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Killiecrankie, Flinders Island

E. Wells
10:41:34 PM
Oh leave it! Its kinda funny considering Mikl was stickin up for the place!! ...whinging cow! route name? good on ya tastrad, I reckon you devils are allright as rain.

The good Dr
10:53:00 PM
On 20/01/2012 climberman wrote:
>On 20/01/2012 Tastrad wrote:
>Or else put your
>>own guide together and see if you can do better you whingeing cow
>fk me you're a cranky man. Was that really required ?

Not acceptable at all.

If you are going to take your personal issues out on someone at least be clever and amusing. Even Damo can manage that ... Sometimes ;)

9:51:37 AM
On 20/01/2012 Tastrad wrote:
> Or else put your
>own guide together and see if you can do better you whingeing cow

The guidebooks that Bob and Gerry have done (in my opinion) are great, of course they are both now billionaires from all the money they made from the guides ( I am joking ) .

Like any climbing area and same for guidebooks, some think they are fantastic, some not.

Get over it people
12:13:08 PM
On 20/01/2012 Tastrad wrote:
>see if you can do better you whingeing cow

[Edit Moderator - locked account 14 Feb for one week]

thats me voting you off the site buddy

E. Wells
7:51:28 PM
Flinders Island looks great! your all mangey dogs, whining sheep and sh*&f%ck#@nts

9:10:53 PM
On 20/01/2012 dalai wrote:
>On 20/01/2012 Tastrad wrote:
>Tastrad - edit your post otherwise I will and then lock your account.
I'm intrigued!

Was it the bit about cows?

11:04:14 PM
On 19/01/2012 nmonteith wrote:
>The rock looks like amazing quality. Obviously not

The rock is superb but gets greasy in humid weather. Weird effet from a coating of salt.


7:14:19 AM
Look a little higher on the previous page shortman.
11:45:37 AM
On 20/01/2012 Tastrad wrote:
>The guide in Climb Northern Tas is a direct copy of the old interim guide
>by Steve Craddock and was acknowledged as such. If it wern't for our guide,
>there would be no readily available guide to Flinders at all.

Russ Crow and I were starting to work on a Bass Strait Guide when your guide came out so we didn't bother. It would have covered The Prom, Phillip Island (even though it is Western Port), The Kent Group, Flinders Island, Cape Barren Island and any other bits of cliff that are to be found along the Vic or Tassie coasts. So if you hadn't produced your guide there may have been a more comprehensive guide.
1:27:55 PM
On 21/01/2012 stsopon wrote:
>On 20/01/2012 Tastrad wrote:
>>see if you can do better you whingeing cow

>thats me voting you off the site buddy

+1 get rid of Tastrad (Gerry Narkowicz)

2:51:29 PM
hey do you really just get on here so you can vote others off ?
That seems so petty of you, why not just get your own section of this site like NM
Then you can vote in or out, on or off, whatever takes your elitist fancy :)

2:59:17 PM
Great work on the guide Gerry, Im sure that climbers only complain about the quality of the rock because they are not climbing as well as they might have once long ago !

Others out there seem to have had a great time at this crag.
Bad craftsman always blames the tools-temprature-holds-crumbling rock-lack of gear-being too short etc etc

looking forward to checking out that new climb you put up at Fingal soon, Ingvar says its great, looks good, the vid made it seem quite committing on lead, will be heaps of fun.
4:33:19 PM
TasTrad - this is not the first time you have replied agressively to criticism of your guides. How about listening to the criticism and working at producing an improved product for the next version. If you produce a product people will be paying for, you have to take the good with the bad.

Everyone else- Just because TasTrad played the person and not ball doesn't mean others do the same to TasTrad... Please keep it civil!

4:45:43 PM
it does seem strange that you have left out a mention of the religious vilification that is clearly illegal in this country in favour of a person who makes comments such as sanctified arsehole.... versus a whinging cow? whats really going on with the moderation here? you got your in posse you are covering for here ? not what your namesake would do is it Martin?
5:25:04 PM

+vote for Gerry. I don't know if we'd even get along but his input is great.

If wendy is so pissed off wendy should say so (NB: I have not analised all the diatribe). Flinders sounds a bit like many places I have climbed. As wendy herself explains its an out there alpine experience without the glacier.

I see no problem with calling someone a cow I a demeaning sense if you on the other hand can compliment someone.

Wendy great report.

Taswegians get over the who publishes what guide pissing contest.

Does flinders need a guide or is it a place that would be better without one.

Time to eat a bovine.

Eduardo Slabofvic
6:51:23 PM
On 22/01/2012 widewetandslippery wrote:
>Time to eat a bovine.

A vociferous bovine?
7:02:54 PM
8:05:04 PM
On 22/01/2012 bomber pro wrote:
>hey do you really just get on here so you can vote others off ?
>That seems so petty of you, why not just get your own section of this
>site like NM
>Then you can vote in or out, on or off, whatever takes your elitist fancy


Gerry has a history of this stuff, getting personal and abusive when people don't agree with him. He cracked the sads and disappeared for a while after he got the message that his behaviour and attitude weren't inline with what people want or expect here. Then he tried to use a different user account thinking people wouldn't know it was him (sound familiar?)

It would be good if Gerry and those who also act like him got the message and pulled their heads in, unfortunately he doesn't seem capable or willing to. People like Gerry bring this site down and shouldn't be welcome.

Obviously this is just my opinion, petty or not.
8:13:57 PM

9:27:40 PM
I'd like to know what Wendy thinks about the insult?

I don't know her, but reckon she would have taken it with a grain of salt.

Some cows are kind of cute and they all taste good.

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