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Fish oil for sore fingers and joints

5:28:40 PM
Ok kids, after a little hiatus I'm back into climbing. I'm weak as a kitten and my fingers are now farking sore after a weekend at araps climbing easy stuff (plus too much typing at work). What is the go for fish oil? Does it work? Opinions, experiences?
9:39:26 AM
glucosamine is a better pill to swallow for joint pain and repair.
Quality varies. Go to a health food shop for advice and buy a good quality brand.
Some brands have an additive (can't remember name) which improves its uptake.

9:56:13 AM
My GP said that there is only evidence for Glucosamine being effective at the moment. She also said that the benefit is small but measurable.
9:56:46 AM
I seem to remember finding out that fishoil doesn't actually help your joints repair, it only helps joint pain. It did help with non injury related pain but I stopped taking it because I figured feeling the pain would actually be better with injury prevention.

Eduardo Slabofvic
10:10:59 AM
Fish oil is not fish oil, Sol. What you want is fish oil with omega three, which is either added or derived from wild fish that live in deep water. Farmed fish don't develop the omega three, so the brands with omega 3 will have it written on them, and those that don't won't.
Fish Boy
10:43:04 AM
11:20:18 AM
Fish oil saved my life.

About one year after I started climbing (about 5 years ago, say), I started to have serious soreness in my fingers, both hands. To the point where I thought I would have to stop climbing completely. It was so bad that my hands could hardly open in the morning: they would ratchet up rather than open up. Terrible.

A colleague of mine who was into weight lifting (as in olympic weightlifting) told me that he cured very painful joint problems using fish oil. Serious amount though. Upon his recommendation, I started to take 3 capsules of 1000 mg with each meal (just so we are clear: 9 capsules per day). The effect started over a matter of days and it cured my pain completely over a period of very few weeks (in fact, I refrained to write down days instead of weeks but that's the impression it left with the passing of time).

Since then, I keep taking fish oil daily (2 capsules a day) and never experienced finger pain again.

Cheers, François

Mike Bee
11:34:54 AM
I've had dicky knees for years, and started taking glucosamine on the recommendation of a doctor friend, I think that helped.

After a climbing fall when I mangled my ankle, my orthopod suggested that I should take fishoil to keep the joint mobile, so I started. I was pretty good with it and generally found that I was happy with my ankle and knees.

In January I went to NZ for two weeks, and forgot to take both my glucoseamine and fishoil tablets with me. After a week of the trip, we did a hike in fjordland. My knees in particular hurt more than they have for many years. It was only then that I started thinking about it and realised I hadn't been taking my tablets.

I got home, got back on the tablets, and I'm back doing my normal training walk/jog things up the Adelaide hills, and the kness feel 100% again.

In summary, I take both glucosamine and fish oil (you can get pills with both, but its cheaper to take them seperately), and without doubt, they keep my joints more mobile and pain free.

Currently I take 1.5g of glucosamine, and 4.5g of fish oil per day, but experiment with different amounts. My orthopod originally recommended a tablespoon of fishoil each morning. That 10mL (approx 10g). Unfortunately, the taste made me dry wretch, so I went to the pills. Even 3g seems to keep me moving well.

3:18:21 PM
I have found in the past it caused me mild stomach indigestion on the fish oil, and 9 tablets a day is a lot of pills take. Who needs double blind experiments blah blah blah, I've heard it works just as well as meat powder on the tongue.

4:34:35 PM
I bought 1kg of this,

MSM, glucosamine & chondroitin.

Price seem good to me,
I can't vouch for results as I haven't started taking it yet, but have had decent results with similar products in the past.

4:45:07 PM
Chondoitrin is what I was trying to remember with Glucosamine.
Apparently it makes the glucosamine more effective.

9:45:49 PM
I have had similar experience to Mike Bee.
The mobility / pain-free state is taken for granted until you miss too many fishoil / glucosamine hits...
~> Then you become aware of just how much good they were doing you!

4:48:10 AM
I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV blah blah blah, but I've also heard good things from early stage arthritis sufferers regarding glucosamine + chondroitin. However I also know of one case where it exacerbated some kind of intolerance (to amines, presumably?), which led to extremely itchy skin particularly in the legs. This then caused the person to scratch their skin raw in their sleep. Ultimately this person decided the arthritis discomfort was easier to deal with...
10:21:41 AM
the MSN/condroitin/glucosamine powder mix worked well for me. i heard (from a hand physio) that it had been clinically trialled and shown to work, and also not to bother with glucosamine by itself (ie you need the MSN/condroiton). i would say, results stareted after about 7 days of use, taking a tea spoon morning and night.

that said,my fingers never pi55 me off any more, so there must be some other way to solve it too, casue i havenet taken that stuff for years.

10:26:47 AM
while there is some evidence that suggests omega-3s will help reduce inflammation, there is also a growing body of evidence that demonstrates the effect your diet can have on reducing inflammation. This recent study shows that a diet rich in citrus fruits, berries & vegetables has a significant effect on reducing inflammation within the body -

if you want to trott down the omega-3 path, these are produced by algae which are consumed by fish. When you consume fish oil or omega-3 sourced from fish, you're likely also getting a bunch of other chemicals like mercury & heavy metals that you might not want in your body. You can get omega-3s that have been derived straight from the algae, instead of being filtered through a fish, so all you get is the good stuff. I have a couple of these everyday before brekky -
10:42:24 AM
While I can't comment on the fish oil and sore joints - mainly because although I have a nice big tub of omega 3 fish oil capsules I am absolutely crap at taking anything regularly to see whether there are results, I thought I would throw this into the mix re omega-3. Sat in on a talk last weekend re Edible weeds ( now pay attention here Eduardo! - this is expecially for you) and one of the 'weeds' which is abundant and I might add, tastes great is Purslane. It contain alpha-linolenic acid, one of the highly sought-after Omega-3 fatty acids.
Little bit of info here and lots more out there to research

I have now started to eat my front lawn

Cheers Tracey

1:31:00 PM
I've just started eating chia seeds for omega 3 (3:1 ratio with omega 6), antioxidants, fibre, protein & thermogenic aid (metabolism).

Add a few tablespoons to cereal, not cheap, but at least they are a food not just a pill... :)

8:03:51 PM
I'm keen to have a look at, and eat, Purslane and in my quest to find more info on joint supplements, have stumbled across an interesting article about a double blind study of Glucosamine and chondroitin...
9:08:14 PM
On 22/02/2012 arniearms wrote:
>I bought 1kg of this,
>MSM, glucosamine & chondroitin.
>Price seem good to me,
>I can't vouch for results as I haven't started taking it yet, but have
>had decent results with similar products in the past.

This looks like the bees knees. According to the link MSM helps with cartridge repair!! I hate it when my cartridges fail me!

8:51:33 AM
On 22/02/2012 Eduardo Slabofvic. wrote:
>Fish oil is not fish oil, Sol. What you want is fish oil with omega three,
>which is either added or derived from wild fish that live in deep water.
> Farmed fish don't develop the omega three, so the brands with omega 3
>will have it written on them, and those that don't won't.

Don't you mean "Oils aint oils"?

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