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Chockstone Forum - Trip Reports

Tells Us About Your Latest Trip!

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TR - from a big day at wraps
6:18:02 PM
Here's a little trip report from a little while ago

A bid day at araps for my 40th

Hope you enjoy

6:58:59 PM
Good read Adam. You did that all in one day?

7:09:00 PM
Thanks for the inspiring read, a top idea to mark a milestone.
I've got a few years to prep for perhaps a 16x16,
I'll make up the rest with 4 x XXXX's.
8:07:45 PM
they seem like a nonsoftbunch'o'twenties though
9:48:41 PM
On 15/07/2013 mikllaw wrote:
>they seem like a nonsoftbunch'o'twenties though
*cough* purely for scientific purposes of course *cough* what would be the easiest twenty grade 20+ routes at Araps? Anything that has FA Mike Law solo shall be ignored :P
8:45:43 AM
Nice work! Fun idea, and well done.

8:58:09 AM
Happy birthday Adam and well done on an awesome adventure...
9:15:40 AM
Nice write up but the photos in your blog are tiny and the white font on black burns my retinas.
9:43:58 AM
Picking Wizard of Ice for the last route was clearly a tactical error. Well recovered though.
9:59:10 AM
Great concept and well executed. I was impressed that there were a reasonable number of fairly bold pitches in there.
I think for my 60th (still some time off) I might aim for 6 grade 10s.
2:12:11 PM
Great trip report for an equally cool birthday project, Ads!

Do you have a total number of metres climbed over the course of the day then (doesn't have to include route 20 unless you have the metres prior to coming off).

Hope you guys have an awesome trip!



10:12:16 PM
Belated Happy Bithday andcongratulations. What were you thinking putting Wizard of Ice in there?
And what are you going to do for your 50th??
2:02:13 PM
Thanks all!

Will work on the photo sizes for next post still very new at this blogging thin.

Wizard of Ice just had to be last what other way could you finish the day!! ;o)

690m Climbed

2:07:11 PM
On 16/07/2013 vwills wrote:
>... What were you thinking putting Wizard of Ice in there?
I'm guessing : "If I wasn't so knackered I could jamB this"
2:57:58 PM
I think it should be mentioned that CJ (Crazy John) recently heard about this day and figured that if you are turning 40 then surely you should be doing 40 routes in a day at grade 20+. He then decided to go for it even though daylight hours were at a minimum this time of year.

With a couple of bottles of Gin riding on the outcome, CJ managed to lead 40 routes at grade 20+ (placing all gear en-route) starting at about 7.15am and finishing at about 7.15pm. I think Wizard of Ice was probably his 24th lead for the day.
One Day Hero
3:20:28 PM
40 pitches in 12hrs is actually very impressive (20ish mins/pitch all day). Did he do some scoping days beforehand, or just go for it?
3:30:23 PM
There was a bit of prep beforehand. He had his cheater notes too that he referred to on a few routes regarding crucial bits of gear in certain places. Plus he didn't have anyone seconding him as it is much quicker to lower off and clean the pitch rather than faff with bringing up a second and then both of you descending.

I think he actually stormed though the first 30 routes pretty quickly and then slowed down a bit near the end.

He had his wife Anna belaying him all day, so I keep reminding them that he had better belay her on 40 pitches in return.

One Day Hero
3:33:58 PM
Yeah, would be much harder to do without all the faggy retro-anchors which have sprouted in the last couple of years. What are some of the more impressive routes on the list? Would be tricky to choose between long 20s and short 22s
3:38:29 PM
40 pitches that's awesome!! I did initially consider this but decided the day wasn't long enough (or I was up to it)

It is great to see other people out there trying these big days.
I know he has also tried all the Henry Barber routes in a day Both at frog and Araps as I have as well. all great fun

Would love to see his list and any commentary!

3:43:53 PM
On 15/07/2013 ademmert wrote:
>Here's a little trip report from a little while ago
>A bid day at araps for my 40th

Interesting concept, and a good read ad.

The furthest my inventiveness has ventured is roped-soloing a lengthy route for a significant milestone birthday.
~> I am looking forward to my next nth wall of Buffalo adventure due another sigbday coming up!

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