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Map of climbing in oz?
5:49:37 PM
On 10/08/2010 ajfclark wrote:
>On 10/08/2010 hotgemini wrote:
>>On 10/08/2010 ajfclark wrote:
>>>What edit button?
>>Which area?
>Dreamworld @ Buffalo
>>Areas are able to be locked by their authors, if you're having any issues
>drop a post (with appropriate details eg. area, route, etc) in the
>forum or if thats too hard throw a post in here and it shouldn't be hard
>to sort.
>Says it is unlocked... Maybe I'm just blind?

When I open it, on the line after the 'issues' bar, I see a block of 8 buttons (arranged 3x3 with the bottom left one missing) 'edit area' is the bottom middle one.

Is yours different?
6:03:19 PM
On 10/08/2010 hotgemini wrote:
>On 10/08/2010 ajfclark wrote:

>>Says it is unlocked... Maybe I'm just blind?
>When I open it, on the line after the 'issues' bar, I see a block of 8
>buttons (arranged 3x3 with the bottom left one missing) 'edit area' is
>the bottom middle one.
>Is yours different?

have you started an account and clicked the button saying you want to add routes to data base, Andrew? It took a few days for mine to come through and I thought I was going blind in the meanwhile.
6:07:24 PM
aaand Wendy has hit the nail square on the head, should be fixed now. I'm normally quicker on picking that one up but from knowing andrew I'd (wrongly) assumed he'd already been approved.

Anyone else need the big tick on their account while I'm here?
10:51:09 PM
This link seems to work for me to load an australia wide map. Does it work for you guys?
12:19:09 AM
On 10/08/2010 hotgemini wrote:
>This link
>dex.php?page_id=13 seems to work for me to load an australia wide map.
> Does it work for you guys?

Yeah, that works for me Adam. I'll have to have a look and see what the link from the Routes page is doing wrong.

Added locations for some of the Brooyar crags, it's annoying how difficult cliffs can be to pick out of crummy satellite photos.,+152.52754926681519|-26.140279019242595,+152.5252103805542
12:20:38 AM
Nice work!

To keep the ball rolling I've added the two areas at Tinbeerwah.

Who's next?
7:36:55 AM
There's about 100 links to NSW Central Coast climbing locations here,151.306259&spn=0.001662,0.002908&z=19

Phil Box
8:42:42 AM
So I'm now a registered user but have no ability to edit anything.
10:43:38 AM
Yep, thats normal Phil, need to be approved before you can edit the route database, which I've now done. Let me know if you have any issues.

1:25:05 PM
I think I am being dumb.

Once I have located the crag and copied the coordinates where do I paste them ? There does not seem to be a box for this ?
1:30:08 PM
On 10/08/2010 nmonteith wrote:
>On 10/08/2010 IdratherbeclimbingM9 wrote:
>>I would have thought that in todays 'e' age, that a cyber map-equivalent
>>could be knocked up by someone with time and interest?
>Click on this link then zoom back. Of course it doesn't include everything
>- but if someone wants to add GPS co-ords to missing areas then please
>do it!

I like the crag 100km off the coast of Wollongong: "East wall varied other climbing, with a 30-60 mins uphill walk in" apparently

1:47:57 PM
Ah that would be

Crag: QLD
- South East Queensland
- 05 - Lockyer Valley
- Goanna Point

If any one knows where that is really maybe they could update - I still cant figure out where to put the google maps coords !
5:01:12 PM
Wow, thanks guys. Didn't expect such a proactive response. Keep it coming.

@Hugh - sure is market research... I'm trying to work out where I should move for work!

5:30:24 PM
OK Figured it out - I was tryoing to add a map spot for Berowra in sydney as its easy to spot on the map - but the box for co ords just isnt there.

Anyway I have added narrabeen slab side

5:39:26 PM
I added quite a few of NSW crags back in 2007 here:,151.292725&spn=6.17006,11.634521&t=h&z=7

any ideas how to merge it across?
8:32:51 AM
On 11/08/2010 Hawkman wrote:
>I added quite a few of NSW crags back in 2007 here:
>any ideas how to merge it across?

Given the need to match the locations to specific entries in the route database, I think the quickest method is to simply go through and do it manually.

Tell you what steve, I count about 80 locations in that link, I'll take 21-40 if you'll take 1-20? Then we'll see if we can find people to do 41-60 and 61-80.

Whilst I'm sure the brains trust could program something to do it automatically, thats probably a full-time task for a couple of weeks or months to get working, so there's no way it makes logisitical sense.

9:43:28 AM
So, the route database hierarchy runs
State > Region > Sub-region > Crag > Area

The co-ordinates which appear on the map from the 'Area' level (and the box is labelled 'Google Map') . There is a corresponding box labelled 'parking' in the Crag level, which is intended to be used for whatever is the sensible central location for the group of Areas.


9:48:47 AM
I wonder - is there a way of prefixing the name of the tag on the google maps with the full hierarchy? - so when you click on a link it doesn't just say something meaningless like "bird wall" - but instead Grampians/Northern/Summerday Valley/Bird Wall. That would make the map view a lot more useful.

9:50:49 AM
Heh, great minds think alike Neil, I was already writing an email to dan asking exactly that.


10:01:31 AM
are we supposed to be able to see what area each balloon is when we run the mouse over it or click it? because I get nothing with javascript:void in the bottom bar of the window

edit: ok, it seems to be working now ... my computer was having a spit i think

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