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Tells Us About Your Latest Trip!

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The mouseys road trip- watch this space!!

3:06:29 AM
Dude, you were well famous before!

9:53:06 AM
Well w'ere back so no longer are we greeted on a daily basis with this view

So much happened during the month that many things will be just a memory and hard to relate to everyone in a trip report. Josh did an admirable job in keeping you all informed in his own unique way...... so I'll try and wrap it up
The other two lads did their very best to press the flesh at every opportunity but to no avail, one whom shall remain nameless *cough, JCP cough* managed to get the brush off from this little number.

I can't figure why Rohan wasn't successful though

The hut was our home away from home. Good people, a fireplace and plenty of laughter

and the boys well they ended up having a drink or two

Mornings were spent playing hackysak with everybody
martin didn't go much for hakysak

though he was always good for laugh as you can see of his spotting of yours truly

We did do some bouldering, lots of bouldering but Josh has already let you all know the best of it, and Castle hill is not going anywhere. But the people we met and hung out with, have moved on and they were what made our trip most memorable

6:35:33 PM
top stuff terry!

9:36:07 PM
Tel's pix top it off your yarn nicely Josh. Your philosophy in life seems simple: If it moves, try to f--- it; If it doesn't move, try to climb it. Seems you still have to work on both but Good Luck with it!

9:38:52 PM

9:40:26 PM
cheeky kiwi prick! :P

9:49:40 PM
Bit late for that tounge now boy : )
9:53:16 PM
Hey Josh and Tel - thanks for the awesome trip report! I especially enjoyed Josh's like-a-dying-war-correspondents-final-report-from-the-frontline-post!

Thanks for keeping the dream alive fellas. Great to hear you guys had such a fun sounding time. I'm looking forward to seeing more pics sometime. Great stuff.

9:59:26 PM
socialclimber always wheres a hat, at first we wondered why, but the previous post explains it. It's so no one can recognise him.

So a big thanks goes to socialclimber (gary) who was our guide, our saviour (stove) and a top bloke...

10:13:11 PM
Right back at you Terry. Any time.

11:26:44 PM
well i said i'd get around to it....


the last few days were taught with anxiety.....the weather was unpredictable and was constantly working out against us. on the final morning i slide open myeyes slowly, peering around for signs of moisture...nope! still unsure, i probe the kea-hole in mytent and gaze through at the sky....NOT A CLOUD IN SIGHT!!! with an internal whoop of delight i stumbleout through the tent door, pulling on mypants as i go.

when i first arrived in the basin i was completely overwhelmed by the sheer immensity ofthe place...gradually i seemed to settle in to the true laidback roadtrip mentality: ill just see what happens, ill justclimb what i climb, theboulders aren'tgoing anywhere. yet the pastfew days i had somehow slipped back into some kind of unwelcome anxious panic...oh no, what if i didnt send my projects before we leave?
this morning was different though- as i stood up,stretched, and looked around the campsite, i was overcome by a sense of complete and fullfilling satisfaction.
this satisfaction seemed tobecome more a nd more potent, almost intoxicating, as the morning turned into midday and we descended upon the fields.

first stop: a cool V3 terry has been working called 'beatnik'. i lie around,bathing in the sun, chillin to jack johnson and JBT on the discman,spotting terry...the vibe is awesome, the scene is beautiful, and in onlya shorttime terry deadpoints and cranks his way super-stylishly up-to-and-over the top. bloody brilliant!!!

next stop- a new area further up the hill, (we've been here a month and every day we come across a new area we havent seen before...we also left a huge portion of all the fields completely unexplored) we come across a whole bunch of classic problems and in quick succession we fire the ultracool: anguish (v2), beef patrol(v3), morphosis (v3) and resonance (v3).
while there a handful more problems in the area but the 3 of us decide that our projects are calling. a short wander 'round sees us at opium (v7) with andy and emma (a cool britishcouplefrom cragieburn)and some other brits. as tempting as it is i restrain from bunring on opium (my previous attempts were nowhere close) in order to conserve my strength- we just watch andy and another brit guy taking turns. the egg and cheese sandwhices appear and we start playing some games/victimising people (you get wrappedup in a bouldering pad laying on theground and have to try stand up)
rohan disappears somewhere with the guidebook, so meand terry sojourn to Fetish ***(v4)- a harsh problem that has been at the forefront of terry's cerebral activity for some time now. the cheeky bugger gets it FIRST SHOT OF THE DAY! and whats more, he repeats it-spoterless- for the camera,in even FINER style!!! the vibe is getting ridiculously freakin cool!

11:26:53 PM
now its my turn....down to the tuppi!!!
i waitaround for an hour or so, mucking around on easy problems and watching the brits playing on 'the element' (v5)...finally the temparture was perfect forsending, and spent some time preparing the holdswith the aid of 'shawn the magic red sparkly sending toothbrush' (i owe so much to shawn....we all do!) and sit on the mat under the problem visualising, deep breathing,spit cleaning my rubber and listening to pennywise...
a deep breath and i turn to face my nemesis....latch the start undercling, place my left toe 'justso' on an edge, reach up to the right hand arete- andim away! it all becomes automatic- swing the right heel up,pop right hand, slide left hand to intermediate undercling, right heel again, pop right hand twice- woah almost came off on that second one! moving quicklynow, im getting pumped...bigdeadpointand myleft hand comes out to the second undercling,right hand again, drop the right knee, left hand pops up into a side pull, oh no that feels dodgy!!! now for the business move, i eye off where i knowthe invisible edge is on the arete- itseems SOfaraway!- NO, breathe, focus, wow itseems a lot closer now! grrrrrrrrrthrow:::CATCH..come on hold it!! YEAH!!!! the climb isnt over yet, but the rest is all v3! i trytosubdue the preemptive celebrations...however theunthinkablehappens,as i deadpoint for the 2nd lasthold- a tiny slopyedge before the gloryjug- myheel comes unstuck anddespite a scream of everything i had in me, iswing outand flop off the LAST MOVE!
okjosh, dontcry,it'll be ok, you've got plenty oftime :P despite this disaster i still feel moreconfident than ever- i had never linked the bottom through to the top before!
a solid rest and some stale bread later i sit once more beneaththe beast....however this timei am spat from its brilliant dimples before i can even reach the crux! ohhhh dont stay pummped now! i get as relaxed as i can, taking a full on rest while the rest of the crew have goes on the standing start (v3- terry sends!!!!) through this time i get some beta crucial to doing the last move when you're pumped, and after a quickgoon the top asconfirmation thebeta worked for me, i clasp in my bleeding hands the holdsof the tuppibeast. swing the heel, pop,slide,pop twicemore,deapoint, heel, switch lefthand (GAWDTHISISSO DESPERATE!!!) eyes-flying-landing-CATCH!and.....hold it! With mynewfound beta i manage to pull upto the glory jug, terrifiedof falling from this move again! and panting, ipull myself upto join hexy on summit...however hexy not there??! there is just me, and all the crew around the boulder, with a delightful eruption they hold meup there on the summit to which their support had carried me!!!
'The tuppimaster' (v7) was smoted.
could this vibe get anybetter? i think not

11:42:54 PM


tuppi master, in the fading light

yours truly, going for the pre-crux sidepull/sloper/thing

british andy managed to getup in the boulder matgame,so what do we do? wepush him back down!!!

andy in the mat

terry stylin' on Fetish (V4)

the celebratory beer

the label was stukc on the last steinberg about a weekbefore hand to ensure its availability upon sending. it says 'HANDSOFF! Josh's TuppiMaster Celebratory Sending Beer'

11:46:22 PM
and ill second the shout out to Gary- freakin legend!!!! thanks for all ya help mate

7:44:51 AM
Great job fella's!!

9:50:45 AM
Great pics and great TR guys, I can feel the emotion! :)

ShinToe Warrior
9:58:13 AM
the quiet satisfaction of the post-send beer: PSSSHHHTTTT, tink, glug glug glug glug glug, Aaaahhh!

Cheers to Josh, Tel & Gary - castle hill looks choice :)

1:31:35 PM
yer its choice bro, eh!
im leavin today for a 6week apple picking stint to fund my next road trip!!!! (and also to fund a websit,so you can have a squiz at mypiccies after all this time!)

7:49:01 PM
thought id grace you all with a view of terrys arse. its thanks to attentive spotting techniqus such as the one displayed here that terry's arse is still (somewhat :P) intact

website is getting done slowerthan ianticipated, but dont worry folks its definately on its way.

11:39:24 AM
Bump (after nearly two years);

Good thing your photography has improved since the shot above mm ...
Maybe getting queer angled bum-shots is more difficult in DWS locations? or when hanging on a rope?; ... though either way, you won't grow mangey-harness-rash in those circumstances!

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