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Chockstone Forum - General Discussion

General Climbing Discussion

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Off-topic: Climbers who believe in Jesus
7:58:09 PM
I thought Jesus was the son of God, so what has Joseph got to do with it? Does that make the lot simply the father, son and holy ghost?

9:03:43 PM
On 8/02/2011 Wendy wrote:
>I thought Jesus was the son of God, so what has Joseph got to do with it?
> Does that make the lot simply the father, son and holy ghost?

UnholyGhost got banned from Chocky, but since he seems to be Tassie based, he may be taking an interest in the ragging that ODH is paying out on our southern cousins, so he may answer your post in person!
Heh, heh, heh.
8:16:05 AM
In fear that the 127 Hours thread will be overwhelmed with Jesus crap; I'll mention this here:

the new movie about Aron Ralston leaves his religious views completely out of the film - whereas in real life I remember him describing his faith and belief in God quite openly.
8:55:37 AM
no atheists with their arm pinned by a rock?

9:57:31 AM
I find it odd that people seem to think it's a good thing that people turn to god in desperation. Surely there's no kudos for god in people who figure they're fūcked deciding they might try it out now? Desperate times, desperate measures? These people would equally sign up for a Faustian pact in these moments if it got them out of there. Personally, i think Aron would have done better praying to seismic forces for a gentle earthquake that moved the rock for him. Or maybe snuffalufagus to turn up and flick it off with his trunk.

But maybe when you do as many stupid things as Aron did, it's strangely comforting to believe in an afterlife. I think he was definately worshipping the God who protects the Foolish. You could produce a fair bit of anecdotal evidence for that god based on the number of people who get away with doing really dumb things.
Winston Smith
10:44:42 AM
Why not add to the Bible? Mormon founder Joseph Smith did:

This is from (the official site):

When Joseph Smith was 21 years old, an angel named Moroni gave him the ancient records. Joseph had little formal education and was unfamiliar with the ancient language written on the metal sheets of gold, but he was able to translate them because God gave him the gift and power to do so. The translation took less than three months, and in 1830, 5,000 copies of the Book of Mormon were published in Palmyra, New York. God chose Joseph as a prophet, seer, revelator and translator to restore The Church of Jesus Christ in modern time, and the Book or Mormon was essential to this restoration. Joseph Smith was given an extraordinary calling, and because he kept himself worthy of the blessings of heaven, he was able to bring the Book of Mormon to the world.
10:47:56 AM
Now Wendy, you should know that everything I post is either facetious, sarcastic, misologistic, and iconoclastic (or all of the above).

This is the evidence theory for god you proposed the other day, because of my charmed and stupid life, isn't it?


10:57:54 AM
From my understanding the Mormons are continuously adding to the Bible with new texts received direct from God (Thus the Latter Day Saints bit in their name). They believe that their current leader is a prophet receiving new info from God daily.

11:12:53 AM
Maybe we should set God up with a twitter account.

11:22:38 AM
He uses facebook
11:34:29 AM
I was 19 when I first went to SLC. I thought those young mormon girls were hot.

All I know about god is if there is a god I will never die. Gods not ever going to let me into heavan and Satan won't let me into hell for fear I may take over.
5:22:16 PM
On 9/02/2011 Godless wrote:
>Now Wendy, you should know that everything I post is either facetious,
>sarcastic, misologistic, and iconoclastic (or all of the above).

Of course, but i'd been wanting to say all that since the foxhole quote first popped up back in the dark ages of the thread. Still, if they really need people on board that badly that they appreciate all those last resorts trying to save their poor sorry souls (actually, while i'm feeling cynical, aren't they all in it to save their poor sorry souls?), that's fine by me.

>This is the evidence theory for god you proposed the other day, because
>of my charmed and stupid life, isn't it?
But it's been a far more charming life than Aron's ...
9:51:16 AM
I don't know. Great career move for Aron.
10:06:35 AM
well, you could try and up it. Get your willy caught in a chockstone and amuptate with a nut tool.
10:40:56 AM
On 7/02/2011 nmonteith wrote:
>Isn't the Bible supposed to be the word of God? Surely he can get the facts
>straight can't he?

The problem with this (ignoring the non-existence of a god in the first) is that the bible is a human's take on the what they think is the word of God, probably made to suit them (and why not, they've made many billions from it). And not only that, but the new testament was mostly written by a bunch of guys a good couple of hundred years after "JC"s death. How's that for accurate journalism, can you think of the feast the chockstoners will have in 200 years time when people try and recount the legend of climbers past incorrectly?
Yet here we are, two thousand years on, banging on about what a great guy he was as the books prove and what wonderful miracles happened back then and how people even older than him created plagues and floods and turned one thing into the next. And in the book it was the work of God, whereas now the massive flooding in north QLD isn't the work of god but of the phenomenon of La Nina, which we can fairly accurately forecast using the SOI, and the plague in Victoria isn't God either, it's the overly wet conditions after a bunch of dry years. Bright stuff flying through the sky? Asteroids, meteors, not signs from god at all anymore. Making the sun disappear? Making it burn red? The earth is round, eclipses, astronomy? And turning water into wine? Hell, we have a bunch of alchemists and psychos these days that are apparently changing stuff all the time, that we pass off as quaint quackery.
But no, the bible is true and we should live by it because even though we can explain (and even predict) what's going to happen in this day and age that seem exteremely similar to things that occured in JCs time, modern sciences didn't apply back then, they were just miracles by some great guy!
How delusional religious people are.

10:54:38 AM
I'd like to read an 11 page thread about a climbing related subject (besides helmets or carrots vs rings). Can't see it happening.
11:27:04 AM
On 10/02/2011 Wendy wrote:
>well, you could try and up it. Get your willy caught in a chockstone and
>amuptate with a nut tool.
I'm trying to imagine what you would have to be doing to get that close to the chockstone in the first place.
11:33:54 AM
On 10/02/2011 hero wrote:
>I don't know. Great career move for Aron.

Yeah, I'd give my right arm for that sort of career opportunity.


12:12:00 PM
@ citationx . . .

quite a bit in your post that is a generalisation about what Christians believe that is untrue, simplistic and paints Christians as anti intellectual and reductionist. Admittedly there are many Christians who fit your description and they irritate me to no end, but there are many that do not. You don't need to commit intellectual suicide to follow Jesus. Although I admit many do (unnecessarily).

Also, your understanding of the age of the New Testament is wrong. All the New Testament was written in a form that we would recognise today by the end of the first century. That is, within 70 years of Jesus death. There is a mountain of scientific evidence for this. There is no main-stream academic argument about this. There are many non Christian scholars, who have no religious axe to grind, who agree with Christian scholars about this. It is as simple as the agreed dates for the earliest manuscripts of the New Testament.

If anyone was genuinely interested in exploring some of their difficulties with the Bible, I would be happy to do that. I don't claim to have all the answers, but it has been my experience that the more critical academic scrutiny I put the Bible under, the more it stands up to such scrutiny as being a reliable record of the historical events that it contains(please note that I am not saying that the whole bible is a historical account - some of it is poetry, some mythology and so on). I haven't had to abandon a single rational process or logical conclusion.

However, I understand that many in this thread, me included, have to a greater or lesser degree, a fixed position. Hence we differ. But I hope we can agree that any discussion about issues of life and belief need to be based in accepted fact.
12:20:05 PM
On 10/02/2011 Wendy wrote:
>well, you could try and up it. Get your willy caught in a chockstone and
>amuptate with a nut tool.

That's a bit sexist isn't it? What's a girl to do who wants to choose that career path?

The glass ceiling doesn't have a wide roof crack through it.

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