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Ever wanted to go to World Cup?
3:35:55 PM
Creating new users from the same IP address isn't the smartest...
3:40:18 PM
Not very good at analysing styles of writting are you dali??? I can 100% assure you I am not John, John's mate, or Boared.... nor am I related! if only you knew you'd laugh out loud!
3:53:31 PM
So If I wrote about my 2nd placing in an OS comp you'd all congratulate me and be interested? (seeing as I seem to be copping the brunt of John's comments)
Bob Saki
4:29:29 PM
To Franky, Johnís Mate and Board OTR,
The way I see it every single one of us Ė you, me, my sister, is up themselves to a certain degree. Or else we would probably not be involved in sports like climbing.
One must love themselves before they love others Ė you know these adages Iím sure.
As far as your critique of this topic. I reckon youíre being a might harsh.
Itís an open forum. People can put things out there. IF itís not received well the topic dies. This one hasnít which proves people have been interested
a) because they know the climber in question and have a personal interest
b) wanting to understand elite level competition
c) may be interested in the countryís discussed
d) they are bored of work like I have been and have enjoyed have a detailed story to read which has been assiduously updated.

I have said before and Iíll say again life really is too short to ball people out. Smile. Think of Christmas, and enjoy whatever you do.

4:59:11 PM
2:33:57 PM
On 14/12/2005 franky wrote:
>Uhhh... I have to agree with John, his mate and Boared. If we all wrote
>about the trips we did, or comps we failed in, in a blow by blow fashion
>this forum would be the worst in climbing froum history. How is telling
>us about what they ate, how they decided what to order, then how they ordered
>it before getting spanked in a comp entertaining? Egos this big surely
>do not need feeding especially when you have a reputation such as the person
>in question.......

These people really don't get it, do they? The point is that Jacqui writes really well which makes it so entertaining and has kept many people reading on - someone who writes well can describe a snail's journey across the lawn as rivetting. It is how the story is told.

I'd look at the posts and think "Whoa, that's alot to read", but I'd start and couldn't stop. I was laughing out loud at some of it. And to think she just tapped it all out in internet cafes - that sort of well written story would have taken me ages to think about and compose!

It was the story that kept me reading (and I don't even know her personally); the subject matter was secondary. And "If we all wrote about the trips we did, or comps we failed in, in a blow by blow fashion" in the same style as Jacqui has, I would read and enjoy them and not get any work done.

The criticisers are certainly entitled to their opinions, but perhaps you could also offer some musings as eloquent as Jacqui's, and then maybe others will be more inclined to read it and give a rats.
6:53:26 PM
On 15/12/2005 gemmaw wrote:
>The criticisers are certainly entitled to their opinions...

I agree, but here we have a 'Davo', Franky Fruit and a ???(no name) making personal derogatory comment. I don't think it's fair to make personal comment if you are not prepared to post your full name. We went through this same rubbish with the Snow Flurries issue.

Posting on Chockstone, publishing articles, putting up new routes should all be open to comment, and I certainly would not like to see the forum totally sanitised. I just would like to see a real name if the comment is of a personal nature.

In response to the claim that the posts were 'ego driven' my only comment is you obvioulsy do not know the person.
9:28:06 AM
On 15/12/2005 robin wrote:
I don't think it's fair to make personal
>comment if you are not prepared to post your full name.

Yes, for sure - people are entitled to their opinion PROVIDED they are not cowardly hiding behind a fictitious name. Which then leads one to believe they are just trolling.

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