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Dog friendly crags in NSW

6:03:41 PM
Yes I know this may be committing internet suicide based on the opinions expressed in the last thread about dogs at crags, but it has to be asked.

I am trying to drag my house mates out for a weekend trip, but they recently got a puppy and have him to think about now.

Are there any places in the Blue Mountains / Nowra area, that allow dogs? And any places nearby which allow dogs camping? I have seen people with dogs at Dam Cliffs, but not sure if this was kosher.
6:11:23 PM
Lew Hoad Reserve at Glebe is oK unless Mary and I are there. We both have anti social problems. That said the climbing is like nothing else on the planet

6:16:38 PM
It seems like all of Nowra is fair game - there is always dogs at Thompon's, Grotto and South Central etc...

Most Sydney crags would be fine - eg Cathedral, Berowra

6:18:12 PM
If it's not part of a National Park then there's no ban on dogs. Western escarpment Blackheath crags, Mt Vic crags, Dam Cliffs and others aren't NP areas.

That doesn't mean people who inflict their dogs on others at those crags aren't being arseholes. Your flatmates have their puppy to think about, you have fellow crag visitors to think about.

If they won't leave home without the puppy, then leave them at home too.

6:21:10 PM
On 22/03/2012 nmonteith wrote:
>It seems like all of Nowra is fair game - there is always dogs at Thompon's,
>Grotto and South Central etc...
>Most Sydney crags would be fine - eg Cathedral, Berowra

They're not "fair game" and it's not "fine", Neil.

6:30:01 PM
These areas legally "allow" dogs which is what the poster asked. If you want to add an extra layer of local policing then go right ahead.

7:35:26 PM
Just remeber that the dog has to be under control at all times. This means tied up or in a cage or pen or even on a leash.

7:38:23 PM
I've been to many a crag with dogs at em...never bothered me TBH....really cant see why its an issue if its not a Nat park

7:45:22 PM
Well part of the reason I asked on here was to get the underlying opinions of the climbers who actually visit the crags. I am not out to piss people off, and if I am 'legally' allowed to have dogs somewhere, but frequent users frown on it, then of course I don't want to ruffle feathers and I'll tell my housemates to suck eggs.
One Day Hero
9:08:43 PM
Try Thomson's Point at Nowra. A pair of sea eagles patrol the cliff most afternoons, they've already taken care of one annoying little lap dog :D

9:21:41 PM
Out where I live, dogs would generally be a lot more welcome than whiners from Sydney, Canberra or Melbourne.

9:22:02 PM
I remember reading a story from red river gorge where a guy decked out and landed on a dog at the base of the wall.
The guy survived but the dog didn't.
I love dogs and have no dramas with them at the crag but beware.

10:16:38 PM
On 22/03/2012 wallwombat wrote:
>Out where I live, dogs would generally be a lot more welcome than whiners
>from Sydney, Canberra or Melbourne.

Tend to agree more...dogs have never pissed me off at a crag....seen a lot of people at a crag that annoy the shit out of me...more dogs less people I reckon.

10:40:02 PM
I'd prefer dogs to babies and other small humans. Something about crying really drives me insane.

8:33:59 AM
I'm just glad that 1080 is cheap.

9:20:25 AM
Happy for dogs in Public places (not NPs) but owners need to be aware of the Act.
9:46:57 AM
It is pathetic that 80% of dog owners say their dog is their best friend. These misanthropes are incapable of normal relationships. Leave the dog at home and get a real girlfriend.
9:47:30 AM
Niall get a life! I have dogs and have in past taken them to where I shouldnt off, until I was educated otherwise. I agree dogs dont belong in a National Park. But if its not National Park and I am legally allowed to take them there I will despite, whingers like yourself. There are reasons why they are allowed in these areas as much as reasons why you are allowed there yourself.

I have had a very public heated arguement with another member about this topic and despite my dogs being harmless (small happy Spaniels), on a leash and in a non national park area at the time the person took it upon themselves to attempt to assualt me and the my dogs (throwing stones and attempted to hit me with a large stick) . They are now answering a police charge. Next time they want assualt someone they might think about it and not assualt a person who is bald, angry, and self defence trained. Dog owners have rights as much as the whiners out there mate.

10:16:53 AM
On 23/03/2012 TonyB wrote:
>It is pathetic that 80% of dog owners say their dog is their best friend.
> These misanthropes are incapable of normal relationships. Leave the dog
>at home and get a real girlfriend.

What, exactly, do you think these dog owners get up to with their dogs?


10:18:03 AM
I agree Matt if your in a public place that allows with it...same as your asking non climbing people to deal with climbers when out climbing....each have as much rights as each other....but seriously as long as the dog not being aggressive you seriously must be a self important twit if having one at the crag pisses ya off?...and if they really do annoy ya that much just climb in a nat park.

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