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Climbing Injuries - Tell me what you have!

E. Wells
2:19:47 PM
After a day of climbing , not having climbed the previous two weeks, both of my palms are very tender and a little bit itchy , the pain comes from two hard lumps beneath my pinky finger and its neighbour. Is this familiar to anyone? Its sure new to me. Im on the way to go bouldering but thinking twice now.
One Day Hero
2:36:00 PM
On 24-Feb-2020 E. Wells wrote:
>After a day of climbing , not having climbed the previous two weeks, both
>of my palms are very tender and a little bit itchy , the pain comes from
>two hard lumps beneath my pinky finger and its neighbour.

On the bright side, you are probably a viking. On the downside,

Welcome to the club, Mikl has a particularly bad case of it.

E. Wells
6:38:09 PM
Wow. Thats it. Bummer! Thanks though. Seems weird it just came on so suddenly. Oh well.
6:12:50 AM
Welcome to the club. They can show up suddenly, there tend to be growth spurts triggered by mild repetitive trauma, then long periods of not much growth. Mine feel a bit itchy when growing. Seems to be a messed up healing process with lots of collagen laid down then insufficient collagenase to switch it off, something like that. I've had four cut out, the most recent pair were RH index and middle fingers 3 months ago (climbing again after a month).
5:38:04 PM
what technique was used?
Pamlmar fasciotemy (pop the bonnet and cut everything out) or
Needle Aperneurotny (put in local anaesthetics, then hack with with end of needle)

excuse my kiddie wrangling plus 3 wines spelling
5:10:21 AM
Palmar fasciectomy. Post-op pics available ;-)
One Day Hero
12:52:31 PM
That bit of your hand wouldn't get damaged if you weren't pulling on jugs, serves you right.

I got my first one in my late 20s by being stupid, now have two of decent size and a couple more starting. Since your body is growing new tissue it seems like it might be a good idea to stretch a lot so it doesn't contract as much....but that's not based on any real science, just me making stuff up.

Anyway, I haven't lost significant range of motion after nearly 20 years, and it doesn't noticeably affect my climbing. The itchiness and pain went away after a couple of months yet the minor blemish on my otherwise flawless body is often difficult to accept. I'm working through the issues though and slowly realising that if people only valued me for my physical perfection, then they weren't really my friends at all.

E. Wells
1:45:07 PM
It happened after lapping a steep juggy route so your spot on. Considering I have a pot belly, two inches of hair growing from each ear, skintags and some muesli still in my silver beard at 2pm im not too fussed but also have no insurance and generally dont like falling apart , though its inevitable. Already trying to stretch as I have rather painfull tennis elbow too ,but still enjoying trying hard. I will treat the issue like I do my car....flog it until it sure my physio agrees.
One Day Hero
2:38:46 PM
On 26-Feb-2020 E. Wells wrote:
>I will treat the issue like I do my car....flog
>it until it dies...

Like a fifteen year old boy who just discovered pornhub.
5:24:25 AM
Stretching helps with range of motion for a while but it will grow occasionally. Avoid further repetitive trauma to the palm or base of the fingers - wear gloves when using tools or things like lawnmowers. Mine tend to run about 10-12 years before becoming intrusively contracted.

On the plus side, you'll be able to shamble up to the cliff and have your mates just hook you on.

9:22:25 AM
I hadn't been able to straighten my ring finger for years, or even wear my wedding ring until last year it randomly fixed itself. I'd even had my name down on the waiting list to see a surgeon for almost two years. Didn't effect my climbing too much except for when a big jug pressed into the lump (ouch) or large slopers. Had a decent bit of bowstring across my palm.

Was surfing and when I pressed my palm down on the board to pop my feet, the Dupuytren contracture just snapped. Hurt a little bit (cold water had numbed my hand), but then looked at my hand and the bow string was gone and my fingers could fully straighten. Was a weird feeling. I didn't know it was possible but after looking through the Dupuytren website forum I see it's happened to a few other people. 10 months later it hasn't grown back at all, we'll see how long it lasts.

9:56:05 AM
I have a history of Dupuytren's in my family, and sure enough over the last few years it's begun to manifest more and more prominently, and is definitely exacerbated (in terms of pain, at least) by climbing (and in particular training!).

A good example of its progression, is that in the last year or so, moving into a standard "push up" position has now made the primarily affected hand extremely painful to the point of almost being impossible to straighten for that position.

I *have* been to a hand surgeon to discuss at what point surgical intervention is necessary, and the surgeon in question spent a great deal of time trying to talk me *out* of having a Needle Aponeurotomy (he seemed to think that the risk of nerve damage is extremely high, despite a substantially shorter recovery time compared to Palmar fasciotomy, albeit with lower success rate). Doing a bit of online research seems to indicate that Needle Aponeurotomy is not very commonly performed in Australia?

I'd love to hear if anyone here has had experience with the Needle Aponeurotomy.

Mikl, what route did you end up taking?


- Frothy Thomson
3:37:45 PM
My dad got diagnosed with it in his 40s and has needed a couple of surgeries as his hands have totally curled up a couple of times. Turned out cos of that I found out I had it in my right hand at age 14 which is super early for detection.

Funny thing is that it used to hurt a lot when climbing especially training (started climbing and training around the same age as detected the dupuytrens) Ive always been a bit freaked thinking what it would mean if I went down the path of my dad as his hands really did get bad. However 35 years later it has barely progressed although a few years ago a nodule started in my left hand too.

Weve always speculated (with nothing other than my own case as evidence) whether the work and hurt on my hand through climbing actually helped in curbing the extreme symptoms my dad got. Not sure but it actually gives me less grief now than when I was a teenager.

Alcohol is also meant to be a contributor - and for scientific purposes I have tested and confirmed that the severity of my symptoms seem to be immune to that risk factor too, no matter how much alcohol I consume.

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