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Buy and Sell Used Climbing Gear Please do not post retail SPAM.

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Heaps of gear
3:58:50 PM
Free base you're so obviously a first time poster, you take waaaay to much to heart..

Climbers are scumbags, they like shit for free and get pissed off when people make money

Heh heh heh heh heh ;-)
Winston Smith
4:03:02 PM
On 16/09/2010 nmonteith wrote:
>As a Chockstone moderator I find this a very grey area relating to our
>spam policy...
>This post (and several others recently) seems to be a profit making enterprise
>in re-selling gear to locals which has been purchased overseas. This would
>be in direct competition to our sponsor (Rock Hardware). If this post was
>from a 'shop' or a 'company' then it would be considered spam. This is
>a first caution Mr FreeBaseBuzz - next time I will probably delete the
>topic. Unless you can let us know how you 'accidentally' bought several
>thousands of $ of gear when on holidays??

Welcome to the Neil World Order.

Chockstone has greater powers than the ACCC: parallel importing banned and monopolies enforced.

Individuals selling second-hand gear are now spammers.

Chockstoners are too naive to deal with the real world and need to be protected from the evils of free enterprise.


This isnt a forum it's a daycare centre.

4:27:42 PM
What confuses me is this guy gets roused on but Johnny "I've got 400 pairs of Scarpa shoes to sell" ( ) doesn't merit a mention?

[Edit: ok, 400 is an exaggeration, 48 pair...]
4:36:33 PM
afj, sounds like the beauty of quantum mechanics.. Totally random and unexplainable ;-) but something is observed...

Online Now
5:18:15 PM
On 16/09/2010 FreeBaseBuzz wrote:
>But apart from giving reasons as to why listing my gear for sale might
>be wrong, perhaps you can tell me when IS it ok to sell gear here?
When you feel that you wont become mortally wounded by reading people's obvious, objective comments.

If you truly have been lurking for ages then welcome to the world of active forum participation. You stand up get shot down and not take offence because after all it is only the internet.

2:21:15 AM
On 16/09/2010 Winston Smith wrote:
>Welcome to the Neil World Order.

And don't forget it.

>Chockstone has greater powers than the ACCC: parallel importing banned
>and monopolies enforced.
>Individuals selling second-hand gear are now spammers.

This gear was listed as brand new with tags attached.

>Chockstoners are too naive to deal with the real world and need to be
>protected from the evils of free enterprise.

I'm not protecting Chockstone users. I'm protecting our sponsor who has kept this site running for almost 10 years. We have a no spam policy. Would you be happy if Mountain Designs and every other shop started a new topic several times a day spruking their stuff? It would make the forums just full of pages of advertising. I'm totally happy with people selling their own second hand gear - it's just I've noticed recently quite a few people selling large amounts of gear advertised as new. These same people list items on ebay regularly. It might not be multi-million dollar business but these guys are clearly trying to make money by selling gear online. It's a grey area - and im interested in what others think is spam and what isn't.

>This isnt a forum it's a daycare centre.

I think its nap time for you - or maybe a nappy change?
2:43:41 AM
I'm with the NO RETAIL SPAM support whatever it takes Neil and Co.

Online Now
9:46:11 AM
On 17/09/2010 nmonteith wrote:
>It's a grey area - and im interested in what others think is spam and what

Perhaps the most relevant person to seek an answer from is the sponsor - Steve at RockHardware? If he is happy then we should be happy. If he is not happy then either a) negotiate terms for the moderation of "spam" with him; b) find another sponsor; or c) shut down the site.

At present I have no personal problems with clearly relevant advertising for sale of climbing related goods by individuals looking to make money, so long as I see that they are contributing to the success (or whatever) of this site. Their non-commercial contribution might be by way of posts on the forum, articles written about climbing techniques, advice to climbers travelling to areas that they are familiar with, great photos that they have recently taken etc etc. In that way their contribution(s) help to feed back to the sponsor's happiness which makes me happy.

It seems clear to me that there are a lot of people (who may be very nice individuals) that seek to gain substantially more from this site than they give.

10:08:13 AM
You got it in one Cruze. That's exactly how we operate. If someone's first post is to flog a bunch of new gear then it's not being very generous to these forums. I'm usually very lenient on moderating posts from people who have contributed to these forums for an extended period of time. For example someone like Simon@Onsight gets to plug his guidebooks because he has contributed greatly to the climbing community (and especially this website) over many years.

10:23:11 AM
The grey area may not be all grey, as Chocky Policy from the Site Author does have something to say about it...

Outright SPAM and/or posts containing nothing but links to retail web sites. The Chockstone forum is not a vehicle for unpaid advertising material. If you run a climbing related web site and would like to be included on the Links page, simply email Chockstone. It is often necessary to provide a link to a commercial site, for the purposes of illustrating a point, or bringing useful information to the attention of forum members. The line between this and SPAM is grey, but basically Chockstone reserves the right to delete posts purely looking to harness the forum for their own free marketing.

Reasons for objecting to SPAM on Chockstone:
1. The thought of a commercial party stealing profit directly from what amounts to endless hours of work that has gone into creating and maintaining this resource, on the part of myself, contributors of articles, interviewees, photographers, reviewers, guide publishers and forum members, all of whom gave freely of their time. SPAMer's are thieves in the same way that burglars are.
2. SPAM is illegal in this country. If an Australian company sends you a SPAM email that you did not "opt in" to receive, said company is acting illegally and can be fined millions. This is how seriously SPAM is taken.
3. SPAM is annoying and ugly. I have pride in Chockstone. I know it's not a master painting or something, but it's still art to me.
4. We have one sponsor that pays the site's hosting fees. It would be bad form to advertise competitors to this sponsor.

If any commercial party wants a link on the links page or has an event for the "Upcoming Events" section, that is of genuine interest to climbers, they need only ask and I am happy to post this stuff free of charge. I'm also open to contributions from people with a commercial interest, if said contributions contain 99% unbiased information of interest to climbers. For example, someone was to write an article for the Tech Tips section, and wanted to paste their company logo at the base of it, fair enough. Let's say, someone wrote a "How Aussies can get into Mountaineering in NZ" article, and then at end left contact details for their expedition guiding service. I'd say, bring it on. We could use an article like that. This kind of barter system works for me.
11:28:21 AM
by the very nature of bringing gear in then selling excess then the 10% gst is avoided . It would have been brought into australia as for personal use and non commercial quantities which was obviously a false declaration by the person bringing it in. MAYBE run the ad for large quanties of gear passed the ATO I am sure they would happily provide a ruling on whether there is avoidance or not as I am sure all the retail outlets in australia are having to pay gst and hence appear to be expensive !!!

12:59:27 PM
They also pay customs duty and their gst is payable on the duty, shipping cost, insurance and the value of the goods.

1:07:42 PM
On 15/09/2010 hargs wrote:
>Miguel75, I think your wife has been talking to my wife.

Wives can be a finicky lot... one day they love you, the next, when you bring home a bunch of new climbing gear (for her of course) they're ready to destroy you... I feel I can't win.

1:19:23 PM
On 17/09/2010 Miguel75 wrote:
>I feel I can't win.

Buy her a big bunch of flowers with a card this like one:
3:29:48 PM
Actually lol'd, ajfclark. Thanks for that.

3:38:24 PM
So'd she. Worked out well for me actually...
3:40:29 PM
hope she doesn't use chockstone afj, next time you might be in for some teeth....

3:42:19 PM
I just meant that she stopped asking me to buy her flowers. I'll allergic to the pollen.

3:46:25 PM
Pm'd you Nigel.

Looking for more gear for my wife...

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