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Trapped in Squeeze Test for hours [The Age]

Eduardo Slabofvic
12:22:10 PM
>What do people think about this?

A better option would be the mandatory wearing of sombreros made of stealth rubber

12:25:31 PM
Keep in mind the media is reading this thread so try not to be too glib. I've already fielded a couple of calls and emails from them this morning.

I'm not sure why this incident has grabbed the imagination so much but it has.

12:36:59 PM
Seriously what a ridiculous suggestion to block it up or leaver it apart. Even more disappointing given who it came from.

There are way more dangerous and stupid things to do at Araps, must we sanitise those as well given the risk of accidents? Of course not.

I should add well done to the rescue crew though as it must've been a very long night for them and I hope the climber makes a quick recovery.

Eduardo Slabofvic
1:17:28 PM
On 22/04/2014 Cliff wrote:
>Its all Chinese whispers so far.

So the rumour that he attempted this without the use of supplementary oxygen might not actually be true?

1:20:37 PM
On 22/04/2014 Cliff wrote:
>Its all Chinese whispers so far.... SNIP..

I don't think the whisperers ethnicity should be brought into it;)
1:31:21 PM
I hope it doesn't get filled with concrete, it will look like shit. It's been there for millions of years leave it alone.

Filling it or destroying the crack in some way is not far off the actions of these stupid scout leaders in the US.

There are numerous other ways to have fun at araps that are just as dangerous and accessible. Not to mention some of the slightly sketchy walk offs, where a trip or stumble could mean serious injury that beginners are expected to do. If things keep getting made safer and safer, people will worry less and less about the dangers, and take less responsibility for their actions.

Why don't we ask the guy who got stuck if he thinks it should be concreted up?

1:33:25 PM
Apon arriving at work today in horsham, all my co works started telling me differnt versions on this incedent. Including he fell from the top of the mount.. it realy shytes me the amount of miss info and the negative attatude towards climbing in this town

Hope he is ok.

1:41:46 PM
On 22/04/2014 Cliff wrote:
>Its all Chinese whispers so far. We only have a newspaper's account of Louise's opinion. She's very reasonable. If she has an opinion, I think it would be worthwhile hearing from her directly about it.

I spoke to the same reporter as Louise. I doubt there was a transcription error in the quote though some leading or trailing words or sentences may have been omitted. Certainly my comments were cherry picked though the general meaning was not changed.

5:00:07 PM
And I thought they were gonna put a size recommenation sign up... 'To go on this ride you must be at least this tall' etc.

'You must be at least Xcm in diameter to attempt this squeeze'

5:02:45 PM
I think being thinner would be better...

5:26:22 PM
On 22/04/2014 ajfclark wrote:
>I think being thinner would be better...

No, setting a minimum size that stopped you even starting would be safer, thin people just slip down further. The fatter you are the safer you are!
5:30:16 PM
I can't say a lot about it. His hips were very stuck and the problem was to lift those without injuring him. If he had popped out on our first try it would have been easy but he didn't so it turned into a long night.

7:27:02 PM
Just heard Louise Shepard talking about it on local abc.

7:49:59 PM
On 22/04/2014 kieranl wrote:
>I can't say a lot about it. His hips were very stuck and the problem was
>to lift those without injuring him. SNIP...

I know the whole no injury thing is a good way to go but using a gaff might have helped lift those hips a whole lot quicker;)

Glad he's out and recovering.
8:21:20 PM
Just out of interest, just how many times have climbers done the squeeze test? I have done it on two separate occasions, and after both times i have told myself not to do it again. It won't surprise me if i do it again one day. Maybe its like giving birth. I hear that over time you forget how painful it was...
8:30:18 PM
Fantastic to have a positive outcome and well done on the efforts of the emergency services.
8:59:29 PM
On 22/04/2014 Cliff wrote:
>Anyone able to venture a good guess at the total cost of the rescue? Kieran...
Don't intend to try. Why do you ask? I have no wish to go down the path of saying "This rescue cost $X, why shouldn't the subject pay something?".

9:49:55 PM
On 22/04/2014 Cliff wrote:
>On 22/04/2014 kieranl wrote:
>Nah, I didn't want you to say anything like that... I'll say it... I think
>the guy should pay for his rescue costs. We pay for ambulance services,
>why shouldn't people repay their rescue costs?

Because ppl wont call until its to late, I'm pretty sure rescue ppl would rather bring out a live body than a corpse....srsly you want to bring up this crap again.

10:03:30 PM
I don't believe we should have to pay for rescue costs for the reasons Rodw lists above. How much are you wanting people to pay Cliff? The whole amount? Would we need to take out rescue insurance to start climbing at the Araplies then

10:21:41 PM
On 22/04/2014 Cliff wrote:
>Anyone able to venture a good guess at the total cost of the rescue? Kieran...

Dr Evil and I not only look alike, we think alike;

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