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The Tower - Ground Fall

Phil Box
4:14:46 PM
Hey Big bro, don't sweat it mate. It's the internet and none of us take things all that seriously around here. This place is akin to sitting around the Pines campground and slagging off good naturedly at your mates. Mind you if someone comes in here with all guns blazing then we have no problem with kicking them off. Poking fun at your mates though is all part of business as usual.

I do find that some can be a little too harsh at times and I find myself cringing at some of the things said on here. What I find myself thinking at those times is that we lose some things in the translation when our words go down in print. The emotion and body language is left behind and something made in jest in real life interacting with real people and would be taken in the correct context is often misinterpreted in this online context leaving the viewer feeling a little jaded.

It is always good for someone like yourself to speak up and give us the feedback as to how our behaviour is viewed by those on the outside looking in. I do hope you will participate in the future on this site and I hope your experience is enjoyable.


Bob Saki
4:28:49 PM
On 8/01/2007 Big bro wrote:
>I have just joined up with this site,I have been lurking on a mates computer,and
>find that the coments
>made by one of the posters in here to be a bit harsh,(having a sensitive
>cow)whilst same poster then
>back slaps his buddie who also was and has been equally rude in the past,(Well
>said nm)
>it seems like a small group of you are all having a go at one guy on this
>site and he may be abrupt and to
>the point at times,but the amount of good stuff he writes in about is
>great.he seems to have kick started
>this thread!,and his article on beginers stuff was totally awsome,but
>all you guys do is bag him any time
>he says anything,
>I find it hard to believe that you would say(It’s called ‘black humour’)and(you
>are up against it when you
>show your sensitivity like that.)it was his buddie man,thats cold!

I can see how you may get that impression. I agree he does certainly know what he's talking about. However, if you care to go through some of the threads he has posted on his comments/retorts could very easily be seen as overly aggressive/defensive and disrespectful/belittling to other posters. Sadly this is the internet and we don't have the ability to hear tone/inflection or see facial expressions which add so much to what one says.

I think it's really simple - how would you like to be responded to/appraocjhhed in an internet forum setting without the benefit of witnessing the non-verbal side of communication...............

5:24:08 PM
Welcome to Chockstone Big bro.
If you want further information along the lines of BS's post suggestion above, click on bomb's profile then click on his posts; ... read them at your leisure and enjoy the game...

On 8/01/2007 Big bro wrote:

Some clarification points for anyone who cares to read.
*I respect bomb's knowledgeable posts, but like him (and Big bro, .. and all others), ... I am allowed to disagree with the content of posts (or agree) at times.
*Given bomb's post history I am fully aware that he can (and probably will), defend himself in print if he feels the need. This being the case I felt at the time of my post that I tried to only be critical of the content and not the poster of the posts. If it came across unduly negative to you then I am sorry it was taken that way.
*If my post was overly negative to bomb as a person then I will pre-empt some of bomb's angst by apologising to him now too.
Sorry bomb; I did not mean it that way at all, & I look forward to the repartee that you are renown for ...
*nm is not a 'buddie' (sic) and I have never climbed with him, though I respect his contribution to Chockstone, (as I respect bomb's). From what I have read of their posts I feel I could safely climb with either of them should they ever care to commit to the likes of myself partnering them. Who knows? ... perhaps you and I may one day find ourselves sharing the camaraderie of the rope sometime too Big bro; ... perhaps on some gnarly offwidth (pun intended)!
*I am also very respectful of bomb's pro-active actions; eg rehabilitating the chains on Alis descent while others (including me) could only talk about such things on this forum.
*Like PB, when I read some posts I also cringe when I think of how they are perceived by certain other people on the forum. I have read some posts as if I was the recipient of some posting vitriol because I have had the same point of view as the recipient of said vitriol, but have kept any comments (if made at all), tempered so as not to provoke a flame war.
*Black humour is reality. Ask anyone serving in 'heavy duty' jobs. My comment was lightweight given that the "dented" is on the way to recovery with this being acknowledged up front in my post. Imo my post would be more accurately classified as 'cold' if I was derogatory of said "dented".

If you do not wish to see anything I write then you always have the thumbs down option available to you; just click on my profile then click on the thumbs down icon ...
I will continue to read your posts however, and others that I may happen to disagree with. If you don't want discussion then don't post.

~ "If we do not find anything pleasant, at least we shall find something new." ~ Voltaire

~ "Beware the lollipop of mediocrity! Lick it once and you'll suck forever..." ~ unknown !

10:47:05 PM
On occasion you find a carrot where the bolt plate/biner combination doesn't really suit. I have an older rack (no wire gates) so this doesn't happen all that often. When it does I clip an extra biner through the plate to reduce the chance it will fall off.
Any comments on the wisdom of this?

10:52:12 PM
On 8/01/2007 M9iswhereitsat wrote:
>~ "If we do not find anything pleasant, at least we shall find something
>new." ~ Voltaire
Impressive, a quote from a late 1600 "enlightened" French thinker! (i could be wrong, it has been a few months since i finished school! )

11:07:18 PM
no dumbass its a quote from the rulebook of a lonely card game played in russia


11:22:23 PM
On 8/01/2007 mousey wrote:
>no dumbass its a quote from the rulebook of a lonely card game played in


Вы не думаете 'о пасьянсе', Вы товарищ ... в somnambulate / усыпляющее государство? *

(*Yu ar nyet tinkink of 'solitaire' r u comrade ... in a somnambulate / somnolent state?)

What has this to do with climbing? ... not that the thread hasn't been considerably hijacked already; ~> maybe should be linked to the ethics thread, heh heh heh.

1:03:24 AM
On 8/01/2007 shiltz wrote:
>On occasion you find a carrot where the bolt plate/biner combination doesn't
>really suit. I have an older rack (no wire gates) so this doesn't happen
>all that often. When it does I clip an extra biner through the plate to
>reduce the chance it will fall off.
>Any comments on the wisdom of this?

Sorry this is the French existential thinking, Russian card games and ethics (or should that be style??? or morality???) of forum posting thread...

So we can't help you with your strange unrelated quest for climbing-related information!

However, if I wasn't busy translating cyrillic letters into roman I'd say that those must be some pretty big plates or some pretty small bolts you're clipping, assuming naturally that you're not accidentally putting the big end over the bolt and clipping the slot wot normally goes over the bolt....?

Or is it because you CAN'T get the slot over the bolt because the bolt is too big? Have you tried right-angle bolt hangers? Failing that, some makes of bolt plate are larger ...

1:30:39 AM
>So we can't help you with your strange unrelated quest for climbing-related information!
You could try these links ...

and maybe these for further reading;

9:16:33 AM
How dare someone highjack this thread back on topic~!

Cheeees - the cheek of some people.

10:38:25 AM
BigMike: I carry a mixture of PFH and RP plates. Climbing around Victoria you see a huge variety of bolt sizes and shapes. Sometimes the problem is getting a plate on at all due to a large bolt head or the head being very close to the rock. If one brand of plate doesn't fit I try another. In some cases I resort to a nut.
The opposite problem is small bolt heads. In this case, it is possible to manipulate the plate (correctly placed with a biner attached) into a position were it might come off under load. In rare cases you can even do this without loading. I think one of the bolts on Swinging? (17 on Castle Crag) is like this. There were also a few bolts at Camels Hump and the You Yangs that were undersized (I think these have now been replaced).
When the bolt head is small it is quite easy to clip an extra "spare" biner next to the first one. I've been doing this for a long time now. I was just interested to hear what others thought.

10:51:42 AM
In one of the links above, the clipping of an extra krab into the bracket has been suggested as a remedy by someone, so you are onto / already practicing a good idea (imo) shiltz.

It is a good thing (common sense?) to do whatever keeps your pro working as suitable pro; otherwise it is not pro but an illusion.
Think laterally, use all options, backup wherever possible, use screwgates if necessary, cinch a nut wire over the bolt bracket, whatever it takes to keep you off the deck !
11:42:40 AM
I think Swinging now has fixed hangers, and the old 1/4'' bolt is long gone.
I should recall, since I did the route last year, but perhaps too many red wines over New Year ..
The Keeper
8:08:31 PM
True confessions from Up Over - instead of procuring the usual Aussie tourism trinkets when last down under - I fell prey to my more primal instincts as an archaeologist interested in ancient, primordial aspects of human technology - I picked up a few carrot hangers in Paddy Pallin in Melb - just as a salient memory kick to an earlier survival epic in my modest climbing career - rapping off a carrot bolt from a route at Araps - it probably accounted for a few of my nine lives along with a certain climbing vixen from Boonah. Still a few lives in the tank yet though so back for Collision Course 3 in 2008.

10:33:31 PM
On 9/01/2007 The Keeper wrote:

>probably accounted for a few of my nine lives along with a certain climbing
>vixen from Boonah.


12:52:53 AM


From Keepers profile
>It was love at first bite (hers).
Heh, heh, heh.

Hey Keeper; ... you mean there are other Aussie tourism trinkets apart from carrot hangers?
How would these other mythical items help your archaeologist interests at Araps?

11:23:57 AM
On 10/01/2007 M9iswhereitsat wrote:

>Hey Keeper; ... you mean there are other Aussie tourism trinkets apart
>from carrot hangers?

Yes .... toothy and toothsome Queenslanders.

Cool Hand Lock
12:05:46 AM
Thanks for the new bolt installed by the first accentionist, on this route where the wire broke. And as for the comment made "that secstions only grade 10". That dosn't meen it souldn't be made safe.

By the first assectionists own admission he was a tight arsed student when he bolted this area. And the lack of proper modern bolts was more a cast saving exersise and an exersise in tradition. Does that mean the manky antiquated bolts will be replaced?

I tightened one nut two turns today, giving me 2.5 threads in the nut. It had a fixed key hole hanger too. Shitty!!!

I stand by my statement made today, If a lines worth doing, then do it properly. It's selfish to bolt a route crappily. If it's not worth doing properly, don't doing. If you can't afford to do it properly then don't do it, it's selfish.

Cool Hand Lock
12:07:12 AM

Cool Hand Lock
12:08:50 AM
four climbers

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