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Aid Climbing Dyno

11:06:17 AM

Eduardo Slabofvic
11:15:39 AM
That's just any old day at Nowra

12:32:39 PM
On 22/11/2011 Eduardo Slabofvic. wrote:
>That's just any old day at Nowra

Yeah, but who would travel there to do that?

I wouldn't call that an aid climbing dyno, rather it is a silly way to bounce test gear!
~> Silly because there is a good chance of trapping your fingers (which would hurt!), or missing the clip (as the first fellow demonstrates), or the piece fails, and if on lead...

A true aid dyno would be to have hook in hand and leap out of etts onto a hook placement!☺

12:51:07 PM
On 22/11/2011 davidn wrote:
>Sounds like you're promising us a new video M9...

I will let you do the vid while I practice on your favourite boulder.

1:01:34 PM
I so wanted that piece to pop.

1:17:37 PM
On 22/11/2011 Sabu wrote:
>I so wanted that piece to pop.

So did I until I realised that they were actually incompetent boulderers (pads evident), trying to advance themselves into the black art of aid climbing. I then thought to myself, misguided as their attempts are, their intent is fair enough; so I changed my mind as I figured they need all the encouragement they can get!
Fish Boy
3:17:11 PM
I want my money back...
hey M9, I soloed a wall at Squamish, check it


11:55:37 PM
~> It looks like it was a great adventure, ... and cleaner granite than Buffalo. ;-)

Here are some pics (off a feedback post to FB's link), to show a taste.
If you want to see it like it is (nice exposure, particularly on a traverse pitch), then check FB's own shots!

7:11:56 AM
Awesome TR and pics Fish Boy. Keep em coming;)
Fish Boy
12:44:47 PM
I got two months worth of squish photos on my Facebook, check em if you want...headin up some mad aid route in a week or two, will keep you posted...gotta get some skiing in first...
9:48:07 PM
On 22/11/2011 Fish Boy wrote:
>I want my money back...
>hey M9, I soloed a wall at Squamish, check it

What's this fukin' -peace- bullshit to sign off with? Is some moniker that you adopt as soon as you start living in North America? We don't want to read that nauseating shit. Give us something like 'See ya c#nts!' Otherwise we will completely disown you.
Fish Boy
2:19:06 PM
Listen here you arsef&ck hipster cafe owning douche, I've been rocking that -peace- nonsense for years, you've got to stalk a little harder.


5:09:03 PM
On 22/11/2011 IdratherbeclimbingM9 wrote:
>So did I until I realised that they were actually incompetent boulderers
>(pads evident), trying to advance themselves into the black art of aid

I love how people over mystify aid climbing, like it's some secret Jedi art.

As if any competent climber couldn't take a huge rack and use it to dominate some poor cliff that they don't have the CLIMBING skills to actually CLIMB.


I imagine I'll be getting a PM now.

5:14:06 PM
Guys. Please take one of these and check back in the morning...

chill pill Pictures, Images and Photos

5:22:03 PM
On 24/11/2011 dalai wrote:
>Guys. Please take one of these and check back in the morning...

No, dude. I meant a PM from M9.

We are mates and I was taking the piss.
5:28:09 PM
On 24/11/2011 wallwombat wrote:
>No, dude. I meant a PM from M9.
>We are mates and I was taking the piss.

You aren't the only person posting in this forum... Plus since FB also enjoys to aid climb he may take it as directed at him.

Also as Simey appears to be having end of season Footy withdrawals; he also needs to chill...

6:03:41 PM
Fish Boy
6:33:38 PM
Mmmmm, tongue firmly in cheek there Marty...

Sometimes a big rack doesn't help...multiple hook moves above rivets then getting on copperheads is not fun at all. Living in fear for hours on end is though. You lightweight free climbers can only handle being scare for a few minutes at a time...

8:48:35 PM
Quelle bande de coqs sans humour!!

9:21:40 PM
On 24/11/2011 wallwombat wrote:
>I love how people over mystify aid climbing, like it's some secret Jedi art.

~> Be one with the force ww! ;-)

Seriously, as compared to my earlier flippant posts on this thread, I tend to split the difference between agreeing with you (for M1 to M4), and agreeing with FB post re fear/mind games involved (for anything above M4)...
~> For me personally, I free climb what I can and aid what I can't, but prefer thin/hard aid (for the mind games involved), over straightforward type aid.

On 24/11/2011 davidn wrote:
>Aid climbers criticise 'free' climbers criticise boulderers... Etc.
It is not criticism, it is sarcastic tall poppy levelling, by all parties concerned.

>Guess what? The guys playing bounce test with their belay loops are having
>fun in an equally contrived manner to any of us.

Probably, though their making a vid of it was also probably akin to the sarcastic vein mentioned above?

>Unless you can honestly put your hand up and say you only ever climb to get from point a to b (the real purpose of climbing) then you're in fantasy-lala-land-contrived-completely-made-up-rules-sport world. That includes many of the guys who used to use hemp ropes
>and rigid boots to climb things. And Alex Honnold. And everyone between.

Believe it or not, there is room for both.
An example in my case being that when I saw Ozymandias for the first time I was like a moth drawn to the flame, and just had to see if I could climb it, and the only way I could get from bottom to top, was using aid on it, and for what it is worth, it was done onsight whilst working through the difficulties that we encountered, using clean aid tactics which produced a gratifying adventure for me, and my partner.
>I wonder if these guys felt an irresistible need to post on a forum crapping
>on aid climbers afterwards?

You started the thread, and you have been on Chocky long enough to see how these things go; ... plus some might construe the vid as being derogatory of aid climbing/climbers, so it goes both ways!
~> The best thing about the thread in my opinion is learning of Fish Boys recent solo adventure. It was worth the hijack just for that alone!

Oh, and the giant chill pill pic, that was good too!!

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