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Phi Phi - Accomodation
One Day Hero
12:06:01 PM
On 25/05/2012 rodw wrote:
>Lol ODH.... how did you get from sport climbing in china to me supposed
>thoughts on retroing trad routes?
Um, I forget.

I just don't reckon you can have valid views on bolting if you only ever climb on bolts. Monty is pretty drill happy, and I don't agree with him on everything. However, I respect his opinion because I know that he goes out and climbs on gear quite often. Davidn, on the other hand, garners no respect from anyone because he's a monochromatic clown who talks about a bunch of stuff he'll never experience first hand. (I'm not equating rodw and davidn here, I like rod)

12:16:21 PM
Stop flaming my thread !

Phi Phi or Railay for the family holiday ??
One Day Hero
12:28:19 PM
Sorry Bundy

12:33:53 PM
Opps sorry bundy :)

12:35:15 PM
On 25/05/2012 BundyBear wrote:
>Stop flaming my thread !
>Phi Phi or Railay for the family holiday ??

seems like every thread these days ends up hanging s?&t on davidn somehow!

just go to railay if you only have the choice between those 2. From what I remember both would be pretty suitable for a family trip however railay is a fair bit more chilled with a few less backpacker bars. I reckon you would have more luck in sneaking off for an hour or so in the arvo and actually score a catch too.
1:24:00 PM
I took my girls to Railay last year, apart from the torrential rain it all worked pretty well. Kid friendly and quick access to the crags.

Ton Sai would also be OK but not such a kid-friendly place.

I've heard really good things about Lao Liang for a family/climbing holiday.

1:59:53 PM
On 25/05/2012 gfdonc wrote:
>I've heard really good things about Lao Liang for a family/climbing holiday.

Lao Linag is great - but accommodation is in fixed tents (no aircon) and food is only available from one place and there is no 'menu' - you eat what they make that day. I loved it, but could be a bit 'rough' for someone who wants a relaxing holiday. Also the island is incredibly small - you can walk the length of the island in 5 minutes or less. The place is great for 5 days - but any longer and I reckon everyone will be bored.

3:38:39 PM
On 25/05/2012 One Day Hero wrote:
>Sorry Bundy

On 25/05/2012 rodw wrote:
>Opps sorry bundy :)

Aww, That's OK !!

Im gonna go trad climbing at Thommo's 2moz. Its gonna be awesome !!

4:30:46 PM
On 25/05/2012 BundyBear wrote:

>Im gonna go trad climbing at Thommo's 2moz. Its gonna be awesome !!

Dont forget your drill :)

4:44:19 PM
Isn't this thread is about family climbing spots in Oz?

I thought of tassie and wa, but what good crags near "holiday spots" can you hook up with a partner at short notice?

Seems like Darwin could be OK (for climbing - dunno about a holiday, though it seems to have an interesting history), I get the impression there is a bunch of local climbers who seem happy to show out of towners about.

8:28:46 PM
On 25/05/2012 One Day Hero wrote:
>On 24/05/2012 rodw wrote:
>>I was just saying he is not exactly coming from and neutral view point
>And I'm saying nor are you. Unless you go trad and mixed climbing reasonably
>regularly, then it's probably in your interests for everything everywhere
>to get bolted to shit. Just out of curiosity, how long since your last
>trip to Araps? Frog? Any traddy crag?
>>the locals were up in arms about it..that is different story...they certainly
>>do not need some foreigner to champion their case....and like with most
>>things like this.....I give way more weight to local views on local issues
>>rather than some blow in from afar.
>The "locals" (people who equip routes) are a bunch of blow ins from afar!
>The actual Chinese locals don't mind, because they don't know what mixed
>climbing is. That is Barber's point. A bunch of blow ins from afar have
>shown up and said "this is how you rockclimb" then proceeded to rap in
>with a drill. Pretending that overbolted sportclimbing is a well established
>tradition of the local Chinese climbing culture is either naive or disingenuous.

... And with this post ODH brings up his 2,000th post milestone!
Hiphophooray foreezajollyprovocativeposter and all that stuff! ~> as this is another thought provoking post that is typically in his genre of keeping others on this site to the mark of his accountability!
~> & much as elbigeyesaphantitis denigrates the idea of recognition, ... it is just jealousy of ODH on his part! Heh, heh, heh.

2:42:08 PM
On 24/05/2012 mattbrooks wrote:
>The Tsunami threat is not so big a worry now as the warning systems are
>in place all across that section of coast.

I know people who were there during the most recent tsunami threat/alert (early April), and it worked well for some locations and NOT AT ALL in other locations...
~> They found the motel staff had scampered from where they were staying (due local grapevine info?), and they were left in a ghost town environment!

>Just keep in mind what you will do if one does happen. Thankfully we were well on dry land when it occurred.
>Went for a morning ride from Ao Nang that day!!! Made a mess though.

Some locations are a long way from high ground, and I doubt my friends would have liked to try and outrun a tsunami over the distance they were from high ground!

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