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Chockstone Forum - Crag & Route Beta

Crag & Route Beta

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2:15:52 PM
Oh I get it now, not my new route on Baby buttress ie; Cobwebs Gully Left Hand Side=CGLHS, you
mean Central Gully Left Hand Side= CGLHS, but the new climb I think you're talking about is in the
Organ Pipes, so I guess you have'nt done iether of them, if you don't even know where they are.
That makes alot of sense to me, as I don't think you could climb the route on Baby Buttress, it takes
good technique, skill, and power at the crux, not the things that a shit talker would be any good at really!
I am going to take my que from the others that have already come to the conclusion that you are a troll,
and will be ignoring anything you have to say from now on.

2:26:40 PM
speaking of cobwebs gully, does anyone know what the route with the camo fixed hangers is the heads left of astral plane? it's been tagged for a few years now. has it been done?

3:38:21 PM
Hi alrob, this is a project that belongs to Ingvar, he is really close now and is just waiting for the right
weather ie a bit colder, to improve friction, as the crux sidpull is micro scopic and hard even for ingvar.
I would hazard a guess that it will make it into the new selected guide for the mount as the weather is
getting colder here now, we have lit the fire three nights in a row!
4:22:44 PM
Can't speak for the new route in the Organ Pipes, but Shaggy's Route (14) on Tiger Wall is definetly worthwhile. It might not be the equivalent of Bard or Resignation but it is certainly worth a star. And given that people who climb that grade have often done all the routes available to them at Arapiles, then something like Shaggy's Route has definite appeal.

Part of the reason it hadn't been done is because the first pitch needed cleaning and the line higher up isn't prominent from the ground. I was surprised when I got higher on the route to be following such a good line that offered steep, clean and interesting climbing.

5:16:21 PM
high praise indeed Simon.

Any chance of someone paintshopping a photo of the wall with a line following the route? I'm pretty slow when it comes to written route finding directions.

6:38:57 PM
let me know where i can get a copy of this paintshop program! sounds great

6:49:40 PM
Paint Shop Pro 11

It has been a competitor to Photoshop since man first made computers.

6:53:50 PM
haha backfire. whats even worse is i used to use that program!!

8:52:42 PM
Wow - all the things it can do with 'just one click' - what awesome control . . .
Is it really a 'souped up' version of the classic Win 98 Paint program . . .
'Painter' is quite excellent though they only recently bought that from MetaCreations I think.
Gimp isn't too bad either in a 'geeky' sort of way, or GraphicConverter . . .
But PhotoShop is still best when combined with the rest of Illustrator, InDesign, ImageReady, GoLive,
VersionCue, AfterEffects, Premiere etc plus excellent integration with Macs similar programs . . .
I just wish I had an 8-core 3 GHz Mac with 16 gig RAM and 2TB of storage + 30" dual monitors - man
that would crank. . .

9:13:26 PM
On 24/04/2007 Macciza wrote:
>I just wish I had an 8-core 3 GHz Mac with 16 gig RAM and 2TB of storage
>+ 30" dual monitors - man
>that would crank. . .

Thats what i've got - apart from the 16gig RAM. (sadly only 3gig Ram). Its pretty unstable with all the
non-native Intel Adobe Aps though. :-( ...almost as bad as a PC.

Organ Pipe
9:42:44 PM
On 24/04/2007 nmonteith wrote:
>Thats what i've got

Are you serious? 2 Terrabytes!!! What the hell do you need that for?

9:50:16 PM
HD un-compressed video editing. 6mb a frame = 150mb a second = 0.5 terrabyte an hour.

9:51:53 PM
all the sweet pics of his new bolted routes ;)

9:53:57 PM
On 24/04/2007 shawkshaw wrote:
>all the sweet pics of his new bolted routes ;)

no, that only takes up 200gig. (damn RAW files)

11:32:22 PM
What do you do Neil?

12:14:42 AM
On 24/04/2007 shawkshaw wrote:
>all the sweet pics of his new bolted routes ;)

Can't find my bolt photo . . . it must have fallen out - as well . . .
How about a decent piton shot . . .

9:56:36 AM
On 24/04/2007 Dom wrote:
>What do you do Neil?

I make TV commercials. Currently working on government propagnada about superanuation... (on anzac

Now, back to the actual topic!

10:50:31 AM
On 25/04/2007 nmonteith wrote:

>I make TV commercials. Currently working on government propagnada about
>superanuation... (on anzac

Any chance I can slip you some money to insert a picture of Howard with a pointy tail and blood-dripping fangs into every ninth frame?

10:59:45 AM
i can do every 11th frame. The Liberals have already booked the ninth frame with a picture of a bloody
fanged Rudd.

11:10:25 AM
of course they have...

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