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Bouldering Mats

2:05:00 PM
I've decided that what I REALLY need is a good bouldering mat in anticipation of a bouldering trip out to Araps sometime soon. I've had a look around at whats out there and at things like the Rock review/round up of bouldering mats from a few issues ago.

What I think I really want is the 'Tools of Adventure: Stunt Mat" - mainly because it's really big and beefy and because in most cases I don't think I'll be carrying it on huge long walkins.

Having missed the really cheap one that Cliffhanger had in stock for a while (damn :( ) I'm owndering if anyone knows of anywhere else that sells them at a reasonable price/discount (rock hardware doesn't appear to do bouldering mats). I've got the VCC card.

Has anyone had any personal experience with this mat?
2:33:46 PM
if your in sydney.... go a venus workshop mat, they velcro in half and make a single bed mattress!!!

3:19:51 PM
Bogong in the city have them, and i'm pretty sure they give a VCC discount. don;t quote me on it, but its like 15-20%???

But yeah, go the stunt mat - its soooo cool, and HUGE! super comfy.

5:06:51 PM
Excellent - I need to trip in and grab one at some point then! They look great.
2:59:31 PM
Does anyone have any other recommendations for a really good mat (preferably cheap?!), where they are available, prices, etc?
3:18:57 PM
There are no cheap ones...I was looking a while back and I thought what a bunch of rip offs at the exhoberant prices they were charging and it would be cheaper to make one yourself...Then I priced foam etc...that's just as expensive...

If anyone has a contact at a foam manufacturer, that'd be the go...
5:22:09 PM
"I have a dream" (thanks MLK)
I reckon I can make mats for around the $120-150 mark that will work, and be lighter than anything else. Watch this space...

5:54:36 PM
Hey Ben, I'm also after a Mat. If you decide on the Tools of adventure: stunt mat let me know. Im sure we could get a good price if we purchased two items. I think they retail for about $420. Im all cashed up and ready to go so let me know bro he he (rymes)

11:57:26 AM
On 5/11/2003 dodgy wrote:
>"I have a dream" (thanks MLK)
>I reckon I can make mats for around the $120-150 mark that will work,
>and be lighter than anything else. Watch this space...

Though I not in the market for a new mat (my Cordless delux is still going strong), if you can make a quality mat for that price I think you have will quite a few orders.

Good luck

12:59:38 PM
Jev - yeah buying two together should help us get a little discount - the Bogong shop in little Bourke has the Tools of Adventure Stunt mats for $449 retail or ~$400 with 10% VCC discount. I feel really stupid for having missed the one at Cliffhanger that was 30% off :P. Is anyone else out there looking for the same mat - maybe we can grab even more than 2 at a time ?

1:09:05 PM
ben, I'm not sure whether Bogong keep more then 1 or 2 mats in the store, so better just check before getting 3-4 people into the shop, all cashed up, then realising only 2 of you can leave with a mat.

6:07:16 PM
I work at Bogong. If you have an idea of what you want and how many of them you want, I can ask the boss what sort of deal he can do. No guarantees, but I can ask.


5:17:26 PM
Thanks Tim, Jevon worked out a deal with Frank and I picked up two of the mats yesterday - damn they are huge - wrestling two of them around the city and onto trams was awkward. :)

7:01:15 PM
no worries.

8:07:54 PM
Ben, Hardware, I was in Bogong late this afternoon and they were in the process of getting some more. So wondering if you, or anyone else for that matter could offer up a review of sorts on them.

8:49:59 AM
I've been looking at buying one too for a while now. And after bouldering in the Gramps on the weekend, I'm keener than ever. So if there's any kind of deal going, I'd proabably go in on it too...

2:17:32 PM
Has anyone tried the mountain designs mat, or any other cheapish, or locally made mats (most mats I've looked at are way outta my price range)? Just looking for ideas.
2:31:08 PM
is the md one the one with a target on it? if so it looked thick

3:09:37 PM
yep the MD on has the target on it....
rocknrich, if the MD mat is in your price range , for the same price you can get the Solution Mat, by tools of the adventure. both are $299.

The specs
Folding bouldering mat Constructed with the best in dual density cushioning inner materials Highly durable nylon fabric Printed target design Key and tape pocket Air vents Daisy loops for clipping a daypack Padded adjustable shoulder straps Velour shoe dusting pad ....4.5kg

Solution Mat
features,... removable harness, metal buckles, handle, splitfold design, 100 % polyester 0.2 mm PVC coating, size 1200 x 900 x 80, foam 30mm closed cell, 50mm open cell

I purchased " the tools of the adventure stunt mat " and I think it rocks, so my leaning is toward the solution mat (bogong stocks them).

3:17:04 PM
anyone familar with Ben Moon bouldering products in the UK. they look pretty sweet.

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