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psst: wanna buy some steroids?

7:25:07 PM
just a quick question raff, how much do you estimate you were spending on you steroid use, if you don't mind answering?
8:26:29 AM
When I was using them in australia, at first I believe I paid 120 bux for each vial of tribolin. As it continued it wasnt the gear that was the money waster so much, but food. I think that when I was training pretth hard I would get through about 300 bux worth of food a week. In thailand it wasn't really that expensive at all, I think the last cycle I did cost about 11,000 baht (about 450 bux) but the equivalent here would have been about 3,000 aussie dollars. The most expensive thing ive ever done was hgh which I used to import from lab in china to thailand and that was costing be about 12 bux a day, but for the equivalent here, if even available,m youd be looking at maybe 100-150 a day. The amount of money you will spend is entirely proportionate to the distance you have from a source, I used to train with some pro guys so I got stuff at a pretty good price, if you're just a poor schlep at the local leisure centre ur gonna pay through the nose and end up with vials of sesame oil.

P.s Thanks to those who think its cool to use the fact that i tried to contribute in this place to attack me, much appreciated.

10:22:40 AM
no problemo - maybe it's because you're glorifying steroid use and I don't agree with it.

11:49:55 AM
Thanks for the story raff. Amazing how open you are about it. As with most of these things your honesty will probably be misused by those who are contemplating using steroids but if they wanted the information then I guess (with the power of the internet) they would have found it somewhere.

The thing that struck me whilst reading your story was you say you are a "straight up ectomorph". When I look at the "strong" climbers at the crag, in photos etc. they generally have one of two body types: tall and weedy or short and weedy (refer to Damo's "sick of stickmen" post). [No disrespect intended but "weedy" is the only word in my limited vocabulary I can think to use]

The fact that you took your new found assets to Thailand - home of climbs of the steeper orientation is probably most telling (but then sunbaking at the beach is an added bonus).

At 82 kgs and 6 feet tall I am on the heavier side of things but I don't think I could lose more than 5 kgs and still feel healthy - that's the hand I have been dealt. All I can say is that 29 isn't too old to start climbing, body type doesn't prohibit climbing at the upper levels of world climbing (think John Dunne - super heavy hard grit man) and not all climbs can be campused to glory - technique seems to help ;)

Good luck with your new path.
12:05:35 PM
Gee crux, I seem to remember stating that I dont encourage people to use steroids???
If you read my story as glorification I think you have some serious problems with comprehension, reading back through it it looked like a bit of a nightmare actually.

You can read what ive written any way you like dipshit, but at the end of the day it is honest nothing more, and if you have a problem with what I have written then dont come at me from behind like you have but have a go at what I have written. I make no apologies whatsoever about the things I have done, at the same time am I proud of them, No, they happened end of story.

I do beleive that the thread was about whether there was any use for steroids in climbing, I believe that I gave a pretty honest account of what they can achieve and what they cant. I also think it shows how pissweak you really are to feel the need to attack somebody for being honest and trying to contribute. Now if you have some kind of agenda surrounding drugs, which you obviously do, more power to ya, but dont be so snide about it, its extremely unattractive.

12:20:34 PM
raff - ease up on the replies mate. Not going to make friends jumping back so firmly.

Everyone has opinions - realise putting comments on an online forum will always open you up for replies which agree / disagree / take your comments totally out of context. etc.

It's just a reality of the faceless internet forum. Just let it slide and move on. No reason to take such offence... and the world will be a better place.

Cheers Dalai
12:26:43 PM
yeah fair enough mate, I just dont like bullies.

Or people who dont have the guts to be straight up, smacks of insecurity in my book and also shows one to be extremely narrow minded. I dont have a problem if someone disagrees with me, thats ur prerogative, but at least dont be so weak to try and make snide little comments on a completely separate thread.

12:45:58 PM
On 29/11/2005 raff32 wrote:
>yeah fair enough mate, I just dont like bullies.
>Or people who dont have the guts to be straight up, smacks of insecurity
>in my book and also shows one to be extremely narrow minded. I dont have
>a problem if someone disagrees with me, thats ur prerogative, but at least
>dont be so weak to try and make snide little comments on a completely separate
well let's see - your reply to Neil's post was inappropriate - even if he was stating something really obvious - that's no reason to bite his head off and then call other people names just because they don't agree with you. You get agro with anything anyone says to you. I do think that your posts glorify steroid use and even tho you say that you now regret taking them. You seem completely preoccupied with them and the results you were getting. I do appreciate your honesty but not your attitude. Aggression is one of the effects of steroid use - hence my little smart arse comment, which was meant as a joke - but hey if you think that the whole worlds against you that's your problem.
12:51:17 PM
Everyone, take a deep breath and calm down! Otherwise you might anger the gods (err mods) and they may start locking threads...

12:52:38 PM
gonna go & have a cup of herbal tea right now :)
12:54:18 PM
As i said in the other thread, im over this,

you can take your little anti drug crusade elsewhere.

And no, judging by the answers and a couple of pm's i got I dont think the whole world is against me, just somebody who seems to think that by being honest about the results one gets from steroids that im somehow glorifying them. And mate that wasn't even my gripe with you, as I said if u have a problem with what I wrote then by all means have a go, but dont be so pathetic to join in on a bandwagon.

1:06:11 PM
On 29/11/2005 raff32 wrote:
>mate that wasn't even my gripe with you, as I said if u have
>a problem with what I wrote then by all means have a go, but dont be so
>pathetic to join in on a bandwagon.
ok I had a problem with what you wrote - hence my replies. My anti-drug crusade is my anti-drug crusade and if it means there'll be even one less person I have to look after I'll be happy. If I agree with someone it doesn't mean I'm sucking up to anyone or joining in on a bandwagon - they're simply my opinions. It's very easy to misunderstand comments and people's intentions on here - so count to 10 before you reply to ppl's posts and think about what they're actually saying. I don't have a problem with you - just some of your comments - and I hope you recover from your injuries and get back into climbing.
1:14:45 PM
Look mate,
I honestly don't have a problem with your anti drug thing, I spent four years working in a detox centre myself and if from what I can gather that you are a nurse, I have nothing but respect for you and the job you do.

But I do have a problem with people jumping on to things when it really isnt necessary, especially bringing up shit that isnt even related. Even though you may have had those opinions, they certainly didnt belong in a totally separate thread. Cos the fact is that I felt like enough of a twat after what I said to neil without all the shit that followed it. And believe me, I am the last person to encourage people to use any type of drugs, I dont even smoke ciggarettes or drink myself, so if anything im probably just as anti drugs as you these days.

1:17:31 PM
ok let's just agree to disagree then :)
11:09:59 PM
works for me mate.....
4:52:41 PM
Good post raff! :)
One Day Hero
7:06:29 PM
Whooooooaaaaaa hoooaaaa,

I can't believe it, I get distracted by the real world for a few weeks and I miss out on this!
Stay calm now......easy, easy, mhmmm.....................................

So, err, if you don't mind me asking raff, how's your tackle holding up? Much testicular degeneration?

8:20:19 PM
On 30/11/2005 One Day Hero wrote:
> So, err, if you don't mind me asking raff, how's your tackle holding
>up? Much testicular degeneration?

I think that was covered a few posts back:
> And speaking for myself only, throughout my whole period of steroid
> usage I have never had my balls shrink, nor have I smashed anybodies
> windsceen in a fit of road rage nor am i bald,

Even if your balls do shrink I suppose you can always sport climb.


ps: thanks for the detailed and candid response, raff. It was really a whole step beyond the sort of response I expected to get.
8:42:23 PM
No worries marsh.

Good luck if its actually a troll to find some though mate, sorry but im pretty much out of the loop these days, but for the benefit of anyone else readin this who is thinkin about going down this road, please contact the steroid peer project, i dont have the contact details here but u can find their details at any community health centre or needle exchange. The woman who runs it kate, is an ex pro bodybuilder herself and will be able to help you out with any questions you may have (A source not included) I know im walkin a fine line here to be seen to be promoting this but In the interests of harm minimisation I think that people should have access to services to make their use as safe as possible.

9:07:35 PM
> Good luck if its actually a troll to find some though mate

I have no real desire to experiment with steroids, although anavar sounds mighty interesting. My interest in the topic is more based on curiosity, and having had professional dealings with the legal consequences of steroid use.

I suppose it interests me because steroid use, particularly at the level you were using, provokes a really strong polarised response from people: either it's that you're a dirty rotten cheat or 'so, where can I get some". In reality the use of performance enhancers in sport is a far more complex issue, and the line between what is acceptable and unacceptable is a lot more blurry.

On a side note, I remember being at the start line of a amateur A/B grade cycling race about 10 years ago. Packets of sudafed were openly being passed around and people were washing down a handful of tablets prior to the race. That's what occurs at a *club* level. And people are surprised when drugs are found at the Tour de France?!?

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