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Info for Sarah...therefore not hijacked!

Sarah Gara
10:03:12 AM
Hello you lot, How you all doing?

Been watching you all from above for a while now -thought it was about time I registered, said hi and asked my questions. I hope to meet a few of you in the future.

I'm moving from the UK to Robinvale in July and don't want to stop climbing -wondering if anyone is either near me and fancies climbing on a regular basis or will allow me to tag along with them when I manage to get time off work and can travel further afield.

You have to bare in mind that I have no clue where anything is and how big australia is -Just begining to realise I'm moving to middle of nowhere... So if you could give distances I'd be very appreciative.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Sarah x

10:30:13 AM
You will be 314km (4 hours) from the best climbing in Australia (Mt Arapiles) which is near the town of Natimuk.

337km (4 hours) from the Grampians (thousands of fantastic sandstone routes in an awesome National Park)

550km (7 hours) from the snow and Mt Buffalo (granite climbing)

652km (8 hours) from Moonarie - classic desert sandstone

The best bet for you will be weekend trips to Arapiles and the Grampians where you can meet up with hundreds of Melbourne climbers who come up for the weekend. It might look in the middle of nowhere - but the climbing is actually pretty close (by Victorian standards!)

10:34:44 AM
p.s. - there is some lesser quality granite areas a bit closer to you - such as Mt Hope. It's 254km from you (about 3 hours)

10:45:50 AM
p.p.s - you are 450km from the nearest big city - it's pretty much dead even between Adelaide and Melbourne. About a 5 hour drive. All the roads in your area are single lane country roads - no big highways/motorways. Our speed limit is 100km/h on these roads and the police take speeding very seriously in Victoria. There may or may not be water in the river :-) Dams and creeks will most likely be a nice place to kick a footy.

10:53:46 AM
Yup the 4 hour slog down the highway to Arapiles will be your best bet, and really worth it. It's not bad driving as generally you will have straight roads with very little traffic, even on the friday and sunday nights. If doing the slog alone, I recommend those MP3 audio books you can download to your USB stick!

You might have seen "Mallee cliffs national park" and "red cliffs" on maps looking tantilisingly close to home. Sorry to be the breaker of bad news but unfortunately these 'cliffs' are in fact eroded river banks. Great fishing spots and kid-friendly camping amongst the river red gums, but alas no climbing.

The murray is umm a long suffering river. It's a very pleasant place but I'm sure you'll soon be informed of its current environmental situation and the associated politics & public debate.

There are some wonderful semi-arid parks nearby, Hattah, Sunset, Big Desert, Wyperfelt. These are fantastic places that are often snubbed by locals and rarely visited by tourists from elsewhere. If you are creative with trip planning you can enjoy them on foot, rather than the usual 4WD drive-by.

10:54:29 AM
A link to one of the many map websites that you can type in your desired place name to find things / scroll to zoom for detail / get distances etc.

10:56:16 AM
Maybe also get some spotties for your car, really helps on those empty dark nights, and you can get better aim for the 'roos too.
1:45:32 PM
Why Robinvale?

1:59:15 PM
Actually I've heard that the cliffs along the Murray River Gorge near Robinvale are quite "Verdonesque" ... ... and ripe for development!

6:07:03 PM
.... le gorge du murray

7:17:10 PM
Take the crampons and ice axes

7:25:32 PM
Take up waterskiing or kayaking Sarah, you'll do more of it than climbing where you're going.

Sarah Gara
7:49:20 PM
Thanks for all the replies guys.

Why Robinvale? dunno really gets me away from UK and seemed like a good idea at the time I really didn't realise just how big Australia is. (I also didn't realise about the sydney funnel spider -glad I'm not going there -scary -no bare feet hey?)

4hrs seems ok Do any of you lot climb in the araps/Gramps often -Can I tag along?

I had seen the red cliffs and was quite hopeful -gutted.

I do kayak - well I've got my 2 star -know the very basics... more of a scuba diver really -Why Robinvale I think again... Well up for Wakeboarding and water skiing sounds good.

Thanks for all your help and so quickly guys. I have no doubt I'll be an active member on here - I get a long weekend every month so at the very least I'll be hoping to be climbing then.

See you soon

Sarah x

10:31:45 PM
On 8/05/2009 Sarah Gara wrote:
>also didn't realise about the sydney funnel spider -glad I'm not going
>there -scary -no bare feet hey?

dont worry, there are plenty of other spiders around your area, not to mention snakes and drop bears.
>4hrs seems ok Do any of you lot climb in the araps/Gramps often -Can I
>tag along?

there are always people at these places, so the biggest drama would be getting there, local regular climbing partners will be harder to obtain.

I hope you enjoy Australia, dont worry - you get used to the size and distance; I might catcha out at araps :)

11:00:44 PM
Good thing you're not heading to Bowen, Queensland... They've been having a spider problem lately.
9:05:50 PM
On 8/05/09 nmonteith wrote:
>652km (8 hours) from Moonarie - classic desert sandstone

Well, it's not exactly Utah, but there are some big walls/buttresses/chimneys of solid quartzite on the outside walls of the Wilpena Pound geosyncline. It's not a desert either but it might look like one if you're from Sydney or Brisbane.

Sarah sounds too nice to be on Chockstone. I like how she gives us x's.

9:27:25 PM
On 9/05/2009 prb wrote:
>It's not a desert either but it might look like one if you're from Sydney
>or Brisbane.

... or the UK.

12:21:09 PM
On 9/05/2009 prb wrote:
>Sarah sounds too nice to be on Chockstone. I like how she gives us x's.

Will fit right in with hero (since ES baggsed not snogging him)!

You are not going to go all sloppy on us now are you prb?

8:53:41 PM
hope you have accomodation arranged and not just a caravan as people we know were provided with . A little bit too warm on those 45+ degree sunny summer days . Robin vale is not your typical murray river town as also lots of new ethnic groups newly migrated into australia lured by the fruit/ vegetable industries that are in the area . The almond ,olive industries are under quite a cloud due to Timbercorp being placed in receivership . distances arent really a problem though as the major roads are all quite good . At least you wont suffer from too much wet weather just lovely sunny days but frosts and fog precede them in winter.
9:39:48 PM
On 9/05/09 IdratherbeclimbingM9 wrote:

>You are not going to go all sloppy on us now are you prb?

Every now and then I connect with the opposite sex as was raised by someone else on "The Natimuk Dragon" thread.

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