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Crag & Route Beta

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where is the crag at wingello?

12:50:54 PM
Not sure if it is just me but i printed out the "Climbing in Wingello" guide and it doesnt seem to show hwere the crag actually is. Any help with this?

12:59:16 PM
Wingello is a secret crag... No one is supposed to know!

Online Now
1:00:58 PM
Worst kept secret going ...
~> "east" said team shire!

Wingello isn't real big, and neither is the 'developed' cliff area, ... or its height for that matter given its proximity to ___________ and ________*!

(*... other secret spots).

~>Lucky you don't have to get forum permission to even talk about it, but I won't mention it further or else the mods might lock the thread.

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1:27:16 PM

[Mod edit 1.
Link to map deleted.]

[Mod edit 2.
Link to pictures showing vital tick marks, and other route beta deleted.]

[Non mod edit for remaining content of ...]
>Heh, heh, heh.
1:28:44 PM
It doesn't exist but I hear its somewhere near Scone.

1:39:28 PM
mmmm ok !!!
I did see some pics of Dave the Dude there. I will have to ask him when he comes in for a drunken boulder session.
1:44:53 PM
I was climbing with a firey at Kambah ACT a few weeks ago and he reckons the recent bushfires may have torched the crag. Has anyone been out to see if it's damaged?

Don't look at the .......... website for an access description (hehehe)

1:58:44 PM
Its at a cliff in Wingello. Somebody found out about where it was it was, so the place had to be burnt. "The crag that does not exist" no longer exists...

The obvious orange wall is "Supa Fun Happy" Wall.

2:19:21 PM
Considering Dave the dude was there on the first recon of the crag that might be a good fires I think they may have missed them......just....good time to hunt for new crags though around there...just dont wear white.
2:21:05 PM
The township of Wingello is 7klm east of the Hume Hwy in between Marulan and Sutton
Forest. The cliffs are located on the escarpement below the firefighters memorial at the
eastern edge of Wingello State Forest. To find the cliffs turn into Forest Rd (100m south
of the Store) and drive in an easterly direction on dirt roads that eventually deteriorate (a
4wd vehicle is advisable) through Wingello State Forest until you find the carpark at the
firefighters memorial. Continue by walking down the fire trail below the memorial for 5
mins until you find foot tracks and access gullys that lead to the cliffs.

2:40:45 PM
So much for that secret..its kinda like KISS unmasked all over again. :(
2:59:07 PM
to pre-empt any issuing of fatwas; you only need google wingello + climbing + directions

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3:12:17 PM
On 3/02/2009 gil wrote:
>[Mod edited].

... ~> now (having just old him), you are going to have to kill him!

Is that how the recent fire in the area started? Possibly disposing of the body of the last person to be so informed?

Hmm. Was Ivan Robert Marko Milat a climber from that area?

4:06:24 PM
okey dokey.
thanks for the beta from those who helped and for those who were throwing me off the scent. nice try.

4:08:28 PM
Dont bother going out there until it cools down a bit unless you want to become snake food or carbonised.

4:13:50 PM
On 3/02/2009 Hawkman wrote:
>Dont bother going out there until it cools down a bit unless you want to
>become snake food or carbonised.
oh yeh thats for sure. but at the moment i reckon that would apply to anywhere.

4:29:49 PM
Which crag at Wingello? The old secret one or the new really secret one that I'm not even allowed mention here?

Online Now
4:50:49 PM
Are you talking about the new secret one that WW and WW&S braved snakes to-
~ or the other new secret one that is just around the corner from it?

... ~> Have to be careful Capt'n, or you could end up being lynchedspoken to, by Team Shire!

5:04:03 PM
On 3/02/2009 BundyBear wrote:

Second last photo looks like the bastard love child of a chopper, a rhino and a 1,000 gallons of fire engine paint!!

6:08:12 PM
As Hawkman said said, don't contemplate going there until things cool down a bit. It is a f#ucking oven in summer. Even with an early start you will get baked. Added to that, the Brown Snakes and Budgy sized March Flies will eat your arse.

It is a very good winter crag though.

I'm not saying this to try and put people off and maintain an air of secrecy. I'm saying this so people don't waste a day there now, when they could wait until autumn/winter and have an excellent time there. I'm not exagerating - it's not a summer crag.

Once upon a time, it was MY secret crag* until I mentioned the area on CragX. I will keep my mouth shut next time.

*I think M9 may have been there before me.

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