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8:05:37 PM
found great ticket price to Oz. want to climb at frog july and august. coming solo.
anyone know if there will be enough climbers there those two months to climb with? any odds on getting out to kapatur or warrambungles with someone during that time or maybe september?? only have 90 day visa. won't be able to stay and get over to araps.

have all my gear, etc.... but won't have a car.
how hard is it to get from the gold coast airport to boonah??

last i heard, camping was about $4 per night, is that still true?

any info appreciated. want to buy ticket tonight!

8:19:31 PM
Kaputar and the Warrumbungles will be FREEZING in winter. Literally. There would be almost zero chance of hooking up with any climbers there at that time.

Getting from Gold Coast to Boonah is only an hour in a car - but by public transport?? No idea.
8:39:04 PM
There will be plenty of people there at that time of year.
There should be no problem getting from Brisbane/Coast to Boonah with other climbers, but there is no public transport.

At that time of year you will probably have to book in advance for camping.

See Qurank, ( for a more relevant place to post your questions.
9:48:22 PM
both offer great climbing in a chossy adventure remote way

Sept might be starting to get ok for the 'bungles. Its tricky there, winter is too cold & days are too short, summer is too hot but the days are longer. You have to find the right in-between time.

Kaputar is inland & 900m ASL. ie fk-off cold at night. Don't go in winter. September might be ok.

don't go to either place without climbing partners if you want to climb. BUT if you have a vehicle then you should go to both places anyway - both are very special places to poke about in even if you can't arrange a belay slave.

10:43:45 AM
We had a good winter trip to the bungles. Conditions were perfect but I think we may have caught a window of clear, mild weather. I can see how you might have a freezing miserable time there too. At least there is a hut.
1:16:35 PM
Rightarmbad's advice is good. Ask the question regarding getting to Frog Buttress on Get a bus or train to Brisbane and meet up with one of the Qurank locals there. September in the 'bungles can be brilliant and there are lots of great climbs which can be completed in a short day - not that the days in September are particularly short. Don't believe otherwise. Not going there because it may be cold is a bit like not visiting Scotland because it might be raining. It's a great place to visit anytime.
4:44:41 PM
Depends on where I am living, I'm about to move, I may be able to give you a place to stay and a trip out there on the first weekend after you arrive.
I'm on the Gold Coast.

1:53:00 AM
thanks for the info guys; will be arriving after 4 long layovers, so an offer for a nights sleep not in an airport would be brilliant-cheers.

i heard it was possible to pay at the camping instead of online?? true/false??

don't know exactly what day i will arrive so will probably just rock up, pitch my tent and sort out the fee later.

what about girraween? seems relatively close and would be a break from cracks for a few days-is there camping there?? will check out qurank for info as well, but it doesnt seem as well set up as chocky.

9:05:56 AM
"will check out qurank for info as well, but it doesnt seem as well set up as chocky"
:o) Don't say that on there! Oops, Too late, the mods from there read chockstone!

RAB's advice is spot-on and he climbs at Frog a fair bit!
11:07:05 AM
There is one of the best camping grounds around at Girra. Hot showers!
Currently closed due to flood damage to the park trails and the roads to access it.
This is where I learnt to climb.

Should be open in a couple of weeks.

Frog and Girraween can be booked online.
You can also see how many spaces are booked or free.

Chocky won't let me paste the links to camping, says it is suspicious, but Frog is Moogerah peaks.
Just google it and you will find the online booking.

12:14:47 PM
On 13/02/2011 rightarmbad wrote:
>Chocky won't let me paste the links to camping, says it is suspicious,

It can't be too discriminatory, ... as I notice that a lot of politically incorrect posts get through!
Heh, heh, heh.

Sarah Gara
5:37:02 PM
I was at frog end of july/start of aug last year. there were very few people there. I think it would be tough if you didn't arrange a partner in advance.

It was also freezing. take green ginger wine and down jacket. (saying that though 2 days I was able to wear shorts once the frost melted (not literal frost - but nearly)

I saw a bandicoot though which was possibly one of the highlights for me. (the climbing was good too) x
10:09:44 PM
Where the hell were you hiding?
Did you smell so much that they all ran down the other side of the cliff?

Nobody there!
So you snuck in on a few doubtful weather days midweek?

Frog freezing? It barely ever gets into single digits.

3:45:51 AM
hey RAB, just booked all my tickets!!! very stoked. have to hope i don't break anything vital before june. should be arriving gold coast 28 june. will appreciate any lifts/help getting sorted for frog from anyone in the area. will trade pot scrubbing duties (will be on serious low budget, so can only shout a few beers)

plan is two months at frog, one in the bluies, 2 months surfing in northern new zealand, then 3 months at arapiles. then hopefully get deported for minor offense and get free ticket back home, so i can live under a bridge, since i won't have a f----ing dime left after this trip.

if any sheila's want to marry me while i'm there, that would be an acceptable plan B.
One Day Hero
7:36:07 AM
Man.............2 whole months at Frog!????? Its not that big a crag, 300ish routes. I reckon half of them don't get stars (150 routes left), a third of what's left are so easy that you'll do 'em in batches of 10/day (100 routes left after 5 days), then you'll have a really good 2 weeks knocking off all the good stuff from 18-24 (30 routes left after 20 days.......but they're hardish-hard), then....?

How hard do you climb, and how much do you enjoy working things too hard for you whilst on holidays? I reckon spending 6 weeks straight at Frog (after having just spent 2 weeks doing all the good milage) would drive me up the wall!

If you're a well 'ard pommy geezer, you'll just stroll your way through everything to 25, then have a couple of fantastic hard routes to keep you occupied for a couple of weeks, then you'll have ticked the crag.

Make sure to hitch a ride up to Coolum! Great cave for projecting, from which you can see the fantastic surf rolling in. There's also a fixed kiwi at the crag to belay with!

7:49:06 AM
On 13/02/2011 rightarmbad wrote:
>Where the hell were you hiding?
>Did you smell so much that they all ran down the other side of the cliff?
>Nobody there!
>So you snuck in on a few doubtful weather days midweek?
>Frog freezing? It barely ever gets into single digits.

It was a weird week. We left Melbourne in pouring rain. We arrived in Brisvegas in pouring rain. Took up Jim's offer to stay with them that night and assess the weather the next day. Weather assessment lead to Coolum. Apparently you can climb at Coolum in pouring rain, but the right end was a waterfall and the pouring rain had seeped through such that the rest was annoyingly wet more often then not too. Finally got to Frog. Climbed in down jackets most of the week. Dodged some more rain. I had a close encounter with a sleeping snake on my handhold. The only people there not from Nati or Halls Gap were one group of 4 with a very loud annoying NZ guy who was very loudly trying to pick up eveynight. Somehow he seemed to succeed. Maybe she thought it would shut him up. They also provided amusement whilst falling off the top of Infinity with "How's it going, Bro?" "Pumped as, bro!". In consideration of the other couple in the group, they were quite reasonable and pleasant people with odd choice of company, and they all left after 4 days. There might have been the odd local on the weekend. Maybe Rod told us off for using climbing calls as they disturb the goannas. Or maybe that was the year before.

Anyway, we came home to more rain and misery, such that Duncan got in the van with Malcolm and drove back up there again 4 days later. Only to get rained on for 3 days out of 7. I have never had such a poor spell at Frog as last year. Still, i love Frog, and it was warmer than Nati.
9:29:27 AM
Man.............2 whole months at Frog!

There's Maroon just down the road, Greville too, and Urbanville not far away.
Girraween is an hour and a quarter away from Frog.

If he's a hard man, Pulpit's just around the corner.

He can have a play down the coast bikini watching at Burleigh and top rope Fingal sea cliffs.
A cool bit of a climb in the hinterland is always good value.

2 months won't be enough.
One Day Hero
11:42:31 PM
On 14/02/2011 rightarmbad wrote:
>There's Maroon just down the road, Greville too, and Urbanville not far

Remember that this dude is flying halfway round the world! He could be in Yosemite/Squamish/Spain instead of Urbanville a world class crag?

>Girraween is an hour and a quarter away from Frog.
I would not fly to Australia to climb on granite........but if I did, Girraween would be the 5th most attractive granite crag on the itinerary.

>If he's a hard man, Pulpit's just around the corner.
Yeah, I tried to get myself up to the Pulpit last year, but bumped into some serious snobby/cragowner bullshit from the queenzland 'hard posse'. Some shit about how "its on private land and you need a guided tour, so kiss some arse for a while and if we decide that we like you, you might be allowed to come and belay for a day"

>He can have a play down the coast bikini watching at Burleigh and top
>rope Fingal sea cliffs.

Is he even gonna have a car? I thought he was too tight to shout a round at the Doog's!

>A cool bit of a climb in the hinterland is always good value.

Never heard of it. What crags? Are they any good?

>2 months won't be enough.

Pffffff, hahahahaha

Frog = 2-3 weeks

Tibro = 2-3 days

coolum = 3 days - 2 weeks (depending on whether you like to surf and seige)

That's it, Qweenzland ticked off in a month! Start heading south to where most of the climbing is!

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