs a bit more i use heaps less so seems cheaper in the end. but it does destroy your cuticles much more than other chalk on a longer trip just a trade off from the drying agent i suppose

3:28:55 PM
On 29/04/2005 JJ wrote:
>My names JJ and I tick holds & use chalk.

hi everyone. my names rich and i've been using chalk now for 8 years. its now getting to the stage where i will use any chalk. its true, i'm addicted, a chalkhead if u will.
3:36:21 PM
I have been a chalk addict for close to 20 years... I have used from the cheap pottery chalk all the way through to getting a taste for the sweet but powerful Pof at Font (in combination with chalk).

My regular hit is currently standard block chalk from my Cordless bouldering bucket sans chalk ball for the full effect...

3:43:47 PM
hi my names anthony and i also use chalk. i use acromat block chalk. i hate the stuff, curse it all the time, but i still have truckloads because it gets used so slowly (doesn't stick to your fingers much) that i won in a giveaway at a bouldering comp once. also ended up with masses of random stuff that people brought to thailand and didn't go through (the old make sure you bring tons with you rumour) and left with me, which mostly ended up coming back too.

but yeah, acromat block chalk sucks. instead of using it all, i end up throwing amounts in the bin because it turns to non-sticky dirty grey muck after a while that lurks in the bottom of your chalk bag. i like the fine powdery stuff that coats the whole wall with one little dip.

3:56:01 PM
Hi everyone, my name's mana and I'm a chalk addict too. I currently use CAMP Chunky Chalk which comes in a half kilo bag. I get a few bags at a time. I do use a refillable chalkball though, and fill it up with this chunky mixture, which I find works well.

When I was in Townsville though, the crew up there are dead sold on Metolius Super Chalk, and if anyone needs all the friction they can get, it's those guys bouldering in 30-40 degree temps.

5:56:17 PM
Hi, my name is M8 and the chalk I sometimes use (sparingly) is so old now that I have forgotten the brand.

6:11:05 PM
On 29/04/2005 M8iswhereitsat wrote:
>Hi, my name is M8 and the chalk I sometimes use (sparingly) is so old now
>that I have forgotten the brand.

LOL @ M8 :-)))

My name is Rom, and yeah been addicted to the white stuff for 9 years now...the stash is really old, so like M8, don't know the brand anymore (label wore off the container). Still works fine, container has kept the contents dry.

7:40:20 PM
My name is rod and Im a chalk addict, I use pottery stuff as its great getting a 2kg bag for $13 and dumping it next to the woodie to coat you hands in everytime ya pull dont feel guilty that you waste heaps.

8:03:04 PM
My name is ken My chalk came in a ball (fred) in a second hand bag 2 years ago. It has been thrown at belayers, used as route marker and flyswat and ocationaly when i remember to look cool it makes it onto my hands!

fred once shared its bag with a multicoloured dust which was the result of an experiment with fluro coloured school chalk sticks. (that chalk left me for a hippy climber who had dreads)

Maybe if i were a good climber my fluro chalk would have stayed. fred says that he likes me because i respect him and use him wisely. (Caza deservs to have fred thrown at him!)

when my ball of chalk gets old and goes where dieing chalk goes, i will probably still use my chalk bag for musili bars.

9:05:42 PM
hi my name is Sabu and i only ever use chalk on indoor routes, i steal my chalk from the massive vat that's kept in the "no student access" art work room. the plus side of this is that i don't have to pay for it, i don't know wat happens to me if i get caught (white handed) in the room.

ShinToe Warrior
10:43:37 AM
thankyou to all for your input on your white powder of choice :)

10:46:42 AM
Normally i don't care what sort of chalk i use - but i recently made the mistake of buying Franklin 'White Gold'. Talk about spoodge city! It felt like clay as soon as i started sweating. Not recomended.

11:28:11 AM
Get onto the Metolius Super Chalk, it's tip top.

11:38:20 AM
(gets up onto his soapbox, looking like he has slept in a dumpster for days, but this is just becasue he fell off a climb with no chalk. his beard is straggly, and a faint odor of sweat drifts from his hands. he appears to be holding what looks like a Chalk and Chipping Police Badge, and is clearly demented.)
"Hear ye the evils of chalk and repent ye unbelievers ye" (clearly he likes the word 'ye')
"The white powder of the devil that infects thee is a blight upon the sacred rock of Djurite..." (he trails off after getting hit in the head by a large chalk bag, and falls to the gutter, coughing blood from inhaling too much of the white powder.)


11:51:28 AM
LittleMac strides to the now abandoned soapbox, bristling with chalk induced self efficacy, peering down at the prostrate form of itchy, the badly scratched and blood covered Chalk and Chipping Police badge now lies metres from his limp hand. "Come back to the white my son, fear not the slings and arrows of outrageous vitues of others who have strayed. The devil forgives those who return to him in due course and always remeber, as Billy Joel once said (and was reinforced by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes), Only The Good Die Young." Bending towards itchy who appears to be struggling to cling to life, LitlleMac whispers in his ear "It is also worth noting this, you may try and avoid me by not using chalk, but all return to me in the end" In a flash of smoke and fire LittleMac dissapears possibly returning to the depths of hell to await the arrival of Itchy.

Rat Man
4:32:13 PM
Ummm, right.
I use chalk.
8C from Nati Shop.
It's the best I've ever found

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