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Nick Kaz memorial thread #2

3:12:10 PM
On 5/01/2009 Onsight wrote:
>On 5/01/2009 anthonyk wrote:
>> it didn't have much to do with the bolt anyway.
>Why do you say that?

maybe i'm missing something but i thought the main thing was from the rope running over an edge & the bolt coming off didn't seem to make things much different from falling at the clip or breaking a hold or something like that. but i guess everything adds up. you know more about it than i do.

3:12:21 PM
The same article, including a more sensationalised headline, is in today's print edition of the DT.

I 'borrowed' a copy from work, scanned and saved it to my flickr
account, if anyone is interested (save cluttering up the boards). Also this will save anyone actually having to pay another dollar to this quality journal!

This is a terrible accident and my condolences go to the friends and family of those involved.

I am also saddened that the community of climbers is once again being portrayed as both reckless and maverick by ill-informed people. SCUBA
divers, ultralite enthusiasts or any other participants of equally dangerous pursuits are not sensationalised in this manner... why then climbing?

3:40:08 PM
To Kaz86 and family,

I am merely a relatively new climber, and when I heard/read about this tragic accident, it stopped me in my tracks. Although I may have come across Nick indoors or out, from what I have read here, not only have we lost a great climber but a great character amongst our climbing community. My deepest heart felt condolences to you, your family, and friends.
May he rest (or climb) in peace, without journalists pestering your family.
4:09:07 PM
On 5/01/2009 cpt_blasphemy wrote:
>I 'borrowed' a copy from work, scanned and saved it to my flickr

Flickr claims this image has been removed.

4:10:39 PM
Try this ....
6:14:23 PM
Details on Nicks farewell and funeral please PM' me or email me. he would have loved to have his friends and acquaintances present. and we as a family feel it would be something special. you guys were just as much a part of his life as we were and it would mean a lot to us to hear tales of what it was he did up there on the crags. i only did a small amount of boldering with him but i can see why he loved it.

Once again the sympathy and thoughts of you guys is really something special to us.

6:45:02 PM
hey mate, very sorry to hear about the loss of your brother. i never met him but i'm an old climber guy and i have climbed the bunny bucket route and really loved being there looking out over the valley when i was belaying-sounds like your brother was the type to do the same.

regarding the accident, i would like to know anymore details about what happened with the rope/and or bolt, not because i'm morbid, but to find out if i'm doing anything unsafe while i climb, and maybe the newer climbers could learn something as well.

again, my condolences, my climbing partner here at home died of cancer of few years back and i think about him a lot when i'm on the rock.

6:50:25 PM
"When the spirit of Adventure calls, we must answer"

I never knew Nick, yet I mourn just as hard as if I did. We share the same spirit.

Andrew, I am so sorry for you and your families loss, and I am ashamed that there is so much politics that has been created from it

6:53:52 PM
freesolo, a report has been made in the Australian Accident register here

7:10:58 PM
One lesson to be learnt from this accident is to consider using the old fashioned technique of double ropes. Not only does it potentially create a backup if one rope gets cut, it also gives you greater ability to rap further in one pitch if you need to retreat. I know i'll be using doubles in the Grose in the future! Be very careful of the Bluies trademark 'ironstone plates' that are common on easier routes. The edges of these plates can be razer sharp...

7:33:05 PM
So Who placed the the expansion bolts on this new section of climbing ?
And if they were indeed temporary, why not place a note to warn others that the route was incomplete?
I believe some SELF regulation may be very worthwhile in the long run, especially if it stops cowboys.
I've heard that some coach screws were placed recently ? we know what works, we know what doesn't...

My condolences to nicks family and loved ones, this is a very sad event, and nick will be missed by all
who knew and loved him, and his passion and love of the vertical world we shared with him.
8:15:15 PM
Very sad news. My condolences to family and friends.

RIP Nick - I'll miss seeing you around at the gym and in the neighbourhood.
8:17:13 PM
Smart words Muki and Neil.

Cut ropes should scare any climber. Double ropes seem one of the best ways to mitigate this issue.

Phil Box
8:30:29 PM
Oh this even more terrible news, not kaz. It's really bad when one hears of a climber dieing but it really hits home when you hear of someone that you know even in passing.

Climb on bro.

We'll have a climb for you in Tassy mate.

To his brother I'm feeling for you mate.

8:44:10 PM
On 5/01/2009 bomber pro wrote:
>So Who placed the the expansion bolts on this new section of climbing ?
>And if they were indeed temporary, why not place a note to warn others
>that the route was incomplete?
>I believe some SELF regulation may be very worthwhile in the long run,
>especially if it stops cowboys.
>I've heard that some coach screws were placed recently ? we know what
>works, we know what doesn't...

We are avoiding discussing the details Muki as none of us know first hand info and anything posted on these forums can be used by the media or Nat Parks. If you wish to discuss details get in contact via email.
9:11:51 PM
RIP, Nick.

Both Nora and I are really sad to see you leave so soon, but "when we meet again at the journey's end, and we laugh together once more, we will have a thousand things to tell each other".


for fox sake
9:49:47 PM
Channel 7 news can come over to Manchester and contact me, i'll shove my finger right up Anna Coren's jacksie !!!!!!!
9:58:06 PM
Apart from the odd friendly word i didn't know Nick but I'm sure many Blueys climbers like myself would have looked at that profile photo and with sadness recognised him.

My condolences to family and friends. RIP Nick.
10:09:58 PM
over the last 24hrs i have come to see just how well known and liked nick was in the climbing community. it is a measure of his character and charisma to see that soo many will miss him.
i hope this brings alot of other climbers closer and that u continue to tell tales of his deeds be it climbing his 1st 22 or one of the many nights partying hard.
we are thinking about the park bench idea and are going to approach the Nat park about building one over the look out or something like that.
for fox sake
10:46:22 PM
Thats a great idea (by both you and Neil). Hopefully NP agree to it


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