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3:53:46 PM
Is it dead again ?
Winston Smith
4:21:41 PM
Seems to be.

4:32:50 PM
From the front page of the site:

Our web host providers are making changes to their system. They assure me that there will be no problems, but if there are any problems then I am away with my kids until 26th January 2010 so I will not be able to look into it until then.
Since May 2009 we have been working on complete site rebuild. This rebuild should be ready early 2010 (about April). This work has been planned for many years but because the site is self funded we had to wait until we had enough of our own funds and time to complete the rebuild (BTW we have had a few false starts over the last couple of years). I know you are a little frustrated on the site's lack of progress in the last couple of years, especially of late with several reports of strange database behaviour. We hope you are able to bear with us for a little bit longer.
One of the primary aims of this rebuild project is to address site performance and database scaleability issues. The site basically grew to fast for us to support on our limited resources and old technologies.
In the rebuild we are also re-addressing the way in which we interact with the climbing community. Rest assured our intention is not only to continue to provide free access to climbing information but to expand that access. But more on that later.
Because of emerging data integrity issues we are going as fast as we can on the rebuild, but this means we have decided to omit non-core features in the initial re-release. Over time these features and more will be brought back in.
Our plan is to keep you informed with the progress of the redevelopment. Our current phase of work is to build the statistics engine. The challenge for this development is to automate statistics with out effecting performance.

The rebuild project is a five phase project which we have completed the first three and most of the way through the forth. Each phase involves a lot of work. Due to family issues we have to take all of January off so the project is running a little behind schedule, but still progressing.

* Phase 1: Database design - complete.

* Phase 2: Process implementation - complete (eg adding climbs,guidebooks and ascents).

* Phase 3: Port database - completed script (ported 77k accounts, 173k climbs, 400k ascents and 4k photos).

* Phase 4: Build statistics engine - mostly complete, must work through a system resource issue with one statistic.

* Phase 5: Publish website portals - preparatory meetings started, expect to start work Feb.

We will not be doing any work on the old site as it is a distraction from the task at hand.
9:34:51 PM
Just got an email from Simon about this. It appears an operating system upgrade at short notice has caused a compatibility issue with file formats. He is away and will sort it out when he gets back.
The Keeper
7:17:15 PM
I put a few thousand sites into this baby but stood off for awhile to attend to other priorities but was thinking of getting back on it and entering a pile of more route stuff - so good to have an update on the situation. It is a brilliant effort and needs our collective support. Simon is doing yeoman plus service on this thing which continues to be impressive. Looking forward to the new unveiling in due course.
Winston Smith
3:21:33 PM
The latest news on is not good in the short term....

This now appears when you try to call up the site:

"We have had a significant service interruption due to our host provider upgrading our server causing database incompatibilities and software errors. To our disappointment the upgrade was made on short notice without consultation and when we raised a possible issue it was dismissed.

As a consequence the site no longer works and requires significant effort to re-instate it as it was.

We are also most of the way through a major planned and orderly rebuild which is a couple of months off being ready.

The site has one technical developer (currently full time) and a web designer (just started part time), both of which are donating their time free. The technical developer has been working full time for the last year and is committed to complete the redevelopment work on a full time basis.

We definitely plan to keep the service going, but are currently assessing our options:
Option 1: Re-instate the old system;
Option 2: Use the backup system and host from home;
Option 3: Continue developing new system as planned; and
Option 4: Release parts of the new system early.

We are currently leaning toward option 3 as it involves the least risk to the long term viability of the site and gets information out their quickly.

Simon Dale and Campbell Gome (co-founders)."

9:41:24 AM
Looks like the launch has been pushed back from April to May at this stage.

Some good news is that you can have a sneak preview at the beta here.

Although I'm going to reserve judgement until the profile stuff comes out - I'm not sure that I'm totally sold on the layout. It's not exactly economical in the vertical space it takes up - lots of scrolling! It seems to be another one of those sites that ends up being a long list of things - kinda in vogue 10 yrs ago before the web moved on to more sophisticated layouts, with CMSes and movable modules.

Hopefully, being beta, they're just getting the information up and displaying, and are going to move things around and tidy it up as a later iteration in the process. Fingers crossed!

2:45:31 PM
It seems to up and running again. Looks nice and fresh and clean.

Just need to remember all my ascents in the last year.

I hope it makes it back to its heyday when everyone seemed to add their ascents. Was always good reading on Monday morning to see what others ticked/dogged over ther weekend.

4:40:26 PM

Apache Module Load Portal Error: Error: no database handle at /opt/CIDS/perllib/BSIS/ line 1943.
Winston Smith
10:11:45 PM
Is anyone else's tick list in a random order?

Does anyone know how to reorder it?

10:56:53 PM
My tick list has disappeared... not that it was extensive for the one year i've been climbing, but still... annoying!

8:00:10 AM
There seems to be several outstanding issues with the tick list. Firstly there's the order thing. I don't think it's fixable, it seems to display in the order it was added to the database during the migration. This made it a little hard to figure out exactly where'd I'd got up to entering ticks but going through mine the site died sometime between January 10th and 30th this year I think. New ticks show up in the order added.

It seems a large number of my ascents have been added to the database twice during the migration. This has completely botched the stats page.

My best lead is apparently a top rope ascent too...

8:15:26 AM
Lesson to be learnt here kids.
Keep your climbing journal in both digital and hard copy and don't rely on the internet to be the sole place of record.
I had 10 years of climbing on a "floppy disc" and on PC.
The PC died and I then lost the disc.
The pen is mightier than the keyboard!
11:01:06 AM
On 18/05/2010 ajfclark wrote:

>My best lead is apparently a top rope ascent too...

Mine's a boulder problem. I'm pretty sure I didn't have rope with me...

and I've got duplication all over the place.

@oldfella - most of my climbing from the '90's was recorded in my copy of the actual guidebooks - and those were all lost in a fire in 2000 (bar Red Rocks and Yosemite books which were not stored with the others.) so unless you have multiple off site backups... yeah a lot of my historical ticks in are from memory...

11:10:00 AM
On 18/05/2010 yankinoz wrote:
>and I've got duplication all over the place.

Looking at some of my dupes a lot of them appear to be where I made a correction on the old site. Does that line up with yours or are they completely random?

11:20:51 AM
And the dates on the recent climbs page shift forward a day from what I've entered... opening the ascent up and the date is correct. Some kind of timezone issue maybe?
1:25:05 PM
On 18/05/2010 ajfclark wrote:
>On 18/05/2010 yankinoz wrote:
>>and I've got duplication all over the place.
>Looking at some of my dupes a lot of them appear to be where I made a
> correction on the old site. Does that line up with yours or are they
>completely random?

lines up with mine.
Fish Boy
2:50:59 PM
I find it clumsy to enter the climbs and am over the crag.

What are the alternatives?

3:04:01 PM

>What are the alternatives?

You could always do what I do and not worry about it.

What exactly is the point of, anyway?

If it is to record the climbs that you have done, then I find using my memory seems to work.

If it is to subtly boast about all your ticks, then I couldn't give a toss.
One Day Hero
3:29:30 PM
People keep lists of routes they've done?

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