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Car-less at Frog Buttress
8:59:29 PM
A friend and i are planning on flying to Brisbane and then getting to Frog buttress with no car, and camping there for up to 2 weeks.

Has anyone done it without a car, and was it a pain in the arse? Will public transport from brisbane get you close to it, or is it a hitch? How close is Boonah for supplies?

And yes, i know pre-booking a campsite is needed.
undercling mike
9:09:42 PM
I don't know about public transport but it's a big uphill walk from Boonah to Frog, you'd want to hitch this part for sure and there may not be that many people heading up there so you could be in for a wait. Assuming you get there ok you'd be relying on others to give you lifts into town for supplies or facing a monster walk there and back. The thing is there might not be too many people there at times, though around school holidays there probably will be. I won't say it's not possible but it'll certainly be a pain in the arse.
9:19:19 PM
We're planning on late june, early july, one of the busier times of year i assume...

9:24:16 PM
I don't know squat about this place, but if it's like arapiles ,then once ya get there when it's busy you won't have any trouble gettin supplies from people who have cars. Like people who like drive and other weird shit like that.

5:55:19 PM
Completely different to Araps, because a lot of people daytrip from Brisbane, nowhere near as many camp.

Check out (where the QLD climbers hang out), you might get some offers of lifts.
11:24:36 PM
I have picked up from the airport and dropped off many visitors to Frog.
Once there, they never have any problems with finding transport for supplies. At that time of year there is quite a community forms at the place and thee is always somebody with a vehicle.

If you are a friendly type, weekend trippers will no problems get you into town and back if there is no resident vehicle.

In short, you won't have a problem at that time of year.

The biggest problem you may face is actually getting out there if you are coming up with no vehicle and are hoping to get a lift from an airport, there are no buses out that way.
8:31:26 AM
Anthony is right. Visit and hang out there to try and get a lift. If you *TRY* and be friendly, you should be able to get one. If you cant for some reason then you can take a bus to ipswitch and then hitchhike to boonah, the Dougans pub is probably the best spot then hitch another short ride to frog. Obviously, just get to the campground first then worry about getting food and stuff later. You CANNOT get public transport to boonah or frog, but Rightarmband is spot on: That time of year june-july (ive been there 5 years at this time) is full of folks to give lifts for supplies, rides back to brisbane or ippy when its real wet, rides to the pulpit, etc.

If you have never been there its awesome! Do any route by Henry Barber. Or better yet do all of them... In a day!

3:49:14 PM
So your the crazy bastard that we left as the sun was going down when you were on Thor or something close by, with 1 or2 routes to go.
8:32:18 PM
Spent a hefty amount of time there in 09 ranging from 4 days to 15 days over a 4 months period, maybe 5-6 visits total. Never had a car.

Take a train to ipswich, then leave the train station and there is a bus (maybe 620/613, actually i've got no idea, check this) that goes to Yanmanto (sp?) shops, you can catch this with your train ticket. Cheapest place to shop is here, there is a woolworths.
From where the shops are if you look south, you'll see an overpass of the HWY (cunningham maybe?) walk along the road (under the overpass) and just after the lights you'll see the perfect spot to hitch from. Easy 40km hitch to Boonah, only other significant town is peaks crossing, i'd often decline rides there as its easier to just hitch straight through.
Boonah locals are brilliant and welcoming. I've often been dropped of at Mt. French by them.
I would also always hitch out with 2 packs and hands full with bags of food, never had any issues and only had to walk the hill once on a rest day.
Good luck and enjoy.

Friday/saturday night is heap a plate night at the doogs. Go hard and don't be shy. Pity the place isn't the same since the old owners left last year.

7:57:39 AM
On 11/02/2012 rightarmbad wrote:
>So your the crazy bastard that we left as the sun was going down when you
>were on Thor or something close by, with 1 or2 routes to go.

The last time I did the HB day at frog there were some folks climbing conquistador while I climbed deliverance and devils dihedral. Some dark clouds and a light shower sent them packing. I finished up the last pitch which was short order in a bit of rain but it was only 3pm. The sun was up for quite a while longer! Does that sound familiar? It was August of 2011.

Hey yeah! Just remembered my mate Merry from NZ was trying a HB day as well a little earlier in the year. Might have been him. He would have been wearing a helmet and I do not. Merry did get most of them done by dark. However, he forgot to do Short Order! Kind of ironic isnt it?

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