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VIC Eastern Warragul Rocks (General) (General) [ Warragul Guide ] 

Granite boulders GALORE!!!
8:13:00 PM
behind tallarook on the Goulburn hwy between the towns of Trawool and Granite is a MASSIVE amount of granit boulders ranging in size from a peble to big house.
i cant find any info on bouldering there and most seems to be on private land, or at least thats what the melways leads me to believe. the hillside is densely speckled with boulders and would provide thousands of possible lines....

any one have any info????

12:11:44 PM
i saw the same thing coming back from hotham the other week. the whole stretch from euroa down towards melbourne, on the right hand side, is a teething mass of granite
3:12:25 PM
Mt Tenneriffe you mean? There are a number of known crags in the area.
p.s. if you want to be disappointed by Nature's cruel joke go visit Mt Wombat. 100m lovely granite slabs .. unfortunately 5 to 10 degrees too laid back.
3:35:49 PM
not tenneriffe.... on the goulburn valley hwy

10:40:44 AM
I know the area you mean very well, Joe. Trawool is pretty much ground zero - you can look
across the valley to the white boulders dotting the hillsides.

The bad news is that it's *all* on private land. On the North side o0f the Goulburn are a series of
very old homesteads. An access road winds through the properties. The minute you get out of
your car you're on private land. Similar situation exists on the other side of the range - old money
cattle farms with f--- off fences. My parents live about 40 minutes from Trawool and I've spent a
fair while exploring. So far I haven't found *anything* that could be legitimately accessed. I'm
reluctant to do it on the sly, coz it would be incredibly obvious and would only make the situation

12:08:23 PM
shame it looks like the best bouldering around, not including the gramps of course....

2:14:55 PM
I drove teh Goulburn Valley Hwy some time ago and saw these. There are a few boulders dotted high on the northern ridge line that appear to be part of some state forest (?) rather than private land, but the access would be impossible.

There's some beautiful granite boulders, all undercut starts, on private land at West Pyalong about 5km off the Northern Hwy on the Emu Flat (?) Road. Personally, I thought them good enough to buy the land only I remembered (a) I couldn't afford it, and (b) the land isn't for sale anyway.

From what I've seen, this area is like Cobaws in terms of rock, only with bigger, cleaner boulders. There are a couple of crappier boulders on the roadside NOT on private land, but if you climbed them, you'd be looking longingly at the great stuff only 20 metres away ...

Many of the boulders would be some scary-arse-high-ball beasts, rising 6 or 7 metres, and most would NOT offer any reasonable descent, so logistics might be difficult. The blankness of the rock might also be a problem, and I would anticipate that there wouldn't be much in the

4:09:50 PM
Has anyone asked the owners if they mind someone bouldering there??? cant hurt to ask can it???

8:53:48 PM
nothing will come of nothing....a good old chat with the land owners to sort out t&c of climbing & an impacts statement etc would be a great day trip... :)

7:13:55 PM
Guys, I don't know if this helps - but about 2 years ago I spoke to a police person called Peter from Broadford who was up at Warragul Rocks booking unregistered trailbike riders in the state forest, and he said that the guy who owned the farm on the far side of the river below and opposite Warragul rocks was a mate of his and would, in his opinion, probably be quite open to people visiting the boulders on his property (there are some fairly big ones) - his suggestion was that I just drive in and ask permission. I never got around to it.
8:58:56 PM
If you can do the walk to the centre of warragul rocks you will be confronted by some of the largest boulders you would have seen for a long time in that area.Just ring and ask the owner.But do not go there until you call first.

9:06:01 AM
Do you have a phone number Ron?
6:31:46 PM
yes 0413402744

7:32:40 PM
how about the many millions of granite boulders that litter the snowy mountains, just a tad south of where you're talking about. near seaman's hut just under kosciuszko, for example. a little remote to be sure, but looks like some nice stuff.
7:56:11 PM
a little south of where we are talking is melbourne... not snowys....

9:26:00 PM
true, but i couldnt think of a better place to ask a similar question...(ill move it to a different thread if it is an issue) along the road in between cooma and jindy, there heaps of mad boulders. id be hesitant to support development (even if the landowners were willing to allow it) because as awesome as they are, the problems of decent length are plenty though VERY far between, thus the impacts of tramping may be a tad too much...basically just wondering if anyone knows where i mean/knows if there has been any climbing done there?

1:13:16 PM
We saw this area driving home from the rogaine yesterday arvo. OMG. Would be the best bouldering within 1 hour (even 3 hours?) of Melbourne. Found this thread and am saddened to hear that even the forested areas are private land, but glad to see that it isn't all tree-felled.

1:48:35 PM
If you drive west of Goulburn in NSW, you find the same thing - heaps and heaps of beautiful big granite boulders that are ALL on private land.

1:58:16 PM
It kinda reminded me of Castle Hill (spittle/flock) in some ways. Sure different rock, climate, and almost certainly quality of problems, but nonetheless a lot of good sized boulders spaced well and scattered over a hillside for a few km. There are a couple of very much larger tors/monoliths in the forested areas that sit proudly looking over the Goulburn River. Then again granite can often look good from far, but be far from good.

I know what you mean about the Goulburn area/Southern Tablelands. I grew up in Canberra and have seen a fair bit of the surrounding area.

2:12:11 PM
Could someone with appropriate clearance correct the spelling in the Subject please?

I've done some adventure bouldering along the Eucumbene River, upstream of the lake. There's acres of good rock lying around.

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