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Climbers and Diet - Any Vegetarians out there?

4:01:01 PM
On 3/05/2004 deadpoint wrote:
>These diets are designed to reduce body fat and build muscle mass, they
>are not 'healthy' is the normal sense and have some weird side effects
>such a short term memory loss.

Maybe that's why many wall climbers are vego :-) Short term momory loss was a definite sought-after asset when I was in Yosemite.
4:58:32 PM
I find the statement "vitamins and proteins don't rule your body" very amusing. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Certain amino acids are water soluble, which means that they are not stored by the body and you MUST get them through your diet. No amount of positive thinking will get you around this. Sitting in the forest and meditating will not help either, unfortunately.
Vitamins are similarly necessary. The derivation of the word comes from "vital amines", and while not all vitamins are amines, the definition of vitamins is that insufficient or excessive amounts cause disease. Clearly there are vegetarians who understand these things and those who don't.

Whether or not you can get your full amino acid intake from vegetables - I don't know off the top of my head.

5:02:59 PM
On 3/05/2004 nmonteith wrote:
>tone down the comments Stinkingoat...

Lest Damos will have to regulate, on your word Neilo

5:58:19 PM
wow - I apologise in advance I didn't intend this question to start sliding towards the traditional vego / vegan / carnivour arguments. I was just interested in hearing from vego climbers who have identified areas of their diet that they have to be careful of given the strains and stresses climbing puts on your body.

Nice to hear there are some really strong vegitarian climbers out there. I'll note I've been vegetarian since I was 7 years old (approaching 30 now) or so, so my bodies definately adopted to it, and I have no trouble with normal energy levels, or physical exercise.

I'll be trialing small (5 grams every few days) additional amounts of creatine for the next few weeks to see if it helps my body recover better from climbing now that I'm climbing 3 days a week or so.

I note that there are some interesting pages on vegitarian diets for athletes:

Phil S
6:20:41 PM
>On 3/05/2004 Duncan wrote:
> idea what you are talking about...
>No amount of positive thinking will get you around this. Sitting in the forest and meditating will not help either, unfortunately.
The human body is an exceedingly complex machine but unfortunately our scientific understanding of it is still very simplistic. Most respectfully Mr Duncan, I think it a mistake to dismiss an idea or (particularly) an intuition because it doesn't fit into any currently acceptable scientific "norm".

>On 1/05/2004 jjobrien wrote:
>Your body is not ruled by vitamins and protiens and things it is ruled by your own will.
It seems to me that this statement is just as valid as any conclusion drawn from the "odds-and-ends" that we know of the way we function.

Appologies to all the nice scientists of the world.
6:59:22 PM
Check out what sort of creatine it is as one type (monohydrate??) is absorbed more easily. The body builders take 5g or so 2 or 3 times a day and right after excercise.

BTW. Take to much and you will enjoy climbing Depleted Gonad Circumference (18) at Nowra much more
11:08:48 AM
I have been a vego for 15 years. To me vegetarian means, no sea food, no eggs, no red meat etc... (some people say fish is ok -i do not).

I find that if i do not make an effort to eat a balanced diet my physical activates suffer. Im not talking about eating crap and then climbing one day on the weekend, but regular climbing or other exercise. Go and see a specialist and find out exactly how much protein etc you need. It could be as simple as having a soy protein shake a day (on top of what ever you normally have).

As for the meat eaters vs vegetarian argument its a bit childish. People make choices and stick to them (or dont). If a vego converts a meat eater or vice versa who cares ?

11:22:02 AM
I have found creatine to be of little benefit...if you take it as recommended your weight will increase (due to water). I usually put on about 2-3kg! Even if creatine increases strength by benefit is about zippo. I found I recovered better from using creatine....but I'm not sure it was the creatine or the "carbs" or glutamine that were included in the mix....I now ensure I have simple carbs after my workout....The AIS website is real handy....

After several attempts i have decided that Creatine=Expensive urine....
5:48:12 PM
Protein is very important. For vegetarians among us, this means lots of lentils.

Donut King
6:02:54 PM
well said Yama!!

Who cares......i know i will only eat animals that were formily vegatarians. I also know that our appendix
is a relatievly redundent piece of anatomy (as is my *other* brain cell, yes i am one of the lucky ones). for
an intersting evolutionary excusion into THE appendix (for those that care about such matters) one should
read the following:

if you feel good on the vegies then good for you and more prime beef for me...its a win-win situation.

Donuts are only vegen friendly when cooked in plant oil.

9:59:57 PM
I think the message is to eat a balanced diet whatever your personal preferences. I don't have any ideology. I happily eat meat. I used to help my father slaughter the sheep as a child so I know where my meat comes from.
Eat healthy and exercise is what it comes down to. I have hovered around the 64K mark for the last 30 years. Lowest weight was 62K when I was emaciated from alpine climbing in NZ. Highest has been 66K when I wasn't doing much exercise.
Eat well and exercise.

12:16:01 PM
ever seen a powerful cow??
everthing in moderation is the way to go.

12:35:32 PM
On 7/05/2004 beefy wrote:
>ever seen a powerful cow??
>everthing in moderation is the way to go.

how bout this one..

I know i've got too much time on my hands...

12:40:28 PM
On 7/05/2004 Rich wrote:
>how bout this one..

:-)))) lol.

12:42:17 PM

1:52:24 PM
once witnessed one of these events, but never form that angle ! ! ! ! !
12:29:04 PM
As long as you are eating the right foods to suit you and feel as if you are healthy and your body is working (fairly) optimely, eat as you choose... I find if you eat food as close to fresh as you can get, your body processes it easily and thus uses the nutrients readily, the more processed the foods get, the more work your body does to digest and, generally, the less nutrients available. I am a vege and my body reacts really well to a vege diet as long as I have heaps of fresh fruit and vegies and enough carbo's to see me through, i'm sweet. but there are some who do seem to need meat in their diet. I have heard that it is actually specific blood groups that can handle a vege diet (a groups), and others need meat but - whatever works for you and you gotta enjoy your food.

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