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psst: wanna buy some steroids?
10:04:35 PM
Yeah things sure are getting blurry these days. I think that if it was merely the fact that something provides an edge to be banned then they would ban creatine and many other things, however it obviously is seen as a way to protect athletes from harm as well which is fair enough.

You only need to look at the recent debate surrounding caffeine use to see how deeply people feel about the issue. I unfortunately got started on performance enhancers amidst the culture of an all out war between the school I trained at and another school in the same style, so the only thing that was really important was winning and inflicting as much damage to ones opponent as possible, I actually thought it was pretty cool at the time, funny how youth and folly go so well together. And lets face it, whenever winning becomes the thing considered most important to an athlete and when that athlete beleives that the risk is worth it, then cheating will occur.

But with steroids I beleive that competitive sports play only a very small part in their use, nowadays you are probably just as likely to find a 45yo professional or a 17yo high school student using them, unfortunately the pressure to look good is almost if not as strong as the pressure to win at any cost, and once again as long as the risk is seen as negligible then people will use them.
One Day Hero
2:20:39 PM
On 29/11/2005 raff32 wrote:

>You can read what ive written any way you like dipshit, but at the end
>of the day it is honest nothing more, and if you have a problem with what
>I have written then dont come at me from behind like you have but have
>a go at what I have written. I make no apologies whatsoever about the things
>I have done, at the same time am I proud of them, No, they happened end
>of story.

Good thing that whole roid rage deal is a beat up, raff, I'd hate to see you get angry.
One Day Hero
2:38:31 PM
On 30/11/2005 raff32 wrote:
>But with steroids I beleive that competitive sports play only a very small
>part in their use, nowadays you are probably just as likely to find a 45yo
>professional or a 17yo high school student using them, unfortunately the
>pressure to look good is almost if not as strong as the pressure to win
>at any cost, and once again as long as the risk is seen as negligible then
>people will use them.

Which brings us back to you, Raff.
I just had another quick skim of your "Memoirs of a Drug Cheat" (actually reading the whole thing would take a better man than I) I'm pretty sure that nowhere in that masterpiece do you mention how your climbing improved.
You don't really talk about climbing at all!
It seems to be about how many chinups you can do, and I suspect it's also about showing up at the climbing gym and impressing everyone with how buff you are.

4:09:22 PM
Now why do i feel like im being baited here??

Took you a few days to try and find something to throw at me after the ball shrinkage dig though mate, im disappointed.....

I believe I spoke to the benefits and downsides of gear for climbing in my post, but if you want specifics id be more than happy to oblige mate.

When I first started climbing I had alot of trouble getting up 16's, by the time I finished here in melb I was getting up 19s after a few gos. When I first arrived at tonsai I climbed 6a's for the first few days, until I hooked up with some french guys who were staying at the same bungalows as me. Thanks to them I kinda got thrown in at the deep end and started leading 6a's and 6a+'s the next day. Im not sure what made the difference in my climbing, the gear or the fact that I was pushed and motivated so hard. By the time I left four months later I had onsighted 2 6c's and was projecting a 7a+ with a little bit of success. As i said I think that the fact that I had to climb so much quicker to avoid getting pumped helped me to learn to just keep moving no matter what. I doubt that you would find a picture of me in the dictionary under technique in a hurry, but at least the gear kinda kept the fear at bay a little and made it a little easier to push on through.

So in a toss up between adoption by chain smoking frogs or a body full of hormones, I would tend to think that the french connection would be the most valuable asset.

Oh and as for me showing up to the gym buff, I dont think my body type (back then anyway) is exactly the type found the most attractive in climbers circles, from what I could gather it is more the skinny cut blokes that pull all the chicks anyway mate, I always felt like bit of a freak amongst the shirtless mafia at my local gym
One Day Hero
5:09:20 PM
Ah, you've finally hit on the miracle drugs of climbing, destinations with soft grades, and spending time at the crag!

Four months of climbing should lift anyone by a couple of grades, and Thai 6c is about 21 so it worked for you.
Forget the tackle, if you have enough commitment to shoot f---ing horse steroids up yer arm, you have enough to go live at araps and get some serious results by just climbing.
6:39:18 PM
Yeah as i said I think that it was more the fact that I was able to climb without as many rest days that was the only benefit I got from using roids. When I was going pretty hard I could manage four days on with a rest day, wheras the other guys I was climbing with were doing two on one off. My plan actually was to move to the raps and get into climbing on gear (the climbing equipment type not the hormone type lol) But thanks to a kid on p plates in a hotted up commodore that didn't quite work out. I'm just about ready to get back on plastic now, and ive lost quite alot of weight (Im now at 73kgs) so hopefully ill actually get around to picking up some technique this time around.

I found that even though my strength was pretty good my tendon strength didnt increase at the same rate, so on stuff with pretty big holds I would be ok, but anything too crimpy forget it. There was one guy there that used to amaze me though and who is a bit of an inspiration to me still, he only had one leg yet was still ticking 6c's without too much drama, compared to the problem I have with my leg this guy really had to overcome something difficult.

Oh and as an aside, they would be pretty weird steroids if you shot them in your arm lol, not like that bloody marijuana, all them kids shooting that stuff up sickens me.

The hardest climb I did was a 7b I think on the wall next to the freedom bar, I must have spent a good three weeks on that thing, I would try it almost every day in the afternoon on the way back from wherever I was at, I dont think I have ever been happier than the day I finally clipped into the anchor on that thing.

Anyway as I said I really dont think that steroids and climbing would mix that well, maybe for on off season course to build strength but for somebody actually in the middle of a period of regular climbing the pump factor, plus the extra water weight and increased blood pressure pretty much cancel out any benefits you would get from them.

One Day Hero
4:44:56 PM
Very interesting raff.

Could you maybe post a photo of your balls?

If you took it geology style with something there for scale (five cent coin, for example) we could have an online poll as to whether they look shrunken. Might have to have a thermometer in the shot too if we're going to be scientific.
5:33:04 PM
Thanks for your amazing story, Raff. I'm a climbing medico and I do see the occasional steroid user. It's given me a lot of insight into the motivations behind the whole thing... Best of luck and thanks for your honesty!
7:43:49 PM
Let it rest damo, ur starting to get on my nerves now mate.

Pretty pissweak picking on an easy target mate. I would have given someone of your obviously superior wit, more credit than that. But then again keyboard warriors and all that. I tell you what, hows about i give you a hoy when Im gonna head down the gym next and you can stand to the side of any routes im doin and shout out discouragement??

Oh and if you really wanna take a closer look at my package mate youre going about it entirely the wrong way. Buy me some flowers, maybe treat me to a movie and try and sneak ur hand into my jeans during a scary part. Look I know its tough when the man of your affections just isnt that interested but im sure there are plenty of guys out there for you mate, dont give up hope.
10:44:21 PM
thanks for the amazing, honest posts raff.

I don't really know why you're getting such stupid responses.
>Could you maybe post a photo of your balls?

One Day Hero
3:13:12 PM
There, there boys! I think you're forgetting the four rules of online comedy.

#1) If it's funny the first time, it's funny every time after that

#2) If it's not funny the first time, run it again, it might be funny on the second lap

#3) If even one person thinks it's funny, then it's funny

#4) If no one thinks it's funny, then that in itself is funny

So cheer up lads, we're all great comedians!

And if you can't handle this don't ever come training at my woody, where power endurance meets sexual harassment and a thick skin is far more important than strong biceps.
4:15:30 PM
Actually you've missed the first rule, and that is to know when you're being funny and when you're just
being a dickhead.
One Day Hero
10:54:29 PM
What better place to let the inner dickhead run free?

11:38:22 PM
Good on you Raff for being open and honest about such a controversial topic..
5:25:07 AM
raff 32

i found your information packed posts' pretty fascinating. your run down on the progression in climbing performance whilst using them was interesting. going from 6a to onsighting a couple of 6c's in 4 months of constant climbing is almost a certainty without them so i'd guess that they held you back. thanks for the disclosure, surprised it was so controversial myself.

on your leg issue: i carry an injury that causes some muscle wasting in my left leg, i got it about a year prior to starting climbing. i saw NO progression in that injury for 18 months doing all sorts of physio based training but i seem to have fixed it this year with a combo of electro-stimulation and daily walking. climbing helped by making me do the billy goat stuff getting to and from crags thus exercising the leg. four years after injury that leg's now seemingly stronger than the other.
2:13:41 PM
Wow rod,
Thanks heaps for that mate, ive found that the improvement over the last couple of months since ive actually gotten off my ass and started walking has been pretty amazing, ive even been doing some squats and stuff like that so hopefully the 18month rule that people are always talking about is just another phallacy.
3:34:11 PM
Thought this link was interesting

Thanks Raff... I'm very impressed with your strength of character and honesty with regards to this topic.
2:42:00 AM
Thanks for that franky, a lil bit worrying the info in that link isn't it? There were always runors floating around about police using steroids here but I think the culture here is a little bit less aggresive than the states thank god. And you would hope that if a cop put on 20kgs an a few mths that somebody would say something, well you would hope at the very least.... but then again the police here arent exactly free of their scandals now are they??
10:15:12 AM
hey, yes i want to buy some steroid, what kind of steroid you got? you live in australia? no custome drama. email me at for more discussion of buying steroid

10:22:48 AM
On 5/09/2007 nicvic1980 wrote:
>hey, yes i want to buy some steroid, what kind of steroid you got? you
>live in australia? no custome drama. email me at for
>more discussion of buying steroid

I have many types.
What do you want?; crushed granite, crushed sandstone, crushed limestone, ... or how about the good old favourite crushed magnesium carbonate? ~ (though imo I reckon it is a bit of a soft touch).
All are guaranteed to give you a cheap climbing fix.
For extra $ I can organise for some crushed dolerite, basalt or trachyte ...
Genuine asteroid comes at premium price though!

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