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Looking for lead climbers (Hardrock CBD/Nuna)
Chockstone Moderator
12:23:04 PM
On 19/06/2014 shortman wrote:
>On 18/06/2014 Adam Burch wrote:
>>Who is this creepy guy who always creeps around jigglypuff?
>Seems a strange first post alluding to something 2 months ago??

Well sleuthed.
That user-id is certainly in the frame.

User . Location . Joined . # Posts . Last Posted . Last Logon

Dr Creep
Dr Crack . Victoria, Australia . 19/06/2014 . 2 .19/06/2014 . 19/06/2014

Adam Burch
Adam Burch . Victoria, Australia . 18/06/2014 . 14 .18/06/2014 . 18/06/2014

Cracky McCreep
Jack mccrack . Victoria, Australia . 18/06/2014 . 1 .18/06/2014 . 18/06/2014

nickthecreeper* *
nick . Victoria, Australia . 3/05/2014 . 1 .3/05/2014 . 3/05/2014

>2 months ago??

*That rang memory bells and I found it.
*nickthecreeper is now on the being watched list too.
1:07:39 PM
Yeah he has three usernames and he seems to be posting messages on most of my messages. I don't know if he has done it to other people.
Chockstone Moderator
1:31:16 PM
The three user-id versions of creep, have now been disabled.

The user-id of Adam Burch is under review.

Post edit:
Review has finished.
User-id of Adam Burch is now also disabled.

E. Wells
6:52:07 PM
Um....I will belay for you any day sugar tits
6:58:06 PM
On 19/06/2014 E. Wells wrote:
>Um....I will belay for you any day sugar tits

Eevvvaann Wells!!!!!!
7:01:23 PM
Crimpy Creeper disabled and post deleted.

[Moderator edit for clarification;
The deleted Crimpy Creeper post was before the E.Wells post, and the E. Wells post was a reply (that we took as being tongue in cheek), to it.]
Chockstone Moderator
7:04:40 PM
On 19/06/2014 dalai wrote:
>Crimpy Creeper disabled and post deleted.

And here I was looking for the post (to delete it), that disappeared after I disabled the user (as a priority), before you!

It is good to see that more than one of us is onto the case.

[Post edit.
User-ID Fisty Creeper, created just now, also disabled.]

7:09:50 PM
Yes, saw it (Crimpy Creeper) disabled, but still not deleted.

May normal transmission resume...
Chockstone Moderator
8:32:43 PM
User Name:
Fisty Creeper
Full Name:
creep creeper
Location: sydney, Australia
Age: 34
Previous log in 19/06/2014 at 6:59:54 PM
Last logged in 19/06/2014 at 8:22:25 PM, and online now.

It is interesting that the latest log-in happened approx 80 minutes after disablement.
Too bad (again, tongue in cheek), that ID can't post, though they can read this, and ironically this even if not logged in.

Yes, we are monitoring your IP address, no matter how many new user-ids you register, so go away.

Moderator edits:
Creeper is a persistent troll, as again logged in just now at;
Last logged in 19/06/2014 at 9:05:11 PM
and again;
Last logged in 19/06/2014 at 9:34:27 PM

Another Moderator edit;
User-ID dorofine who just tried selling us phones, was disabled and post deleted at 9:29:23 PM.

2:06:07 PM
Take a chill pill mods, it was a joke.
Chockstone Moderator
6:12:19 PM
On 21/06/2014 new user-id Under CLING created today, wrote:
>Take a chill pill mods, it was a joke.

Please note this bit:
The Chockstone Moderator account represents a collection of hardworking souls who devote their own time, without remuneration, in an effort to protect the forum from spam, personal abuse, and degradation. They can, and will, edit or delete posts, lock topics, and ban users, if necessary.

Note also this bit:
Posts containing extremely offensive language, blatant racism, sexual harassment, or out right personal attacks on other forum members are unacceptable. On the other hand, light hearted banter, general cursing & expletives, and heated, confrontational debate is fine.

You have posted in a manner that would be construed as abuse of another forum member, by most fair-minded members of this forum.
Your posts degraded this site in my opinion.

It may have been a joke to you, but it was not to the intended recipient of your remarks, me, nor the other Moderators I conferred with.

I note you are still using a familiar IP address, but instead of banning you outright by disabling your latest re-incarnation of user-id, have a month's time-out instead; to reconsider your humour, as I am not known for my tolerance of such humour.

When I re-enable the Under CLING account, you will still be monitored closely, to see if things have changed regarding your posts being more acceptable to us.

User-ID Under CLING is disabled till 1800 hrs 21/07/2014.

Post edit:
User-ID Under CLING re-enabled 2200 hrs 21/07/2014.
5:59:49 AM
I'm still looking for regular and reliable climbers to lead at the CBD/Nunawading gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Will bring in a rope as well. Thanks.
12:32:29 PM
Are you still only looking to climb before 4-5pm?
12:59:57 PM
Ideally yes, but I can do some evenings.
7:47:06 PM
Hi, I live in the city and am looking to get back into a regular climbing routine at the CBD gym. Have lead pass and rope. Always keen! Let me know if you want to have a climb sometime.

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