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The never ending Trip Report.

3:51:08 PM
kieranl inspired me with this post to start a Chockstone Contributors TR, where each User ID can contribute to it, to see where it takes us.

On 1/09/2011 kieranl wrote:
>Let's start the TR for you :
>"We were somewhere around Bathurst on the edge of the mulga when the drugs began to take hold."

Here is the next line...

I hope we have enough left to kill the pain if I fall, or the screaming, if any of you buggers fall, I heard him say.

3:58:26 PM
while rummaging through my crag pack i find nothing but frenzied, raw ambition, made worse by the sight of the cliff looming out of the distance.
4:36:47 PM
At least this time in the bush won't be like Nangar, thank god wombat had the horse pills, it'll be good to be in the bush.

6:58:43 PM
Walking up to the rock I felt giddy with anticipation! It felt like an eternity since I'd last tied in. I ran through my mental checklist, casting a glance at my gear as it was ticked off; rope; draws; chalk; shoes, harness... pants? How the hell did I manage to make it this far with no pants on, and why didn't someone tell me?

7:13:34 PM
I didn't think about this for too long though. I ripped my shirt off, shuddering slightly at the sight of my winter gut, and quickly fashioned a sort of nappy held on by my harness. Ready to rock I thought to myself. But a deeper concern surfaced. How did I make it this far without a partner? No wonder nobody told me......... .

E. Wells
8:43:29 PM
I took a short sharp squirt of condensed milk, the tube gaffa taped to a snappy on my harness. Where would I be without Queensland University..probably not on ketamine, naked, hearing voices at the base of a bungles horrorshow. I have 1.5 hrs until sunset so I

White Trash
4:25:45 PM
took a reality check and decided that epic is not my middle name.
Instead I remembered the time when
5:16:27 PM
I retreted from ginsberg in a violent electrical storm and we had th emergency joint and walked I ever increasin and displaced concentric circles be fuddled by the growing fog like mist

4:09:11 PM
... and then I bumped, into

4:54:18 PM
One day hero so I promptly. .
5:13:12 PM
used the gaffer tape to bind him, dragged him to an ants nest and smothered him in condensed milk. The halucinations were getting worse so I

10:02:09 PM
..drank the orange juice to chill the visions, but..

10:04:17 PM
...that didn't work. I started to worry when the spiders...

11:04:56 PM
...frothed down the sides of the glasses, forming a pool of green soda and half-melted ice cream on the top of the laminex table that had mysteriously materialized. Fortunately, Mike Law was sitting across the table and loaned me a cloth to soak up the mess. As I mopped it up, he handed me a silent partner and said...
9:29:23 AM
are your balls this big? I looked him in the eye through blurring vision and told him...

9:41:44 AM
No...but I have a friend called Simon who does...he wrote a book

10:01:03 AM
which happened to be a bestseller in a place called Nowra, where people of the subject are few and far between and have long searched for the answer to their underendowment. Suddenly, my......

1:52:38 PM
Brain clicked back to reality and with a shock I realized I was half way up Ozy without a partner or (f__k) a rope..

Duang Daunk
3:20:21 PM
So I locked off one handed with my fingers torqued in the nearest pin scar, laying back hard to keep my feet in the classic Steve Monks stemming corner pose for Onsight, and got on my mobile phone with the other hand.

I was going to call Alex Honner for advice, but his phone wasn't answering. It was then a toss up between ooo or Edslab, both equally useless to a climber with initiative but without phone reception, and probably why Alex didn't answer. I was fading fast and knew I had to..

6:00:08 PM
... try and fashion a loop with my accessory cord in order to lasso some passing seagulls if I hoped to deal with the situation. Luckily....

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