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Climbing and footy

3:17:29 PM
Maybe the next Chockstone Gathering should be a footy match in Nati? I'd be into that!

4:55:25 PM
On 12/07/2006 simey wrote:
> Not
>to mention being in the changerooms before the game to do some male bonding
>and be a part of the pre-game psych-up.
Thats a little worrying........
9:05:13 AM
Here are some photos of a few other climbers who have played for the Rams...

Geoff the Viking and Kiwi Jamie

Lachy (with blood) and US mate

NSW boys

UK climber Mike Weeks

10:02:07 AM
Them some short shorts on Mr Weeks!
12:37:44 PM
On 12/07/2006 nmonteith wrote:
>Maybe the next Chockstone Gathering should be a footy match in Nati? I'd be into that!

Sounds good Neil. You and Dalai can play in the midfield (you'll have to run all day).

PS. Don't forget jocks. You don't want your tackle hanging out when running around in those shorts.

9:38:50 PM
Looking at the photo of mike weeks he looks about 6 foot 10, definately a full forward.
To all those northeners dont knock AFL untill you try it, come into Nati next time your at Araps and have a bit of fun, You'll love it. Cheers

11:06:44 PM
On 13/07/2006 simey wrote:
>PS. Don't forget jocks. You don't want your tackle hanging out when running
>around in those shorts.

something to tickle while ur scrabbeling for that ball.......... which ball? :P
12:11:58 PM
A couple of climbers put their hand up for the game last Saturday. Ross Taylor and Christoph Gill were rained out at Stapylton so lined up in the reserves against the undefeated Kalkee. The final score was Kalkee 18.19 (127) to Natimuk 0.1 (1).

There are a couple of games coming up against much easier opposition, so if anyone is still interested in playing, let me know.

Here are a few photos of Ross and Christoph in action...

Ross Taylor (no 27) and Christoph Gill (no 21)

Quarter-time address

Christoph and Ross chase ball

Christoph with the eye of the tiger


2:19:57 PM
Awesome.... Good work boys.

Do the other teams just beat up on you guys??? Or do they take it pretty easy caus they know the teams no good?

11:41:38 AM
Hi Simey looks like me and Andy are gonna be back for the Aughust 5th game. fully psyched for it, even started running again (oh the pain). Andy was wondering if youve got the paper that has him as B.O.G. I think he wants to show the boys, for a bit of a laugh, that the only game of footy hes played got him a bog.
12:10:05 PM
That's great if you can make it for the Laharum game. You will also be able to get a few climbs done at Stapylton afterwards as it is just down the road. I'll hang on to the newspaper that incorrectly lists Andy as 'best on ground' from his last game.

On 17/07/2006 phil_nev wrote:
>Do the other teams just beat up on you guys??? Or do they take it pretty easy caus they know the teams no good?

I wouldn't call winning a game 127 to 1 as taking it easy, although I recall that earlier in the year the same team beat Nati 200 to 0. Maybe Kalkee did take their foot off the pedal this time around.

12:25:15 PM
i guess with that scoreline - if you score one point for the whole game you'd get BOG.
Has the team song ever been sung after the game?
have you ever got HB on the field.?
12:40:00 PM
On 19/07/2006 beefy wrote:
>i guess with that scoreline - if you score one point for the whole game you'd get BOG.
Not necessarily, as the person who kicked one point might be resonsible for muffing a whole bunch of opportunities. (I've spent most of the last two seasons failing to kick goals from Centre Half-Forward after my teammates did the hard work of getting the ball to me).

>Has the team song ever been sung after the game?
Not this year.

>have you ever got HB on the field.?
No, unfortunately.

Eduardo Slabofvic
1:06:28 PM
On 19/07/2006 beefy wrote:
>Has the team song ever been sung after the game?
>have you ever got HB on the field.?
Does any body know the words to team song?
The Keeper
3:39:25 PM
" The Pub With No Beer" or " I Still Call Natimuk Home"? Hmm. What's the import quota for insurgent Canucks - I could volunteer to be the teams secret weapon in September as the playoffs should be hot and heavy by then. The opposition wouldn't take a shy, innocent, introverted Canadian very seriously so we would have them where we would want them. The sleeper play works well with the ball on this side. I could wear my Canadian national rugby jersey to get them off their game early and then they would be putty. Is this the one where they wear those Michael Jackson white gloves and funny little hats and run back and forth. Oh my god no, that's cricket - better not confuse these little features of Aussie culture. I think the forward pass could catch them napping - expecially if we can get the game ball prior to the match and make a few renos to it ie. get those ends a bit more pointy so when we throw it at them they run like rabbits and dodge it and then we take advantage of their chaos and pounce on it in the end zone. This could be a bit of fun and I'm up to giving it a go in September. How about a little demonstration of street hockey for the intermission or half-time show? Sounds like it could be a happening thing in September - hmm - interesting I did not stumble upon this field of dreams when I was there in 2004 -are these night games under the lights? Oh, earlier in the day so the damage can be healed with more pub time - very good plan! Good thing the Keeper comes in at 6'1" and 195 lbs as these lads look a bit serious and might be a bit agitated what with upcoming Tri-Nations results - will Aussie win a game this time around - those Kiwis again stirrin things up in the Antipodes. The Keeper has been known to give just about anything a go including fierce off-field interactions with gnarly climbing matildas from the Great Aussie Death Zone so I have the training plan well forged and partially implemented. :)
You know what they said " When in Rome, do as the Romans do! Of course the Huns said "When in Rome , burn it". It's a plan , go Nati White Boomers!

Eduardo Slabofvic
3:49:10 PM
On 19/07/2006 The Keeper wrote:
>Tri-Nations results - will Aussie win a game this time around -

Wallabies 49 Springboks 0
The Keeper
4:25:02 PM
Well, wonders of wonders! That's a bit of an anihilation! What were the Springboks thinking? What were the Springboks doing? There B-side? Subiaco or Johannesburg? Must be that the Aussie Capt has been rehabed and is back on track - he was fading previously. But the big test coming up with the All Blacks or rather the big reality check! Would be good to take in one of those games at some point - bit of choice - the Wallabies toque that an Aussie mate gave me or the All Blacks toque and scarf that a Kiwi mate gave me - might have to play it up the centre line and go with Canadian colors - just to serve notice. As I recall we hung a zinger on the Tongans in Sydney awhile back.
12:40:40 PM
Only three matches left for the season if any of you wanna run with the Nati Rams.

Last week we took on Taylors Lake at their homeground. We scrounged up one climber from the Nati Pub to play for us. Thanks Dan! As things turned out the Reserves kicked their best score for the year 5.1 (31) although the opposition (who happened to be the second bottom team) kicked 20.14 (134) to win comfortably.

This week we take on the third bottom team in Stawell Swifts (to be played in Natimuk). I've had a few climbers put up their hand to play in this one (Ross Taylor, Christoph Gill and Simon Weill). If anyone else wants a run, then let me know.

Here is a photo of Dan in action from last week...

1:10:20 PM
Congrats on your 4th BOG performance simey!
1:56:43 PM
On 26/07/2006 kp wrote:
>Congrats on your 4th BOG performance simey!

Thanks KP, although my performance didn't deserve to srape into the top 6 players given how I fumbled some easy marks. By the way, the score in the firsts game was Taylors Lake 14.22 (106) to Natimuk 10.8 (68).

So when are you going to pull on the boots for a run yourself?

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